Knocked Down A Few Pegs

Today’s weather was reminiscent of those occasions when I was traveling with my sister in the northern reaches of Europe, and whenever we were near a large body of water in late Fall or early Winter, there were always bands of low-hanging clouds which blocked the sunlight, and of course the air itself was very damp and feeling all the colder. When thinking about that while working today, I still believe the reason so many people think Mason City is an Oz for them, is because they’ve never done much if any traveling in their lives, which in turn, creates people with village mentalities, and Heaven forbid if they take the time to at least do some reading and studying about various cultures.

Having set aside the last day of our holiday weekend to do some addition manual labor, I had myself poked into it for a good seven hours, but at least I managed to get everything done, so that’s one more duty getting checked off my list. One thing I’ve learned this past week, is that fact that a huge section of our general public, haven’t a clue when it comes to truly keeping their living quarters clean and tidy. Without naming names, I can assure you that such mindsets are from all ages and socio-economic levels. They may seem all high and mighty while in the public eye, but if you could turn into a ghost and follow them home, you’d find a whole different world, and if you’re the least bit squeamish, please don’t lift the lids of their water closets while poking around.

The final walk-thru and subsequent signing of a lease today, went as well as I’d expected, and especially since the young gentleman hadn’t seen the home after it was fully cleaned. I highly doubt the owner will have any problems with him because of his income and job history. It’s actually located in one of my favorite neighborhoods, but since it’s winter, he’ll not get the full thrust of it until Spring arrives.

I’ve been getting some additional showings on several of my active listings which gives me hope our market will start picking up again. I still can’t believe we haven’t had one scheduled showing on my condo listing over at Penn Place. I think too many are getting spoiled to where they’re insisting on having two bedrooms and two baths, but when there’s only one person living in a unit, why insist on another bedroom and bath? I’m sure they’re thinking about visiting relatives, but if it were me, I’d insist they spend their nights in a hotel, even if I had to pay for them. Truth be told, that unit is just as big a a two bedroom, which means there’s a much larger bedroom and living room. Please put the word out on it.

I keep forgetting to mention my Christmas Eve supper which was a shepherd’s pie. As much as I was concerned about it being a flop, it actually turned out far better than I was expecting. It was good looking, tasty, and above all, very filling, so I’ll likely make it again when our weather is frightfully cold.

Early this morning I happened to skim thru Sayles’ editorial regarding his being on a burn trying to convince people to hang onto the memorabilia of their old families. Oh, if he only knew how many times I’ve seen such happenings, but that’s all one can do is stand aside because it’s their call, and no one else’s. It’s even happened in my own immediate and extended family, where there’ve been those who for the strangest of reasons, want to kill all memories of those that’ve gone before them with their tossing and liquidating.

Again, we can’t crawl into their minds and ask why, but for some, I believe it becomes a vendetta against deceased relatives whom they believe didn’t show them enough love and affection. Nobody really knows the answer, and unfortunately if you’d ask them, they’d give you some obscure or nonsensical excuse like, “Because I can, and I will.” I once asked an attorney some years ago, “Why do some relatives go on the attack of other siblings after the death of both parents?” I was left speechless when he said, “Because they can.” My, how well he knew about the dark cores of beneficiaries, and likely due to the many past probate experiences with various families.

When in conversation with a well known yesterday who called to wish me a Happy New Year, I was being very filterless when speaking about a handful of people who’ve intentionally wronged others when saying, “I wish for them everything they truly deserve.” There was a second or two of silence before hearing, “Well, it looks like you’re on a burn to see some hardships taking place with a few.” I couldn’t have disagreed more, because when you think about it, wishing for someone to get what they deserve, is about as matter of fact as one could get. Don’t we all want our loved ones to have what they deserve? But if they know deep in their hearts they’ve wronged others by taking undue advantage of them either mentally, monetarily or physically, then it’s on them if they get knocked down a few pegs or even more. So again, what would be wrong if I said to you, “I wish you everything you truly deserve.”? If someone said that to me, I would take it as a compliment because I’ve worked very hard these many years, at not saying or doing something that would hurt another.

I’ll not forget an encounter I had some years ago with a past client whom I thought was pleased by the way in which I managed to get her home sold, just so she could purchase a smaller one. Well, she brought up the subject of that period and said, “You know Joe, you really hurt my feelings when saying I’d best do everything I could to hang on to my little house.” Oh my gosh! I was so shaken by what she said, but she didn’t realize at the time how concerned I was for her financial well-being. You can be sure I said I was so very sorry for making her feel that way at the time, and moments afterwards she teary-eyed forgave me, and then a hug. Now you see how much I don’t want ill-will?

Tonight’s One-liner is: You can construct the character of various people and their ages, not only from what they do and say, but from what they fail to say and do.

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