A Very Haunting Piece

Well, it looks like we’re gonna be doing some snow shoveling in the morning, and from what I’ve been seeing, it’ll be wet and heavy, but at least we weren’t even close to being in the worst of it. Once again, these major storms that seem to always be coming from out West, is just another confirmation of climate change and global warming. One of my big fears, was seeing a repeat of last year’s early December storm which spun off numerous tornados across our State and the Midwest. That was one scary night.

On my way to work this morning, I had to stop and pick up some office supplies, and since they were already open at 6 a.m., I figured it best I stop before more shoppers arrived. All was good until I got to the check-out lines and nobody to be found, so I had to force myself to use one of their many self-checkouts. When I placed the ten dollar bill in the slot, it spit it right back out, and after about the fourth time, I cancelled the transaction and ready to leave my purchase at the counter. Well, along came a young lady who thought she was doing me a favor by wanting to exchange my ten for two fives. That didn’t go over well because I’d already cancelled my purchase at the terminal, so I said, “Just check me out normally, or I’m walking out.” Oh, the look I got after I said that. Without going into any great detail, I can truthfully say, there are many young clerks in stores who’re exceptionally lacking in social skills, and it showed again this morning. Now if I were in her shoes, I would’ve been more than accommodating, but not her. I couldn’t believe how she was making it look like such an inconvenience. Before I grabbed my items, I simply said, “I’ll definitely remember how kind and considerate you’ve been towards me.”, and walked off. We’ll see what she does the next time a customer has a problem with a self-checkout. Will they ever learn?

One of my clients stopped by my office late this morning to drop off a document I was needing, and before he left, I asked him to wait a moment because I had something to offer him as a gift. I went and grabbed the item and handed it to him while asking, “If you or somebody you know would like this, you’re welcome to have it.” He gave it a good looking over and decided to take it, and got a big thanks out of him before he walked off.

What that item happened to be, was an un-marked tea cup which was gifted to me by a “relie” some years ago. I never used it, because at the time it was handed to me, I was made to feel like it was the greatest gift in the world. Really? An unmarked tea cup with a rooster, hen and chicks stamped on it? Truth be told, that was the one and only “thing” that “relie” had ever given me, but don’t even get me started on all the freebies of time, talent and treasure she got out of me.

The deciding factor about getting rid of it, was my nevermore wanting to have any items in my possession which would bring her to mind. As I’ve said for many years, when someone purposely goes on the attack and then does something to me that’s totally undeserving, that’s when the ties are forevermore severed. Being a “relie” or not, that’s the way it is. At least, there’s now one more “item” out of my life which someone else can now enjoy, and as a footnote, I received a text late in the day from my client saying he’d re-gifted it to a young lady who’s already enjoying it. Yes, ridding myself of that item filled with bad memories, was the highlight of my day.

A good hour or so of my afternoon was spent giving my office’s half-bath a super cleanse, and only because it was long over-due, and since there are times when clients or customers need to use it, I definitely wouldn’t want them to think my half bath is a reflection of me. Having white ceramic tile installed in it, I later found to be a very big mistake. After seeing how easily that floor can appear dirty, I’ll likely never have a white ceramic tile floor installed in another bathroom.

After getting some work done on another file, and then setting up appointments for Realtors to show several of my active listings, I busied myself with some additional preparations for the gift-giving I’ll be doing to some folks who’re very deserving. Since there are a number of them, the prep time has been much longer. At least I have a young lady who’s helping to make my job a little easier by supplying me with some exceptionally delicious wedding cookies which will be inserted in those gift bags.

About an hour before quitting time, I figured it appropriate to go seat myself at piano and start running thru my black binder of Christmas hymns. One thing I’ve noticed which is totally normal, is my stumbling a little the first time around on each piece, but I keep reminding myself, it’s been almost a year since I even looked at them. Whenever I have time, I go back to “cracking” a very haunting piece written by Andrew Lloyd Webber which is called, “Close Every Door”. It’s movement is interesting, but difficult, so I’m taking baby steps in getting it learned. Truth be told, some months ago I was playing around with it on St. Paul’s organ long before their Services started, and wouldn’t you know, the visiting Pastor recognized it and then began talking about having seen the play which she thought to be the most moving. To this day, I still can’t believe she could name it, and only because I thought it barely recognizable.

While reading the news today, I noticed that Marjorie Taylor Greene was at it again several days ago regarding her drawing a comparison between the five mafia families and her group of bat-shite crazy followers in the House of Representatives. I tell you, between her and that nut case Lauren Boebert from Colorado who narrowly got re-elected to the House, are reminding me all the more of the mythical Greek “Sirens” who lured sailors to their deaths by calling after them from a clifftop.

Tonight’s One-liner is: Protracted and patient effort is needed to develop a life-long good character.

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