We Are Shaped And Fashioned

My goodness gracious! The hoar frost covering nearly everything in sight, created an incentive for me to go out in the countryside to get as many photos taken before they soon disappeared once the sun was high in the sky. I couldn’t help mentioning to a friend of mine this morning, how much I truly enjoy winter days like today, while hating nearly all others.

Once I arrived at office and got settled-in, I headed back to my quiet and darkened corner to get my contemplative session completed. Thank goodness that entity whom I consider demonic, didn’t interrupt me nearly as much as in the past, so that in itself was a real bonus atop my having a good spiritual cleansing which had me juiced-up for the rest of my day. Thank Heaven for those little miracles we so oft times don’t slow down enough to notice.

Just as the high fog was starting to clear, I grabbed my camera and headed out into the countryside to get some much-needed photos taken before the Sunday drivers started appearing on the roadways. It’s always very annoying whenever I pull over to take a photo or two, and those drivers sometimes look at me like I’m from the planet Mars. You’d think they’ve never seen anyone taking outdoor photos before. Yes, today’s traffic was at a minimum, which allowed for me to focus all the more on the images I was attempting to capture. In spite of getting more than expected, I almost had to force myself to stop and head back to the City. I did make several more stops before I reached my office, and only because there were some additional photos I wanted to take in our City’s limits which I’ll also be sharing in the coming days.

One of my errands, was to stop at a store and pick up another plastic tote which I’ll be using to store this past year’s tax information, and when I went to pay for the size I normally buy, I just about lost it when seeing it came to a whopping price of $24.60, and mind you, it was the mid-sized tote I’ve always purchase. I couldn’t help saying to the clerk how crazy these prices have become, and only because all that crap is manufactured in China. I also went on to say, “This tote has got less plastic in it than a five gallon pail.” Of course I got a look that made me realize I wasn’t even being heard. Over these past five years, I’ll wager the costs of various business supplies, have at least doubled. Our Country had better wake up and get back to manufacturing within our own borders instead of relying on the off-shore’s.

While driving back to office, I was reminded of a conversation I had several days ago regarding the spiking prices of dish and cable television. Knowing I’m at the bottom of the rung with my services, I just about lost it again when hearing a senior tell me she’s canceling her dish services because they’re raising her rates to the point where she can’t afford it anymore. My gosh! I would’ve never considered our general public’s households are paying between $150 – $170 a month for their services. I still believe this pandemic has caused some really greedy companies to take advantage of the situation. What got me even more, was being told the only reason she was at that price level, was because she’s always been a fan of the Smithsonian Channel. Ok, now let’s look at this a little closer. If I’m not mistaken, the Smithsonian is a non-profit public entity, which in my mind, shouldn’t be that exclusive to where people have to pay an arm and a leg to watch it, and only because they want to expand their knowledge. Is that why we’re seeing a chronic dumbing-down of America? Shame on them.

The remainder of my day was spent visiting with a well known from out of State, writing a very long email to my friend out East, and then burying myself in my tax information until I’d had enough of it for one day. I’ve learned over the years, that I have to slowly get myself up to speed with all the sorting-out, arranging, and then journaling, because if I try to jump in head-first, I quickly lose interest.

Since I hadn’t touched the keys on my piano in several days, I sat down and played it for a good hour. I’ve pretty much cracked that syncopated hymn I’m to play at the end of the month, and glad for it because, I’ll not have to be worrying about getting that up to speed. I did take the time to run thru several difficult pieces I’ve been working on, and the one called “Close Every Door” by Andrew Lloyd Webber, is coming along so well, I may be playing it in the near future as a prelude over at St. Paul Lutheran. I’ll have to admit, the more I play it, the more I like it.

While reading the news this morning regarding Kevin McCarthy’s ascension, several of the political pundits have come out and said he’s likely going to be one of the weakest Speakers, and only because he’s compromised his position to the point where he’ll be walking a tightrope for the next two years, and that’s only if he makes it that long.

Having much time to think while working on my taxes, a saying came to mind which goes, “We are shaped and fashioned by what we love.”, and when expanding my thoughts on those words, I’d say whomever coined that phrase, was on the spot, because most of us truly are shaped and fashioned by our loves. Just think about the great musicians, architects, writers, sculptors and inventors who were passionate about their creations. But on the negative side, we find those who love control, money and power so much, they’re ready to sell their souls to get it. Unfortunately we’re seeing more going down those dark paths to where they don’t even realize how their so-called love, has turned into lust. I can give you list of names right here in North Iowa who’ve fallen head-over-heels over control, power and money. Keep in mind, those three don’t always walk hand-in-hand, because I’ve seen some with one, maybe two and even all three. You know them, and so do I, so I’ll leave it at that.

Tonight’s One-liner is: Labels put people in boxes, and they’re all shaped like coffins.

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