A Heaping Teaspoon Of Love

Our early morning temps were a little on the biting side, but once the sun was overhead, they were back up and melting our recent snow. Unfortunately, there are some back alleys which I wouldn’t dare walk on because of how much ice has been built up. The one I was driving on this morning, felt like I was riding over a giant washboard. Of course the back parking lot of my office has once again turned into an ice skating rink with a thin layer of water over it. Thank goodness this will be the last winter I’ll have to endure that mess, and you can be sure once Spring arrives, I’ll be after the responsible parties to get that grade lowered back to where it was.

With it being a Monday, I had a number of tasks waiting for me, so once I had them all taken care of, along with checking on a vacant home, I went back to working on sorting out and then journaling all my tax information, just so my preparer can more easily work on it. I did have some drop-ins which pulled me away from my accounting, and glad for it because if I have my nose in it too long, I start getting just a little bit frustrated with it all.

One of my visitors was a client whom I’d been thinking about these past several days, who stopped by to fill me in on several properties that’ll be coming on the market which belong to a relative. I was glad to hear there’ll be some good words put in regarding my office. There’s no question the both of them will sell if they’re priced right.

Having known that family for decades, we spent the remainding time talking about recent family happenings, politics and just about everything in between. I can’t remember there being a time when we didn’t agree on something, which is an anomaly in these troubling times. Gosh, that was an uplifting surprise visit which ended up being the highlight of my day.

I did receive a call this afternoon from a past client who wants me to take a look at their home later this week, because they’re planning on moving more sooner than later. It’s in one of our City’s neighborhoods which has always been insulated against swings in valuation. Even during our 2008 Financial Crisis, the homes in that neighborhood were selling. That’ll be a good listing to have.

Every time I thought about it, I was distracted by something else, but today I made a point to get into our MLS to see how Holtz Realty did in comparison to the other offices, and when expecting to see it down from 2021, I was pleasantly surprised to see my office’s rankings were right back up to where they’ve normally been for at least the past ten years, with the exception of 2020 which I blame on the impetuous buying and selling that was taking place just after the pandemic arrived. I’m sure glad I managed to get myself mentally adjusted to the mindsets of those many Covid-era clients and customers.

I placed a call to my dear friend this morning, just so we could share each other’s thought regarding J. W. Sayles letter to the editor the Globe Gazette published today regarding Mayor Schickel. Normally I don’t read his letters, but the title of it had me curious enough to click on it. Oh my goodness! Mr. Sayles didn’t mince any words when talking about how he believes our City’s boat is being steered by the elites and special interest groups. In spite of his style of writing, I couldn’t help agreeing with him regarding how little our general public has to say about the workings of our City government.

I’ve known for many years, it’s not what you know in River City, but rather who you know. You couple that with that old saying, “A prophet is never a prophet in his own land, and you’ve got a very sick governing body. I’ll never forget as long as I live, the frenzied vote-getting being done by several women leading the charge to get our River City Renaissance voted-in, and wouldn’t you know, the young one shortly thereafter flew the coop, and now living out on the East Coast, and the other, now retired and likely basking on a Southern beach.

The very many myopic decisions that’ve been made by the “powers that be” over these past two decades, have left lasting scars and festering financial sores in our City which our residents will be on the hook, for years to come. One of my old ones said more than once, “The stupid things they do, remind me of cats that creep in, crap, and then creep back out.”, which meant that we the tax-paying residents are the ones having to clean up the dirtyings those creeping cats leave behind. If you put your thinking cap on, you’ll remember most of them, and don’t even get me started on the money-pit legacy our previous Mayor Karl Miller dropped in our laps after he decided to return his beginnings in La Crosse. Yup, they come and they go, and there’s no looking back at their failures, but the funny thing about it all, is they manage to sugar-coat them enough, just so they look good in their resume’s and memoirs. Remarkable isn’t it?

I received in the mail today, two thank you cards from dear ones, along with a drop-in from another, and all mentioning how much they enjoyed those little treats I presented them for Christmas. As much as I attempt to remain humble regarding what I make and share, I’m beginning to wonder how few people there are out there who can make tasty Christmas treats. My knee-jerk response over it all, has been, “It’s really nothing because that’s all I did was use the best of ingredients, and a heaping teaspoon of love.”  Since I’ve come to more fully understand me being my mother’s son in more ways than one, it’s no surprise when realizing some of her stellar skills came by me honestly.

Tonight’s One-liner is: Life would be infinitely happier if we could only be born at the age of eighty, and then gradually approach eighteen.

Joe Chodur

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