Some Sort Of Guilt Trip

The lower temps this morning definitely created a biting chill in the air which lasted the entire day. It was good to see the sun shining most of the time, but it didn’t seem to have much if any effect on making us feel warmer, unless we were perched in front of a large window being flooded with sunlight.

I finally received the title work I’ve been waiting on for much longer than expected, and after reviewing it, there were several minor corrections that had to be made, which I believe have already done, so it looks like we’ll be on track for our closing next week. Judging by how slow our professional services have recently been, I’d be willing to place a bet that a good number of them are enjoying a short vacation on a Florida or Mexican beach. I was surprised yet not when seeing the billings for various services having risen since the first of the year, which goes right back to the mentality, “If we can charge it and get it, then we will.”

While in conversation today with a colleague, we ended up on the greed factor which has become very obvious to where it makes a person wonder what their driving forces are, especially know how well-off they already are. I couldn’t help sharing my belief that evil is always in lock-set with greed, which is why I’ve learned long ago that there’s a night and day difference between need and greed. I personally know some who think they’re going to live to be 105, and by that time, they will have figured out a way to take it with them, or so they think.

I had to place a call to several out-of-State clients today, just to find out if they’re willing to sell a property they own here, and the only reason, was because another agent called yesterday saying she’d received a call from an investor on it. It came as no surprise when hearing how much they would sell it for, which in my mind, would create a great deal of wasted time and effort on everyone’s part. Oh well, I relayed the price to the agent, so we’ll see what happens going forward.

Having not been able to get a much-needed haircut these past weeks, and mostly due to my not being able to find someone who’d fit me in on a short notice, I decided to stop at another style salon which is not far from my office, and thankfully they had time for a quick cut. Since it was the first time I’d darkened their door, I had to give a few extra instructions as to how I preferred it cut, and by the time she finished, I was compelled to say it was OK, but the next time, I’ll have to be even more specific as to how I really want it. For sure it now looks much more presentable than it did, but I know it can look even better with some extra encouragement on my part. I always have to laugh to myself whenever being told, like again today, how my hair is almost the exact color and texture of the gray that many of our young women are now having their hair dyed. I always say, “I’ll never understand why they’d want to have their hair colored gray, because more soon than they think, it’ll be that color.”

There was more end of the month journal entries to make, as well as several trips to the bank, and my second visit, was only to give some extra instructions regarding one of my accounts. I really grow weary of corporations including many of our banks, who make changes without notifying me. At least I was able to get it rectified, so hopefully from now on, they’ll be calling and asking before making any changes. I’m convinced it’s mostly due to the computerization and automation which goes unchecked by real people.

One of my clients stopped by this afternoon to give me a progress report on the work they’ve been doing on a home I’ll be listing, and unfortunately they’ve both had a bad run with health issues which set them back a good month. After listening to the problems one of them has had with that super-flu that’s been going around, I’d say it’s a nasty one. There’s a very wicked strep throat going around as well, so be on guard. We did have a nice visit, and from the sounds of it, that home should have a for sale sign in its front yard sometime next month.

Hasn’t this election of the Speaker of the House been the craziest you’ve ever seen or heard? When reading the comments made on some of the articles I’ve been reading, I’d say Mr. Kevin McCarthy’s about ready to sell his soul to get that position, which in my mind, tells me he’s lacking in character and backbone, but of course it’s just another sign of our times where people send their principles down the drain, just to achieve power and fame, and believe me, it’s happening throughout our Nation’s political area. It’s unfortunate when finding such mindsets managing to manipulate the masses in such fashions, which reminded me once again, that respect has to be earned, rather than freely given, which is exactly what I said to another who some years ago, who was attempting to dump some sort of guilt trip on me for not backing down from my core principles. My stern vocalization during that episode soon turned into an unexpected dressing-down which I still believe that person was long-overdue in getting. Well, I wasn’t the one who started it. Right?

My normal night’s sleep has once again been altered by our full moon, and for whatever reason, these past two nights, have had me awake more than asleep, and only because of the lucid dreams I’ve been having, and while in the middle of another after falling back to sleep, I’m jolted awake again. Oh well, it’ll likely be only a few more nights of it and all will be back to normal. What bothers me about them, is they’re mingled with real-world people and places, while others being some sort of cryptic messages coming from my subconscious, which were taking the form of non-human entities, and akin to something one would be reading out of Apostle John’s, Book of Revelation. Yes, they’ve been that bizarre.

Tonight’s One-liner is: Rules are not necessarily sacred, principles are.

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