Call The Evil Within By Name

My goodness gracious! It was one heck of a cold day with that bitterly cold wind coming from the north. When I first looked this morning, the windchill was a minus nine below. Ouch! Someone mentioned this morning how much more endurable it is when not having snow to deal with, but unfortunately he didn’t realize that a good layer of snow is an insulating factor for everything it covers. I didn’t even bother to bring him up to speed on why this weather is actually worse.

After arrival at office, I finished everything that was real estate related and then sat down to enjoy a warming cup of hot tea, and while enjoying my cup, a well known called, just to check in and see how everything’s been on my side of the fence. After finishing up on the normal heath and welfare stuff, I moved on to the subject of another episode of anger I had with one of the members of the Capbend Group. Of course he was left near speechless until he finally said, “Oh, I am so sorry for you.”, but I kicked back and said, “No reason to be sorry for me, but rather the nefarious creature that precipitated those events.” I had to then clarify my words by saying, “Pandora’s box has been opened and the furies now released, so we’ll see what’s going to be taking place in the next days, weeks and months because I can already sense it.”

Since he’s fully familiar with my “sensing” things before they happen, all he could say was, “Well, if something happens it’s all on the ones who started it all.” On a lighter note, I did tell him I printed out one last page of information I needed from an online source this morning which I threw in their file and then put it away, and hopefully for good. I had to laugh when saying, “I’ll remain hopeful that was the last thing that folio needed because the file drawer I have on that group, is almost completely full.” Yes, it’s been a good ten year struggle, but at least I managed to live thru it without forcing myself to journey to their dark sides in order to more fully deal with them.” One thing I have learned which I’m now becoming more vocal about, is that whenever we’re in the midst of truly evil people, it’s best to call the evil within by name. Of course you don’t have say it so loud they hear you, but rather whisper it to yourselves, just so the universe is alerted to it.

Oh, and now I have to share something really creepy with all of you which took place around 8:00 p.m. on November the 30th. Well, I was just getting myself settled down for the remainder of the evening when suddenly there was a noise coming from a very close tree or possibly the roof of my home. At first it was a muffled sound of what I believed to be an owl, but after each time it screeched, it became louder and louder along with increasing in speed. Believe it or not, it was so loud, it was resonating thru out the interior of my entire home, and after about 20 minutes, it came to a dead stop. I’ve heard owls in the distance on rare occasions, but nothing even close to the degree I was hearing. Just talking about it tonight, has sent goosebumps down my arms.

On another note, I’ve been meaning to share some very curious information with you, and that being something a colleague offered-up to me several days ago which has to do with the PPP Grants that were part of that multi-billion dollar package which our Federal Government doled out more than once during the pandemic. There’s a website you can easily find which will tell you exactly which companies in the entire United States received that forgivable money. Once you’re on the site, that’s all you have to do is plug in a zip code for Mason City and our surrounding cities and towns. I did a little digging on my own until I had to stop because the names of companies and the amounts they received, almost had me near faint in shock.

Ok, I fully understand there were companies which were honestly financially affected by the pandemic, but oh my gosh, I can’t even imagine how some of those companies actually managed to cash in on such huge amounts. I’m telling you, it’s gonna be a shocker for you as well when you start reading the names of the companies and the amounts received. If I have more time, I’ll get back on that site and start systematically going thru them, along with branching farther out from Mason City and Clear Lake.

The bulk of my morning was spent with a well known who arrived from out State yesterday, and since he had other pressing issues on his plate, I bid him farewell until tomorrow morning when we meet-up again. Since I hadn’t seen him for a number of years, I was glad to find him looking well and still of the same character.

The remainder of my afternoon was spent working on pulling staples, tacks and tiny nails out of steps leading to a basement. Believe it or not, I toiled for a good four hours on getting them out, and when I finally had to call it quits, only half of the steps are rid of them. I can’t believe how some people will continue to place layer upon layer of carpet and linoleum on steps without removing those underlying laters first. Today’s job is the third or fourth time in my life I’ve encountered such, so hopefully never again. Thank goodness I have my trusty German made tack, staple and nail puller, because I don’t know what I would’ve done without it.

While at a groceteria late this afternoon, I happened to run into a very kind gentleman who’s now retired and likely one of the most respected professionals in our City. When I saw him I exclaimed, “Oh my gosh! You’ve been in my thoughts multiple times of late.” After having a short but very good conversation with him, there’s no question my seeing and talking to him, was the highlight of my day. While walking to our cars I sternly said, “I can’t believe how the greed, jealousies and mean-spiritedness has become so rampant these past years.” All he said was, “That’s one of the main reasons I decided to retire.” His words were just another confirmation of my own lingering thoughts.

Tonight’s One-liner is: I know that I’m intelligent, because I know that I know nothing.

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