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In spite of the sun shining brightly and there being little or no wind blowing, it was still biting-cold outside today, but as we all now know, the days are slowly getting longer and as soon as we get out of the month of January, we’ll be able to consider the worst of those extended cold spells being behind us, or let’s hope.

After I got myself situated at office for the day, I sat down at my piano and began working on another hymn I was emailed yesterday which St. Paul Lutheran wants played on the last Sunday of this month. Unfortunately, they didn’t send me the keyboard accompaniment, but rather just the song lines they’d be singing, so last night, I went looking on the internet and found what I needed. It wasn’t exactly a match-up, but while at office this morning, I made some note changes to make it fit. It’s a nice piece, but laden with syncopation. I’ll likely have it cracked, long before it’s to be played for public listeners.

My next extended project, was to pick up another able-bodied person to help me get some furnishings readied for a charity to pick up early next week. After a good four hours of moving and packing, all but one item, is ready to be picked up and carried out the front door of that home. I’ll be there supervising, and only because I want to make sure there’s no nicks or gouges made on the doors or woodwork of that residence. Thank goodness we managed to get everything arranged without any issues. That was a much-needed paying-it-forward workout for me.

Once I got back to office and warmed myself up with cup of hot tea, I placed a call to a person who’s looking for a commercial spot in our Downtown. We had a very long visit about the one he’s most interested in, and before hanging up, I got his email address, just so I could send him additional information on it, which I later did. I’m not so sure it’s gonna be a good fit, and only because there’s updates needed which he’s not keen on doing, and especially since he’s coming from out of State. I’ll have to do some additional bird-dogging, just to see if there’s be a better fit in our City.

I couldn’t help having a few im-pure thoughts regarding the million plus dollars our City’s already given to David Rachie, and still no hotel, which could’ve been put to a better use by giving grants to some of our Downtown business owners, just to help alleviate the costs of restoring and upgrading their historic buildings. That old saying being, “Willful waste brings woeful want.”, is quite an appropriate line whenever talking about the way Rachie managed to dupe our City into drinking his Kool-aid. But, I have to keep reminding myself, a prophet is never a prophet in his own land.

After getting that email sent out, I placed a call to my dear friend whom I’d not spoken with in days. Unfortunately she’s now suffering from a cold, which came as a surprise since she’s not had one in decades. We did have a nice chat regarding that three-ring circus that was taking place during those fifteen voting sessions. What’s happened since that voting began, and up to his final election, is going to go down in our history books as being one more dark turn in our government. The concessions he made to the far-right, will not only haunt him, but even more so, all those middle-of-the-road Republicans who’ll be up for re-election in 2024. One of the commentators mentioned McCarthy’s character being that of a weathervane, where each day it’s moving in another direction. A spineless politician such as he, is definitely not worthy or capable of being the Speaker of our House of Representatives. Without question, these coming two years, are going to be filled with drama and chaos. I agreed with my dear friend when she said, “All we can do is wait it out because the general public isn’t gonna want to put up with any more than they have to, which means they’ll likely be voting a number of Republicans out of office in 2024.

One of the prophecies I made some months ago which came true, was my belief that the knocking down of Roe vs Wade, would give cause for all the more women to vote for Democrats, and thus, that “red wave” everyone was expecting, didn’t happen. Please remember, I’m not for or against abortion, and only because it’s not my call. As I mentioned to several friends of mine, “We have no right, because just as Scripture tells us, let he who’s above sin, cast the first stone.” I actually lost several clients and customers over the years, and only for the reason they thought I was pro-abortion, and unfortunately they wouldn’t allow me to fully explain my my position on the matter.  I’m definitely not above sin, and pretty sure there’s few if any in our world even close to it.

While on my way home, I decided to stop at a groceteria to pick up a few things, and while there, I ran into one of our “powers that be” whom I’d not had a chance to visit with for at least two years. I seemed to be the one doing most of the talking, and only because I wanted my true and selfless thoughts to be heard for once. Thank goodness they were well received, along with some additional insight being shared with me.  Gosh, I was glad to have been in the right place at the right time today.

Over this past week, I’ve been getting catalogs from various seed houses, which has been a reminder to me that Spring really isn’t that far off. I’ve already got several pages marked with notes on possibilities, but I have to keep reminding myself that I must not go overboard.

I actually can’t wait until Spring arrives because I want to see how last year’s asparagus managed to survive the winter. I’m also looking forward to seeing my garlic sprouting.

Tonight’s One-liner is: You have to be smart enough not to dismiss where you came from, as it may not be all we are, but it makes up for a great deal.

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