British Tea Cup And Saucer

While on my way to office this morning, I was happy to see the streets and roads finally starting to dry-up, so if we have rain tomorrow, it should help to get all the rest of it washed down. There were some pretty good-sized puddles of water at the crosswalks, and likely due to those melting banks of snow, but nowhere for it to run, and only because those snowbanks created by the plows, haven’t yet been removed in our Downtown.

My first out of office appointment, was to meet a contractor over at one of my client’s homes to get some repairs done before it’s placed on the market for rent. Fortunately it didn’t take even an hour to get those things done, so the owner should be glad it won’t be as expensive as he thought.

The remainder of my morning was spent putzing around at office with my additional clearing out of unwanted and unnecessary items. Of course I had several interruptions which I had to attend to, but otherwise, it was another one of those slow real estate days. One of my investors called who happened to notice a home that just came on the market yesterday, but unfortunately he’s out of State until after the first week in January, so yours truly had to call the listing agent to get permission to look at it, and once I got the go-ahead, I paid that vacant home a visit. I did snap a few photos of key features, and then sent them to my investor for his review. I reminded him that I absolutely do not like writing offers on homes a buyer has not personally inspected, and only because everyone has a unique set of eyes which register what they’re looking at differently.  I’m sure if it’s still on the market when he returns, he’ll be wanting me to show it to him.

Another contractor stopped by my office to pick up a key to a home in need of a part replacement, and since I’ve known him long enough, his filters are completely raised, and today his not so kind verbalization, was in regards to the way in which a pharmacist had recently treated him, and especially since he’d overlooked something a doctor had already set them. Setting aside the number of expletives coming out of his month, I was in total agreement when he said, “If somebody wants to become a citizen of our County, they #@%^ing better be required to learn and speak understandable English.” What I get very hot under the collar over, is when I have to make a call to a corporate office, and find myself trying to talk to someone in a call center which is definitely somewhere offshore, and believe you me, their numbers are growing. Don’t you absolutely hate having to endure such calls?

With my afternoon freed-up, I went back over to my cleaning routine, and after a good four hours of near non-stop cleaning, I’d say I’m well past the hump, so another long afternoon should do the trick in getting that unit readied. I could go on the road singing the praises of Murphy’s Oil Soap which I buy by the gallon out at Menard’s which is in a concentrated form, and only because of how well it cleans just about anything except windows. I’ve used it for so long, I know just the amount needed for various jobs. My jaw-drop today, was when I had a more concentrated mixture of it with hot water, and taking a rag of it and then going down a long wooden handrail only once, and when I turned the rag over, I was shocked at how filthy it was. It wasn’t the first or last time I’ve encountered such, and for whatever reason, most in our general public don’t even think about how dirty their handrails become from continued use. They nearly always turn a blind eye to door knobs, light switches and handrails. On the flip-side, a maniacal cleaner of an aunt of mine, used to wipe down her door knobs after visitors had left. Now that’s a bit much if you ask me.

I always have to laugh to myself whenever someone asks me to take my shoes off whenever in their homes, because little do they know how quickly their carpets can become stained from the oil coming from the bottoms of feet. I know a number of people who run around bare-footed in their homes, and likely they don’t even know how much of their own oil they’ve rubbing on their floors. I personally don’t like going bare-footed, and only because I prefer wearing a soft pair of sandals. I know most Europeans have slippers for their guests to use while in their flats, which makes absolute sense. Walking around with street shoes on in a private residence is very much frowned upon. I know the Japanese are also exceptionally particular about footwear inside their homes.

A good friend of mine called several days ago to tell me she had a belated Christmas package for me, and since she’s not been feeling the best, I called today to say I’d stop by late this afternoon to pick it up. What touched my soul, was when she said one of the gifts being something that belonged to her deceased mother, and believing she would want me to have it because my friend insisted if she were still alive, she would consider me one of the best. Those words really went to my core, so ten minutes later I was at her door to pick up my Christmas package.

Upon my arrival at home, I opened the package and found some delightful Christmas cookies she made, but when I unwrapped what was her mother’s, I became a little teary-eyed because what she’d given me, was the most beautiful British tea cup and saucer. She did say earlier that I’d likely put it to use, and indeed I will because starting tomorrow, I’ll be using it on a daily basis for my cup or two of green tea. Wasn’t that the most thoughtful of her? I’ve known her mother’s sister for a number of years, and if they were anything alike, there’s no question we would’ve hit it off well. Hearing those touching words and seeing that tea cup and saucer, was definitely the highlight of my day. I figured it fitting to take a photo of that set and share as tonight’s.

Tonight’s One-liner is: For in the true nature of things, if we rightly consider, every green tree is far more glorious than if it were made of gold and silver.

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