Totally Beyond My Comprehension

Well, it looks like thus far, we didn’t get the snow they were talking about yesterday, but this afternoon’s sleet was something totally unexpected. I can’t remember the last time we had sleet when the outdoor temps were at nine degrees. If it continues into the night, we’re gonna have some downed power lines and broken tree branches, and especially if we get the wind that’s predicted. Talk about crazy weather happenings!

Once I arrived at office and got myself settled-in for the day, I proceeded to get a number of Christmas cards prepared for a group of seniors I’ll be hand-delivering, along with a small bag of home-made goodies. I’ve discovered that as we get older, those simple gifts are the most appreciated, because after all, most already have more ‘stuff’ than they know what to do with. If the weather isn’t frightfully bad on Friday, that’s when I’ll be dropping them off.

While visiting with my dear friend this morning, I suddenly had an inspiration to pass on to her, a small book as a Christmas gift which I felt she would enjoy, so after I got my banking done, I drove over to her home and dropped it off. Since I’d already read it, there’s no question it would be a good read for her, along with anyone else that’s into historical North Iowa events.

After I left her home, I drove over to a paint store to pick up another gallon of trim paint which is being used to dress up some inside doors, and since I’ve always been a fanatic about not painting over hinges, door knobs and accompanying hardware, it was all removed beforehand, fully cleaned, polished and now waiting for those doors to be fully painted. They’re looking better than I’d expected, and definitely after being re-hung, they’ll create a nice contrast to the natural woodwork and floors in that home. One of the doors which leads to an enclosed porch, I removed the regular glass panels, and then replaced them with frosted glass, just so there’d still be light coming in, but no longer needing any sort of curtain or blind installed. Slowly but surely, it’s coming around.

Since I just posted another rental unit last night, I received an application from a prospective tenant from out of town, and after getting a good look at it, I picked up the phone and called him. Knowing he’ll be coming from out of State, it came as no surprise when he began asking about our City. Well, I pretty much filled him in on the real story as I see it which he was later very appreciative to get the full low-down from my perspective. Believe me, I don’t tear our City down, or build it higher than it really is, which is why most level-headed people will more sooner than later find out on their own. I’ve likely been called many things over the years, but never considered to possess the mentality of a slick-talking used car salesman. I’ll likely be hearing from him should he decide to make a quick trip to our fair City.

When visiting with a friend of mine this afternoon, I couldn’t help speaking about some of the crazy Christmas gifts I’d received in the past which most often came from various ‘relies”, and in spite of me telling them not to buy anything having to do with clothing, they’d do it anyway. Some of them were things that must’ve come from a thrift store or out of a box of croakers, so in the end, they’d end up in a sack being delivered to Affordables. If there’s been two things that I’ve nearly always been a fanatic about, are shoes and ties, which I’ve always been fussy about, because from the very beginning, I’d either like them or not, and most times it would be a pass-over. Back when we had brick and mortar shoe stores, along with more than one men’s clothing store, some of those salespeople likely must’ve thought me to be one of the most demanding customers, which is why I never liked them following me around because I always knew if I’d see something I liked, I’d buy it, and completely without their help. Yes, shoes and ties have always been my weak spot with clothing, and unfortunately my tastes for them have been on the expensive side. Like my grandmother used to say, “Shoes make the horse.”

I was compelled to call a well-known who lives out of State this afternoon, and only to remind her about some of the recent happenings that’ve taken place, which will likely create more future dramas, which she’ll need to be watching for, just so she doesn’t get blind-sighted like I did. She fully agreed, along with a reminder for me to conduct myself accordingly should another drama begin to unfold. From past experiences, I’ve noticed whenever in the midst of the Holiday’s, the worst of a person’s character seems to manifest itself.

While reading thru the tri-annual newsletter from our City which comes in our water bill, I couldn’t help focusing on the short blurb of an article regarding the $4.5 million dollar grant that the IEDA gave to our City which is to go towards building a so-called world-class bike park/trail. Oh my goodness! Spending that kind of money to build walking and biking trails in and around our City, is totally beyond my comprehension.

As I’ve said for the umpteenth time, we must invest in creating good jobs that’ll attract workers who’ll want to plant roots in North Iowa, instead of all these pipe dreams regarding the pulling in of tourists from around the Nation. First of all, comparing Mason City to Rogers Arkansas which is in a much more temperate zone, makes it nowhere near being comparable, and especially since Rogers is only a 25 minute drive from Bentonville which is the corporate headquarters of Walmart. Rogers has a population of around 70K people, and Bentonville’s is hovering around 67K, as well as there being numerous bodies of water near both of them. How can we in good faith, compare those two cities to little old Mason City which is in a declining population mode? Really? The demographic comparisons absolutely do not match up, so we’ll see how much more of our State’s tax dollars are going to be wasted. It’s all regrettable.

Tonight’s One-liner is: Humans are the most intelligent of the animals – and the silliest.

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