An Anti-Christmas Grinch

Not too many noteworthy things happened on this interestingly numbered day of 12-12-22, other than taking the time to chase down one of my relatives to give her a birthday card and small gift. I was hoping to get it to her yesterday, but unfortunately I couldn’t find her number until this morning, so I had to go to her workplace to hand her my card, my gift, and get a big hug before driving away. The card I gave her mentioned something about wishing there were more people like her, which was very indicative of her fine character. She truly is a dear one who likely goes un-noticed in the crowd of humanity, and mostly because she’s not a loud-mouthed belly-aching victim who believes the world owes her a living.

Not long after arrival at office, I busied myself with some gnawing old business which I’d set aside for several weeks, and only because I had to make absolutely sure about all the facts and circumstances involved, so after getting every bit of information gathered and accurately verified, I set it aside for another’s review. I was happy to find that I’d not missed something that would’ve changed the entire body of those documents.

We’ve already had one showing on 1215 S. Washington today, and from the sounds of it, that agent’s buyers are interested in it, but wanting some answers which I’ll be calling the seller tomorrow to get them. I was a bit surprised that we didn’t get more calls on it, but from what I was hearing today, nearly all the real estate offices are missing agents who’re likely vacationing or preparing for Christmas.

I just heard this afternoon that we’re supposed to be getting sleet and possibly rain tomorrow, so please be very careful while driving. I’m certainly going stay as close to office as I can because I do not like driving on ice-coated streets. Since our soil isn’t completely frozen, the moisture should get soaked-in, rather than running off.

The mortgage loan department from First Citizens stopped by this morning to drop off a a tin box of yummy chocolates, so while they were there, I made sure they had several pieces of candy I made and brought to office which contained a hefty dose of those black walnuts meats I’ve been harvesting. I also had a small gift to give one of my favorites which I knew she’d be appreciative of, and that she was. What I really don’t understand, is the hoarding people do with things they’ll never use, instead of giving them away to those who’d appreciate them. So far this season of giving, I’ve gifted two beautiful things which I no longer had any use for, and believe me, it felt good.

Speaking of gifting, there were two very beautiful items I’d freely given to a person some years ago, and in spite of my having second thoughts about it at the time, I now wish I’d never done it because in today’s time, I would’ve rather given those two items to a monkey with a red ribbon around its neck, than even think of giving it to a person whom I later found to be a liar and a cheat. Oh well, live and learn. Right?

Since it was a very quiet day in the real estate world, I sat down at my office piano and started playing a number of Christmas songs, and since those front sidewalk passersby can hear me, I’m sure they got an audio taste of the Christmas Season. That particular Christmas songbook is one that was gifted me by my now deceased sister, and every time I open the front cover, I make sure to read the kind words she had to say. There’s likely never a day that passes without a thought or two of her. Likely the reason she still remains close, is because I did everything I could to follow instructions she’d given me regarding her earthly possessions. There’s no question in my mind, her spirit is now in a very beautiful place. There’s a string of pearls that somehow went missing out of her items, but whomever has them, certainly knows my sister’s watching.

By the time I got completely thru that Christmas songbook, it was time for me to head over to an appointment I had. It all went well, but unfortunately I had to cut it short because a tenant had called in a panic regarding a furnace that went out, so we re-scheduled for another day.

Thank goodness I was able to get in touch with the HVAC company before they closed, just so they could make an after-hours service call. There’s no question in my mind, these newer high-efficient furnaces have all been built with planned obsolescence in mind which sometimes makes me the craziest. As one of the older furnace people said, “Those older non-electronic furnaces are the real workhorses, and in spite of them being less efficient, they make up for it with little or no expensive repairs and replacements.” How well I know.

As much as I’d like to set up my office Christmas tree, I realized I’d have to do some major moving around of those plants in front of my office windows, so I guess I’ll set out a few small items, just so everyone knows I’m not an anti-Christmas grinch.

I received a call today from a prospective future buyer of a Prairie Place on 1st unit, and after answering all the questions that were thrown at me, I agreed to scan and email additional information and particulars about that senior community. I’m still working on the gift packages I’ll be delivering to them before Christmas, so hopefully I’ll have them all readied and personally delivered several days before. Last year a number of them sent me the most delightful thank you cards.

While heading home, I was once again in shock at how many cars there are on Hwy 122. It’s got to the point where they all can’t make the lights which creates a build-up of vehicles. Where are they all coming from and going to?

Tonight’s One-liner is: The deliberate infliction of pain is to be more quenched than fire.

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