Giving Iowa The Middle Finger

Nearly all of our day was cloudy and cold until it approached quitting time, and then the sun came out, which didn’t last but a couple of hours due to our days growing all the shorter. Just think, in fourteen more days, the sun will once again start its march back north. The moon is sure bright and full tonight, and likely because tomorrow is the official day of another full moon. I knew it was coming because my sleeping patterns have been abnormal which is my sign another one is drawing near.

My entire morning was spent going to the bank, making accounting entries, along with writing out checks on a stack of bills that had piled up. Another reason I dislike December, is because that’s when most of the yearly renewals are billed which always take big bites out of my checking account. I have one more coughing up of a giant financial fur ball to do, and then I’ll hopefully be finished for the rest of the year. One of the unfortunate features of being a sole proprietor, is there being no other entity to fall back on. Whenever I see the salaries paid and the benefits being offered to many of the salaried meritocracy we have working in North Iowa, I often would like to say to them, “You really have no clue when it comes to running a business, and only because there’s very little self-starting ingenuity that goes on between your ears, and only because most of your kind are simply following prescribed templates.” Many years ago when I worked in an accounting department at a bank, I noticed the higher people rose in position, the less productive they were, which is why there were multiple editions of our daily newspaper handed out to various department heads.  Corporate hierarchy was sick even back then.

The lunch hour suddenly arrived, so I drove down to Hardee’s to grab a small hamburger which I took back to office, doctored up, and ate with an accompanying cup of hot green tea. I’m sure those workers at Hardee’s must think I have an appetite of a mouse, when in fact, I really don’t like eating heavy mid-day meals because shortly afterwards, I have a great desire to find a place to take a nap.

While on break, I headed to my desktop computer to check on the news, and of course I couldn’t help reading another article about that Marjorie Taylor Green standing before an audience and spewing some of the craziest so-called facts about battery-powered planes they’re creating in Canada. She, along with Hershel Walker have got to be the most ignorant so-called politicians. Every time I see her standing behind a podium, the first thought that comes to mind, is my actually looking at an albino gorilla that’s been shaved, and then crowned with a blond wig. I’m still wondering where she managed to get that high-dollar war chest. I wouldn’t be surprised if it contains money funneled in from Putin’s anti-American effort which is to be used to divide and the conquer our Nation. The Congressional District she comes from isn’t populated with big industries and multi-millionaires who are ignorant as she is. If the likes of her is what we’ve got to look forward to, make sure you have a valid passport should all hell break out.

Of course I was not surprised our “dear” Joni Ernst had to make a really stupid statement about the Democratic Party basically giving Iowa the middle finger by moving the “first in the Nation” caucuses to South Carolina. The first thing that came to mind was, “Why should she give a hoot because she’s in lock-set with Trump, along with our heavily right-leaning Republican politicians in our State. For more years than we want to admit, Iowa has been a solid red State, and all thanks to our heavily subsidize corporate farmers who’ve been slowing making inroads with their preferred policy-making in our State and Local governments. What surprises me the most, is how so many of our citizens, are unable to connect the dots. It all goes back to money and power. Just yesterday I mentioned to my dear friend how rare it is to find an elected politician who shortly after being elected, doesn’t get swept away to the dark side after getting a taste of real power and greed. As far as I’m concerned, for one to be able to resist such forces, tells me they must have characters built out of cast iron.

Several days ago I mentioned something about the struggles I’ve had with the Capbend Group, and after standing back far enough to see the whole picture of what’s been going on for years with them, I came to the conclusion that the driving forces behind their actions, is greed and jealousy. For them, the mindset of “If it’s there. Take it!”, and no remorse afterwards. Now you know why I’ve worked hard to distance myself from them and their likes. I have to laugh to myself whenever thinking about a line I used to offer up when speaking about such mindsets by saying, “I don’t like to get too close to them for fear they’ll rub something on me I can’t get rubbed off.” Naughty me.

I received a call today from a gentleman who’s helping with getting his mother transitioned into a care facility, and the reason for his call, was to see if I had time to go out and do a walk-thru on her home. Of course with calls like that, I make time, so about a half hour later, I was walking thru her home while making notes and giving suggestions on what to do before it’s listed. Thank goodness he was up to speed on what needs to go, so it looks like I may be getting another home listed before the end of the year. If it’s priced right, there’s no question it’ll quickly sell.

I spent a good half hour on the phone with my advertising representative at the Globe Gazette, and only because I’m planning on having some ads placed in next week’s paper. Unfortunately, I have to do a little micro-managing of their design department, and only because of the way they do their layouts. Back before the internet took hold, I was always the “go to” person to create our weekly real estate ads for both the Shopper and Globe Gazette. I think it’s too funny when knowing some of my competitors have others write their ads and do their home staging. Sounds pretty robotic to me. How about you?

Tonight’s One-liner is: It’s not living that matters, but living rightly.

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