The Final Countdown

Oh, those streets and highways were beyond slippery this morning, and mostly because of the sand and likely salt the City has been spreading around these past days. I don’t know why they don’t get those plows out and get that slippery-slush pushed off to the curbside. As much as I attempt to be mindful of our weather conditions, I had to be even more careful driving today because there were times I could feel my car sliding.

Having decided to pay it forward for one of my clients who can’t seem to find a cleaning person to get one of his units readied for an in-coming tenant at the end of this month, I offered to take care of it, so once I had my early-morning office duties behind me, I changed into my work clothes, grabbed the cleaning supplies I needed, and headed over to the unit.

Upon arrival, I managed to get an even better look at that cleaning project, and immediately knew it was going to take longer than one day, and mostly because the previous tenants had an animal which was quite the shedder. Thank goodness I brought my swiffer, along with a box of pads, because before I had all the main floor gone over, I’d used up eight of those pads, and believe me, they were covered with hair and animal dander. I know now why I’ve never been, and likely ever will be a person who’d have an indoor cat or dog. I always think of my mother whenever one of us children would want to drag a barnyard cat into the house , and her knee-jerk response being, “If it’s got more hair on it than me, it ain’t getting in.” Too funny, but it worked.

A number of years ago, I thought I’d give it a try by having a Bichon Frise as an indoor dog, and only because they don’t shed. Well, after about three months of enduring his demanding, as well as punitive ways, I gifted him to someone who’d be able to give him all the immediate attention he needed. Unfortunately, I didn’t realize before I purchased him, that a Bichon Frise requires a great deal of attention, and if they don’t get it, they become naughty by dirtying in the house, long after they’re house-broken. I’ll never forget the night he was on the sofa with me while I was attempting to stay awake while watching the news. Well, Mr. Naughty jumped down from the sofa and stared at me a moment while my eyes were nearly shut, and did his little dump right in front of me. When I immediately became wide-eyed, he must’ve thought, “Oh shite! I’m in deep doo-doo now!” Keep in mind, that wasn’t the first time he did it, so it wasn’t a day or two later, when I freely and willingly delivered him to his new home. Yes, he was very possessive, as well as a naughty little monkey. I have to say one thing about those cute little devils, and that being when they’re good, they’re very good, but when they’re not, they’re awful.

I had to quit today’s work-out around 4:30, just so I’d have time to get back to office, change my clothes, and follow up on some messages I received, and by the time I finished with them, it was already pitch-dark outside. I did notice a tag on my office door’s window from UPS saying they had a package for me, and would be delivering it on their next visit. I have no idea who’d be sending me something, but we’ll see if they manage to catch me at office tomorrow. It’s really a crap-shoot with their deliveries because sometimes they’re delivering in the morning, while others, it’s in the mid-afternoon.

While working away today, I had more than enough time to reflect on the events of this past year, and for the most part they were good, but there were several others which were down-right poisonous. The dressing-down I got from a retiree in early Fall was something I would’ve never expected, and to this day, I continue to wonder if he had over-medicated himself because his eyes were definitely not right that day. His fury towards me was over the most nonsensical thing, which made it all the more bizarre.

Another one that came to mind, was a person who’d been playing me like a fiddle these past seven years, and suddenly one day, I got blind-sighted by having something terribly spiteful done to me, which confirmed my long-standing belief that there’s something very much not right with that particular senior. I’ve always known that not-so-poor devil had the fitness of wide mood swings on a regular basis, but not capable of per-meditatively striking out at another for absolutely no valid reason. Believe me, that was an eye-opener which will likely never be forgotten or forgiven. I did mention to someone yesterday, that whenever such people purposely go out and intentionally create long-lasting hurts on others, they’ve already set themselves up for a double kick-back by karma in the future. And you know what? Whenever it happens, they’re the first ones’ screaming, “How did I ever deserve this?” I call such mindsets “faux victims”, because they’ve done it to themselves.

In spite of those two most glaring negative happenings this year, I have to admit for the most part, I had a very good run of it, and ever-thankful for the loyalty and faithfulness coming from my dear clients and customers. Now that we’re in the final countdown toward our new year, I’m going to wish all of you a very prosperous, healthy and happy year ahead. In spite of the sorrows we’ve all experienced, we must remember the past is dead, but our futures are very much alive and waiting for us, and anytime we find ourselves on our little pity-pots, we must always remember that there are people in our world who’re struggling on a daily basis, far more than we could possibly imagine ourselves enduring.

Tonight’s One-liner is: Those who live in fear, dwell in darkness.

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