Cozying Up To Our Lonely Elderly

I wasn’t the least bit happy when reading this morning about the bitterly cold temps we have in store for us starting on Thursday. I’ve lived thru those bitterly cold days in the past, and distinctly remember how un-nerving it was. All we can do is to remain proactive with it by not taking any unnecessary chances while outdoors. For sure Alliant Energy is going to be loving the fat energy bills they’ll be sending us next month. My heart goes out to all those who’re already struggling with their monthly bills, and most certainly our seniors with their fixed incomes.

Without a doubt, my day was filled by dealing with furnace break-downs and disappointments of others, and by the time Noon arrived, I was near fit to be tied when wondering when the next emergency call was going to be coming in. What angers me the most, is the way in which our corporate world has duped us by creating furnaces and appliances which have built-in planned obsolescence. Shame on them. Having been familiar with the ‘tanks’ that would ugly-out before they’d wear-out, makes me wonder why there aren’t honest companies that build HVAC units, along with appliances that have rock-solid lifetime warranties. I’d certainly be willing to pay more, just for the peace of mind, instead of wondering when the next call’s gonna come in where a furnace is out, an oven won’t work, and my list goes on and on. I mentioned to a client today, my fiasco with a brand spanking new Maytag Neptune washer & dryer I purchased some years ago, and wouldn’t you know, not even a month after they were past their 5 year warranty, I started having major problems with them to the point where I told the repairman to forget fixing them, so I sent them to the junk and purchased the cheapest set I could find. When you think about it, who needs all those computer-controlled settings? I still remember my mother washing load after load of clothes in her Maytag wringer washing machine, and never had an ounce of trouble with it. You may not believe it, but they still do sell brand new hand wringers to the general public. Now that’s really going back to the past.

Fortunately, one of the prospective tenants on one of my client’s rentals did arrive at office this morning to sign a lease and get the rent and deposit delivered. Renting homes at this time of the year has always been a challenge, and especially when most are too busy with the Holidays, along with not wanting to move during our most bitter months of winter. After getting that one off the books, it looks like I’ll have another one to post online tomorrow. I did a quick walk-thru on it this afternoon, and found that it’s gonna need a good cleaning before a new tenant moves in. I’ve always found it amazing whenever finding personal belongings left in drawers and cabinets which always tells me they were too focused on where they’d be going, rather than looking back at what they were leaving behind. Today I found a half-bag of potatoes and a drawer-full of potholders and kitchen towels.

I was compelled to run up to Manly this afternoon and check on my listing at 224 W. Spring St., so off I headed in that direction. I wasn’t expecting the snow that started coming down, which means I’ll be shoveling again tomorrow morning. Ugh! I did get up there and back without any road issues, and luckily the home’s furnace was running fine, but I did shut the water off in the basement, just as a precautionary measure. One can never be too careful in this weather. Once again, there’s no question that home has been under the radar, and only because of its location and quality of construction. Please put the word out because homes of that caliber rarely come on the market in Manly.

On my way back to office, I stopped at Fareway to pick up a few things, just so I wouldn’t have to stop after work, and as chance would have it, I ran into a past client whom I’d not seen for several months, and glad I did because I was very much interested in the problem she’s been having with a nefarious creature who’d managed to make inroads with a elderly relative of hers. I’m glad the update she gave me today, was at least better than what I was told the last time we spoke. All I could say was, “Stay strong and don’t weaken.” It’s pretty scary when knowing there are some really bad people out there who’re cozying up to our lonely elderly, and then getting them to dole out cash, along with changing their wills. From the sounds of it, that evil person has been at it for years.

While driving past the home of a ‘reli’ today, I happened to notice a car parked there which resembled another one, which set my movie reels of memory into motion. There’s no question about there being a day when that group of mean-spirited people are going to get their comeuppance. I dare not even mention how many years I’ve had to endure their calumnious attacks, and for absolutely no reason other than they chose to do it, and likely only to get some kicks and giggles out of it all.

When knowing the weather in Ukraine is similar to ours, one can only imagine what those poor residents and soldiers out in the field are doing to keep from freezing to death. The Kherson region is similar to the flatlands of north Iowa where there’s no stopping those bitter winds blowing across their plains. I continue to pray for their victory over Putin’s army and his mercenaries.

I was in shock when reading about that newly-elected Congressman from New York by the name of George Santos whose personal bio has now come into question. I’m still wondering how someone can go to such and extent with the creation of such bald-faced lies about where he went to school, worked, and lived, along with how he managed to pull that off without someone sending out an alarm long before election day. Pretty scary if you ask me.

Tonight’s One-liner is: The foundation of every state, is the education of its children.

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