The Softer And Gentler Way

Thank goodness it was still above freezing when I headed to office this morning because the streets were still wet, and if it had dropped below freezing overnight, we would’ve certainly had some fender-bending this morning. I was surprised to see the clouds disperse and allow the sun to shine for several hours this afternoon. The low-hanging sun, certainly offers some warming rays in our afternoons.

Having only had about a half-night’s sleep last night, I knew I was going to be slap-happy and filterless the entire day. It’s a rarity for me not to get nearly a full night’s sleep, and even during the full moon period, I still get awakened often, but quickly fall back to sleep. Unfortunately it didn’t happen last night, and certainly what caused it, having been rattled by others later than normal, which didn’t allow for me to get settled.

I had an out of office appointment at ten this morning, and since I’d not done nearly enough beforehand research, there was a good two early morning hours spent getting all the information I needed before the hour arrived. I continue to thank myself for being a hoarder of information, and since I knew I had it somewhere, I found it and put it to use. My appointment was definitely glad I’d done the extra digging, because they would’ve been hard-pressed in finding the information I already had at my office.

After I left my appointment, I headed over to an attorney’s office to deliver the information he needed to prepare transfer docs on my recent sale, and while there, I mentioned it was going to be a rush because the sellers are going to be here next Wednesday to sign them. He assured me they’d be ready by then, so I’ll not have to worry about it.

Since I was out and about, I decided to stop and see how things were going on a home that one of my clients is working on, which should be ready to list sometime next month. With it being the slow period of our market, I told them not to worry because once January hits, the buyers will be back out in force. After giving it a good looking-over, I’d say it’s gonna sell quickly, and mostly due to the location, design and street appeal. Of course I had to give him another morale boost by saying, “You’re a master in your own right.” Yes, we all must give praise when due.

Before heading back to office, I stopped at Taco Bell and purchased a bean burrito which for the price, is just enough to hold me over the rest of the afternoon. Every time I’m in a drive-thru and watching the cars ahead of me, I still can’t believe how all the many of them buy the biggest soft drinks to be had, and of course they’re likely not the diet ones, so you can imagine how many calories they’re taking in, and bad ones at that. It’s no wonder we have so many grossly overweight people running around, or should I say, lumbering around? A foreign exchange student mentioned several months ago how he’d been warned about the obesity in America, but until he saw it first-hand, he didn’t really believe it.

One of my colleagues called this afternoon and since we’d not spoken in nearly two weeks, we both had much news to share, and most of it was regarding the crazy prices they’re getting for those lipsticked pigs in declining market neighborhoods. It seems there’s at least two or three of them per month getting reported.

We also talked about someone who’s created quite the bad reputation in our City who’s an exceptionally lazy control freak, and to top it off, she’s a chronic liar. I’m still amazed she still has a job because if I were her boss, I would’ve fired her on the spot the first time she played those manipulative and counter-productive games on a customer. My colleague made me laugh when referring to her as a festering abdominous pustule. Now that was a wicked name-calling, but it was actually enough to generate a fleeting thought of what it would look like on her. Ouch! I sure got a good filling-up of recent happenings, so I should be good to go for another week or two.

While on my lunch break, I headed to my computer to get caught up on the online news. Most of the articles were spin-offs from yesterday’s, but I did enjoy reading about how the Ukrainians managed to sink Russia’s battleship “Moskva”, and all because Mother Nature created a temperature inversion which allowed the Ukrainian radar to reach farther past the curvature of the earth. Now that was a bit of information I’d not known before. For me, that somewhat rare and quirky weather happening was just another confirmation that Mother Nature is on Ukraine’s side.

Nothing much else was happening in the world of real estate this afternoon, which disappointed me because I placed three large ads in yesterday’s Shopper for the two homes I have listed in Manly, along with the Penn Place condo that’s still hasn’t been getting enough activity. I’m hoping an praying there’ll soon be buyers for all three of them.

I did happen to read today where St. John’s Episcopal Church had a guest speaker this past Saturday which I didn’t know about until this afternoon. As chance would have it, there was a Benedictine monk from out of State who was talking about the benefits of contemplative prayer. I was bummed-out about it, and only because I would’ve liked to’ve heard about their methods, along with the spiritual and temporal benefits received. I’ll have to look him up to see if he’s going to be giving another presentation within my driving radius of comfort. Without a doubt, that was one missed opportunity to learn more about the softer and gentler way of the contemplatives. It would’ve also been nice to see the interior of their church because I’ve never darkened their doors.

Tonight’s One-liner is: A man’s character is his guardian divinity.

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