A Weighted Number Of People

Another slippery-sliding morning arrived with the light fog and overcast skies. Of course I once again felt like a greased pig on ice when walking from my back parking lot to the back door. Once the City had the front curb-sides cleared of snow, I decided to keep my car parked at the front until that ice melts off my rear parking space.

I knew it was going to be pretty much an uneventful hump day in real estate, so after getting myself settled-in this morning, I went back on the attack of those annoying year-end taxes, which seem to arrive far too quickly every January, but at least I’m far ahead of it, considering how early it is in the month.

The sorting out, categorizing and notating for each line-item income or expense, is likely the most tedious and time consuming. Of course whenever looking at various statements, sends me back to a time and place. Unfortunately, there were some vendors I hired to do work for me, who’ll never get my business again, and only because of the shoddy workmanship and the prices they charged. Yes, that’s another reason I don’t like going back in time, because there are always those situations which you’d like to keep out of the forefront of thoughts. Yes, there were some bright spots to where I now have several go-to contractors whom I’ll definitely use in the future.

With it approaching the Noon hour, I decided it was time for me to have a bean burrito from Taco Bell, so out I drove to pick up one of my favorites. For whatever reason, they don’t seem to get the Noon business like Taco John’s and Taco Tico. I’m thinking it’s their location which is not the easiest to reach, and only because they share the same access as HyVee Drug, and a person always has to watch the traffic coming out of HyVee Drug.

After I downed my burrito, I went back out front to get some additional ice removed from my front sidewalk, and the reason being, the City had left those snowbanks there for so long, the bottom layer turned into solid ice, and in spite of the City workers with their various snow removal machines trying to get it removed this morning, it continued to stick, so yours truly managed to get at least half of it up with my trusty ice scraper. You can bet I got a good physical workout with that mess. If it’s not so terribly cold tomorrow morning, I’ll be back out there working at getting the rest of it off.

I did have an unexpected drop-in from a recently retired professional who happened to be in the area and decided to stop. We had a very nice visit about how our professional environment has changed, and especially the way in which they dress and conduct business. Of course I couldn’t help bringing up a very toxic transaction we both were involved in which turned into a very long and drawn-out affair. I also had to add my personal opinion regarding a certain shyster who created a mountain out of a mole hill, and only because there was a possibility of monetary gain. I’m now wondering if karma has caught up with him yet. Yes, I was very happy to see him darken my door, and before he left, I encouraged him to stop whenever he’s in the area.

The remainder of my afternoon was back at my tax workbench until it was time to call it quits for the day, and since it wasn’t yet the closing hour, I stepped back to my nut-cracking corner and harvested some additional black walnut meats until it was time to head in the direction of home. Truth be told, I’d been away from those nuts for at least three weeks, so it was time to get back at it again.

On my way home, I stopped at a mart to pick up a few things, and as chance would have it, a very close friend of one of my relatives who’s in my extended circle of DNA, happened to be there, and since we both had a few minutes to talk, I purposely shared some information which I insisted she relay to my “reli”. There were a few jaw-drops every time I mentioned but one more unfortunate incident. I won’t be surprised if the “reli” I’m speaking of, will be calling or stopping by, just to get the full scoop on it all. You can be sure the information I shared wasn’t meant to be any sort of lifting-up or tearing-down, but rather the relaying of real-world facts. My visit with her this afternoon, ended up being the highlight of my day. My “reli” is very fortunate to have such a happy-go-lucky friend.

I forgot to mention a short conversation I had with a person several days ago who’s paying into IPERS which is our State’s retirement fund. Somehow we got on the subject of retirement, and after she told me that she’d already done her research, she then proceeded to tell me that on the average, the people who start drawing from their IPERS, are usually dead within two years. Now that was a jaw-drop to hear, which is why she told me that as soon as she’s eligible to draw hers, she’d retiring because she wants to beat the odds.

After thinking about what she said, started making sense because I know for a fact there are a weighted number of people who continue to work in the public sector, far longer than they should be, and especially considering what they’ll be drawing after they do retire. Another thought I had, was knowing there are a great number of people approaching retirement who have no definite plans of doing anything but turning into couch potatoes when they hang it up for good, which is why I continue to encourage that age group to stay both physically and mentally active. Heaven only knows how many charitable organizations are in need of reliable helpers. All I can say is, if you don’t put your hands and minds to work, you’ll soon end up losing the use of both. It’s not a threat, but rather the facts. Truth be told, I believe those hangers-on, are afraid of the self-made voids they’ll be facing.

Tonight’s One-liner is: Cauliflower is nothing but cabbage with a college education.

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