Times When We’ve Wished

It was certainly good to find our temps above freezing most of the day, along with the sun shining. The wind was blowing, but not to the degree of it being unbearable. It appears we’re to be getting precipitation in the form of rain tomorrow, which’ll be one more of the many examples of global warming.

With it being another Sunday morning, my first duty was to get my contemplative prayer session completed in a timely manner, so off I headed to my darkened corner.  Thank goodness that entity I’ve recently considered a demon of sorts, is slowly but surely getting pushed out of my contemplative space. There’s no question it’s been a struggle, but I’ve come to realize it must be due to my diligence in pushing it away every time it would seep into my thoughts. I’m pretty sure I know its name, but as they’ve said for centuries, it’s best not to address demons by their names, because it just makes them all the stronger, which makes sense to me. I did drop another person out of my chain of prayers, and only because her issues are now fully resolved. Yes, it was another metaphysically uplifting session this morning.

Since it was still early enough, I went to my computer and got caught-up on all the Local, State, National and International news. My goodness! Have you been noticing how many more obits there’ve been in the news these past several months? I’d say comparing obits from ten years ago with today’s, I believe many would agree they’re far more younger people dying than back in those times. It’s had me concerned enough to where I casually attempt find out the causes. It’ll not surprise me if a large portion of this change has something to do with the rise in drug abuse and alcoholism. When you find people suddenly dying in their 20’s and 30’s, that reason enough for alarm.

When the hour arrived for me to head over to VVisit, I grabbed my music files and drove over. The crosswalks were still coated with ice, which made me all the more careful with my walking, and once inside, I had to clean my shoes really good before heading upstairs.

I had enough time to run thru all the given pieces before they started, and by the sounds of what I was playing, I felt pretty confident all would go well, so I headed back down to check with their visiting Pastor, just to make sure we were both on the same page, and since this was his last Sunday at St. Paul, I made a point to tell him how much I appreciated his sermons and writings by saying, “You are rare example of a true spiritual shepherd, rather than the many who’re simply administrators with collars.” He actually blushed before thanking me for my soulful compliment.

My playing didn’t go as well as planned, and only because there were several pieces which had me stumbling on their introductions, and mostly due to their music not containing introduction marks on their pages. The other even more important reason, was my having somehow aligned my feet in the wrong resting position, which caused me to hit a few wrong pedal notes, which I’m sure the congregation heard. Out of today’s blunders, I’ll be doing two things from now on, and that being, my making my own introduction marks on those pages, along with diligently searching for an electric light which I can have permanently attached above the pedal board, just so I can clearly see where my feet are. Unfortunately, the flimsy light someone attached some years ago, gave up its ghost months ago. The lighting above their organ is weak to begin with, which makes the pedal area even darker.

After their Service was over, I headed downstairs to grab a half-cup of coffee which I later drank at office, but before I left, I did mention to one of the ladies in the kitchen that I would be bringing a repeat plate of goodies which I’d created for them last year, for the brunch they’ll be having after the installation ceremony for their new permanent Minister which will take place February 05th. She was beaming after I told her what I would be sharing.

When I returned to office, I changed my clothes and did some nut cracking for several hours, and after I had enough of that, I grabbed my ice chipper and headed out to the front sidewalk of my office where I spent a good hour getting all that nasty ice chipped off and sent to the curb. My gosh! In some places, that ice was almost two inches thick.
Thank goodness I managed to get it all off, and when looking up and down the street, I had to admit my sidewalk was the cleanest in a two block area. I definitely had my physical workout on that nasty stuff. I dare say I’ve never seen it that thick in all the years I’ve done business at that location.

Once back inside, I put away my chipper, and then headed back to my nut-cracking corner, and not long after I’d started, my phone rang, so I got up and answered it. To my surprise, it was from my friend who lives out East. We had a very long conversation which touched on just about every subject including issues with blood relatives. Be both agreed there’ve been many times when we’ve wished being the only child, because the core jealousies some of them have carried into adulthood, would be worthy case studies being done by one or more of our major universities. I had to laugh when saying, “What I’ll never understand about someone being jealous of me, is the fact that there are millions more people worthy of being envious of.” In reality, jealousy is a very bad thing, but if you’re going to be jealous of another, then raise your sights considerably higher, which would give you more license to be that way.” My mother oft-times would say, “I despise liars and jealous people.”, which I thought at the time to be an unusual combination, but years later, I fully understood why she paired them up. Yes, over these past eight years, I’ve had my share of illuminations.

Tonight’s One-liner is: Repartee is something we think of twenty-four hours too late.

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