A Good Dressing-Down

In spite of the temps getting up into the 40’s today, the wind and higher humidity didn’t make it the most pleasant whenever I was outdoors, but at least the ice is melting which is a very good thing.

To my surprise, we didn’t get any calls on my Penn Place condo today, so first thing next week, I’m going to place an ad in the Shopper which most people in North Iowa have delivered to their doors. The daily edition of the Globe has become nothing more than a joke whenever scanning thru the few pages they’re now offering. When someone recently told me how expensive the printed edition now is, I definitely had a jaw-drop, and in spite of that woman always having subscribed to the Globe, she decided to do without. Truth be told, they did it to themselves because they were top-heavy with their management for far too long, and the day they stopped printing that paper here in the City, that’s when it became a down-hill falling. The online advertising and shopping also had a negative impact on them, but as a countermeasure, they should’ve created a more folksy and hometown section that people would want to read on a daily basis, instead of all the bad news most of the newspapers seem to enjoy printing. Oh well, it’ll only be a matter of time when it’ll likely evolve to where there’ll only be a printed Sunday paper, the weekly Shopper, and all the rest of it’ll be online.

I did have a nice chat this morning with one of my colleagues regarding a recent sale which never should’ve happened, and after telling the rest of the story which most don’t know, the only acknowledgement I got was, “Oh, how awful!” Yes, it was a terrible thing, but as we all know, there’s no reeling back time in attempts to change future wrongs. I went on to say how interesting it is when finding elderly people with more than enough money to live two lifetimes, purposely making the lives of others more difficult, and only because of the almighty dollar along with a good dose of jealousy. Before hanging up, I did mention the fact that life will go on after the dust settles, but for sure I’ll not forgive or forget those who were responsible for it because it was totally mean-spirited and uncalled for from the very beginning.

With it being the first days of the month, I had enough accounting, bill paying and errands to run to keep me busied, and today’s run was chasing down cans of paint that’ll be put to use on my extended project that’s finally moving closer to being finished. After it’s completely wrapped-up, I’m gonna take a number of “after” photos and compare them to the “before” ones, just as a reminder of how much work was actually done. I normally don’t take any “before” shots, but that one was in need of many. Truth be told, it’s turning out far better than I would’ve ever envisioned, but as we all know, when digging into one thing, it leads to another, another, and another.

I stopped out to Burger King to grab a Whopper Jr. for lunch, and since their drive-thru line looked endless, I parked and went it. After ordering, I stood there waiting while thinking about how absolutely wonderful it would be if they had one in our Downtown because for sure I’d be stopping there more than any of the other drive-thru’s, and only because those Whopper Jr.’s are very tasty and definitely not over-filling like so many others. When my mother was alive, it was always her “go to” lunch stop whenever she was in the City. Many good conversations took place while eating our Whopper Jr.’s at the S. Federal Burger King. Those were also some memorable encounters.

It looks like I’m gonna be a busy little bee this weekend with the various duties I have in store for me, so by the time Sunday evening arrives, I’ll certainly be ready for Monday morning. I’ve also got a quick trip to the Des Moines airport planned, and definitely glad our weather’s going to be pleasant. Oh how I hate driving the Interstate during the winter because you never know what to expect with our ever-changing weather. If I have time, I may make a few stops on my way down.

I took a short break this afternoon to investigate several prospective tenants on Facebook, and since I was already logged-in, I began looking up a few people I know who’re Facebook addicts. Oh if those people only knew how silly they appear with their endless posts of “selfies”, but I did learn some years ago, to never scold anyone over posting them because I definitely got a good dressing-down from one I was compelled to challenge. Boy did I get one heck of an uncalled-for email which to this day, seemed so much out of character for that person, or perhaps a true character was revealed. Who knows, because such things do happen whenever a person’s trying to be uplifting and encouraging. Just yesterday a gentleman mentioned how crazy those posts have become to where he doesn’t even log into his account anymore. Yes, Facebook does have a way of sucking unwary people down rabbit holes. Definitely not for me.

With a little time to kill this afternoon, I headed back and started cracking more black walnuts, but from now on, I’ll be taking my time because I’ve got pretty much all my mental orders filled, so it’ll be a much slower pace. I’ll intermittently have to give my fingertips a rest because those sharp shells have a wearing effect on skin.

When reading the online news today, I found that Putin had fallen down some steps in his private residence, and managed to soil himself in the process. All the speculations about his health are all up for debate because his super-private inner circle may be purposely feeding the press what they want to hear. I do believe he’s got more than one “double” who stands in for him whenever needed. Isn’t it interesting how paranoid evil world leaders become? Hitler was, Stalin was, and now Putin, but just think of how many people he’s recently had murdered via poisoning, falling out of windows and the list goes on. Sooner or later, the dirty birds come home to roost.

Tonight’s One-liner is: Believe in vibes because words often lie.

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