Taken Away By Putin’s Follies

Another damp and gray day arrived, and since it was below freezing this morning, I could see what rain water that didn’t either dried-up or run off, had turned into very slippery surfaces, but what has me concerned all the more, is how dangerous that ice will be with the expected five or more inches of snow atop it after tomorrow’s storm. All I can tell all of you, is to be very careful when walking in unfamiliar areas.

Once settled at office, I busied myself the entire morning with more sorting-out and throwing, which was followed by going over all my office floors with a swiffer before I’ll be scrubbing them tomorrow. All I can say, is my being glad I had a full box of those pads, because I used nearly all of them, but at least I won’t have to change tomorrow’s scrub-water as often.

Because I had some west-side errands to run during my Noon hour, I decided to stop at Taco Tico and grab one of their bean burritos. I dare say I like theirs the best, and to this day, I don’t understand why they don’t open another one in our Downtown, because there’s no question they’d be doing a fabulous business. Oh well, I mentioned it to their management several times, but after hearing their last, “not ever”, I’ve kept quiet since. Truth be told, I believe more restaurants are shying away from our Downtown, and likely because of its past histories of failed businesses, coupled with our current economic climate. I’ve come to the conclusion that the ones still in business, are either niche markets with outside funding, or those that are running on shoestrings in hopes times will be better.

I heard that opening a business or building a home in Clear Lake is far easier than Mason City, and mostly due to their not having to jump thru as many hoops. A nameless contractor told me not long ago, the constant struggles with our City’s departments, had become so overwhelming, that they’d likely never build new here again. It would be very interesting to find out what those stumbling blocks are and who’s responsible for our bottle-necked new housing construction. Oh, and don’t even go there with me regarding those ticky-tacky apartment complexes down along that muddy creek.

My early afternoon appointment went very well to the point where I believe I’ll be getting a new listing next week, and after having a good look at the home today, I’m almost certain it’ll sell soon after it’s listed, and mostly because of its location and condition. I mentioned to the seller that irregardless what would take place the remainder of my day, having the opportunity to walk thru that home, would end up being the highlight of my day, and it was.

For some reason, I’d forgotten to go out and get my sold sign pulled at the home I closed on late last week, and knowing it was frozen solid, I had to take my propane torch and grill lighter out and get it thawed enough to pull it out. Gosh I’m glad I remembered it today before tomorrow’s snow arrives. The way in which I was struggling with it, I’m sure the neighbors must’ve thought me possessed. Thank goodness it didn’t take as long to get it out. Frozen signs is just another reason why I hate winter so much.

When I got back to office, I spent a good hour reviewing recent sales, and after I found enough comparable sales of the home I looked at earlier, I phoned the seller to share my findings and thoughts on value. Thank goodness he agreed on the pricing, so at least that’s another hurdle jumped. I really wish there’d be a prospective buyer in its price range calling me this week, because I’m sure it would be under contract, and only because you just don’t find existing homes in such condition.

I was emailed another request for services today from a client, and since his family has been very loyal and faithful to Holtz Realty, I agreed to do it, which ended up filling the remainder of my day, but at least I have over half of it done, and since I have an existing template on my computer, it won’t take long to get it finished-up early tomorrow morning. I did email the first one out for review, and then later got a “good to go” from my client, which I expected because I was very careful about making sure all the bases were covered.

One of my friends mentioned something about Putin now resuming the call-up of additional men to fight his crazy war with Ukraine. I’m not sure where she heard it, because when scrolling thru the news today, I didn’t see it, so likely we’ll likely be hearing about it these coming days.

What I did read today, was an interview with an ex-Russian diplomat who for a number of years, was close to the inner-workings of Putin’s government. He’s insisting that either Putin will suddenly name a successor which will protect him against punishment, or there’ll be a revolution taking place within Russia which will likely cost well over a million lives. Now that sounds like something akin to the Bolshevik Revolution that took place when the Romanov Monarch was deposed, and subsequently murdered along with his entire family.

Some have said it would take generations for the general public of Russia to understand the workings of a democracy. I can’t help agreeing, because the many generations of Russian people have never truly experienced freedom, which takes us right back to morphic resonance. How can they instinctively know something they’ve never learned or experienced? With that said, I continue to hope and pray Ukraine regains all the land that was taken away by Putin’s follies.

Tonight’s One-liner is: Out on life’s edges, you can see far more than from the center.

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