Karma’s Already On The Prowl

It was certainly a slippery-slope morning after the arrival of sleet, and as soon as I got to office this morning, I went and grabbed a small carton of that chicken grit I purchased, and sprinkled it all over the front sidewalk of my building. Looks like global warming is making itself known because back in the not so distant past, we’d rarely get sleet, but having already been cursed with it twice already this season, it looks like we’re gonna have an interesting winter.

My first duty of the day, was to get over to the courthouse and get some papers filed, and then head over to check on a contractor who’s in the process of refinishing floors. When I arrived, I noticed he was nearly finished with one of the rooms, so perhaps before the week is over, all three will have been given a new lease on life. It sure makes one heck of a difference when seeing the marked before and after effects it has on the presentation of a given room. I certainly can’t wait to see the end product.

I pretty much stuck close to office the bulk of the day, and since I had enough correspondence to take care of, along with my first of the month accounting and bill paying, I kept myself busy. It continues to amaze me how quickly the days of our months fly by, and especially when knowing there are never enough hours in those given days when a person wants to get a project completed.

While in conversation with one of my clients today, I was informed a dear friend of his had fallen straight down from a roof after the ladder he was on, slipped away from him because he was over-reaching. Oh my goodness, after hearing he’d broken both of his legs in various places, along with nearly crushing his ankle which sounded even more scary, and then finding it was so bad, Mercy couldn’t handle it, so off to Rochester he went via ambulance. Being in a hospital for 28 days was certainly the sign that those breaks were very serious. From what I was told, he’ll not be able to walk by himself for another four months. The only reason I’m sharing this story, is a reminder to us all that if we’re up on a ladder by ourselves on a windy day and no one else to keep it steady, then a person has absolutely no business even thinking about doing it, no matter how important it may have seemed at the time. I’m very glad I had my experience with my having fallen from a great height back when I was young, which caused me to be all the more fearful of heights going forward.

My listing at 304 N. Fairview was having its second showing today, so let’s all put it out there that it’ll be soon under contract. I did tell the agent showing it, to be sure and tell the buyer that the brick used in its construction, is cinder brick which is far more shale-proof than regular brick. The reason most builders didn’t use it much back then, was because it was more expensive. If you’re curious about the difference, just drive by La James cosmetology college on 2nd St. NE, and when looking at the brick on the front of that building’s 2nd floor, that’s cinder brick. It’s really good stuff.

Another one of my near and dear clients happened to stop by today just to show off his new pickup truck which was quite remarkable. Having just come from the car wash, it was shining like a polished penny. Of course wicked me had to point out some tiny spots that were missed, so I went and grabbed a handy terrycloth rag and handed it to him. Oh, the look I got was photo-worthy. All I said was, “Since it already appears near-perfect, you might as well get it even closer to perfection.” He actually did go around and rub out those spots. Too funny.

I had a surprise arrival at office this afternoon, and that being two of my out-of-town cousins who’d arrived earlier in the day. What I found the most curious, was my having very recent thoughts about them. Since I’d not seen them in months, we sat and visited for a good hour and a half before they had to head out.

The bulk of our conversation was spent discussing the various happenings that’ve taken place on my side of the fence, but after I shared the real bombshell that was dropped by one of my relatives, they were left momentarily speechless. The first question one of them asked was, “How old is she now?” After hearing the number of age rings that person has, they both in unison said, “Does she think she’s going to live forever?” I couldn’t answer that, but I did insist karma’s already on the prowl.

Of course I couldn’t help sharing my thoughts about the number of verbal bashings I was given over the years, but at least from here on out, I’ll no longer have to worry about picking up the phone and forced to listen to that nefarious creature’s voice. Before leaving, they both gave me a good hug while promising to stay all the more in touch because it’s now appearing to them that jaw-dropping news seems to be piling up all the faster in our City. It’s always fun to have opportunities to walk hand-in-hand down memory lane because it keeps us all the more balanced.

I’m already getting catalogs from the various seed houses I’ve ordered from, and after paging thru one of them, it appears they’ve got some interesting new varieties I’ll be investigating. Since Spring is only about four months away, I’ll have to get some decisions made more sooner than later. For the most part, last year’s crops were more than acceptable, but there’s still some additional tweaking to be done in regards to insect and deer control.

Now that we’re on the down-hill slide towards Christmas, I’ll have to start focusing on rounding up the gifts I’ve prepared to give some elderlies who’re more than deserving.

Tonight’s One-liner is: False words are not only evil in themselves, but they infect the soul with evil.

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