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In spite of the temperature drop, it was good to see the sun shining this morning, which was certainly a lift for ones spirits considering how many gray days we’ve been enduring. Yes, the hoar frost is beautiful on both gray and sunny days, but I’d rather have the sunshine, which is why I took the above photo this morning of a Gothic.

Upon arrival at office, I printed out the offer I received on my listing up in Manly, reviewed it, and then waited until it was at least past the hour of eight before I called the seller. Fortunately I managed to reach him, and after going over the entire offer, he said he’d think about it, and get back to me with an answer. After two counter-offers were made, we finally managed to get that home under contract, so now I’m down to one home remaining in Manly. It looks like the market is finally starting to pick up a little bit, which means I’ll be all the more on a burn to get 304 N. Fairview in Manly sold.

I had to go out and check on several vacant homes, just to make sure their furnaces were running, and then headed out to a jewelry store to get a long-overdue repair made, and after it having been years since I’d darkened their doors, we had a nice chat about how our businesses have evolved since the pandemic began. The jeweler also admitted there’d been far more impetuous buying during our lock-down. I can’t imagine how many people are now in a state of remorse over what they’d purchased and/or sold since the beginning of 2020. There’s no doubt about there being many who’re having some sleepless nights with their worrying.

The most unfortunate is yet to come for many of those pandemic buyers, and that’s when they receive their notices from our City and County Assessor’s offices, saying their assessed values are getting raised to new heights, which in turn is going to make their property tax bills go thru the roof. Most don’t know that our Assessors are to keep their assessments within at least 95% of market value, and when there’s a recent sale posted for a home, it gets flagged in their offices. I’m now thinking about that $160K sale of a lipsticked pig which had an exceptionally low assessed value. Those new buyers are going to be climbing walls when they get their notice. I don’t even want to think how much higher their loan payments are going to increase, just to cover their new tax bill.

It was approaching Noon as I was heading back to office, so I stopped at McDonald’s to pick up a small burger, just so I’d have something to eat with my Noon cup of tea, and when I pulled back into my parking spot at the rear, a car that had been parked there all night, was still there, which was beginning to annoy me all the more, and especially after seeing it had out of State plates on it. I did finally pull out a sheet of paper, wrote a stern note on it about parking in a private lot, and then slid it under a windshield wiper. If it’s still parked there in the morning, I’ll have to take it to the next level. I’ll never understand how some people think they have the license to park wherever they want, and especially when knowing that’s not a public parking area back there.

When in conversation with one of my colleagues today, we somehow got on the subject of the Music Man Square. What I wasn’t expecting to hear, were the words, “I dare them to post their real year-over-year statistics regarding the number of visitors they’ve had, along with how much money they’re losing.” Wow! Now that would be something for Mr. Sayles to go head-first with his research, because I’ve heard from a handful of people who were in the close circles of Music Man Square, saying how much money they’ve been burning-thru ever since it was built. My colleague then posed the question, “So tell me why are they spending upwards of two million dollars, to build a bridge that’s leading nowhere?” Of course I couldn’t come up with a logical answer other than saying, “Well, there’s gotta be some weak excuse that was given by one of our City’s special interest groups for doing it, which our City Council subsequently agreed to run with.” We both agreed that it’s now beyond laughable, and rapidly turning into pathetic.

As chance would have it, one of my friends who reads these daily pages on a regular basis, called this afternoon, just to let me know, all’s been well with him since we last spoke, which I was happy to hear. Since he’s getting up there in years, I worry at times about him when knowing how much he likes to go walking every morning. Yes, exercise is good for all of us, but not risking a broken leg or arm from a fall on an icy sidewalk.

He did make me laugh when he said, “You know Joe, I think if I were you, I’d start naming your blogs The Chronicles of Joseph, and only because you’ve been giving us readers a snapshot of not only what’s happening in your life, but also what’s taking place around you on a daily basis.” Wow! That was quite the surprise, and about all I could reply was, “Well, after having written over three thousand pages, I guess if someone would start from the beginning, they would learn a great deal about how our lives have changed from the time I started writing them.” I did also mention that one would also notice how my writing style has evolved from back then, and hopefully for the better. He made me smile when saying, “You’ll not get any complaints from me.” He truly is a dear soul whom I hope to be like when I get to be his age.

The remainder of my afternoon was spent answering text messages from other agents while I was busy cracking walnuts. I’m back on a burn to get them finished, and only because I don’t want them un-cracked when finding I’ve become too busy to mess with them. I’m almost finished with the third crate, and only two more to go, so I’d say I’m on a downward slide of getting them finished. Truth be told, I’m learning a great deal more about sub-species and mutations. There’s one sub-species which isn’t the easiest to crack, but offers-up nearly perfect un-broken quarters. I wish they were all like them.

Tonight’s One-liner is: Fear not those who argue, but rather those who dodge questions.

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