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It wasn’t as pleasant outdoors as I would’ve liked, but at least it did get above freezing which helped to get some of the ice and snow melted off. It appears we’re going to have about three or four days of pleasant weather, and then our temps are going to start dropping again, so let’s enjoy it while we can.

Much of my morning was playing “go fetch”, along with doing some additional research on several properties I may be getting listed in these coming weeks. The market is definitely starting to go sideways, so I have to make sure there’s no stone unturned when on the search for potential buyers and sellers.

I had to laugh today when visiting with gentleman about the successes and failures of past and present real estate agents in North Iowa, and for some reason, that little trick card that several of the agents use, suddenly came to mind, and that being the way in which they speak to their clients and customers. Believe it our not, we have un-named agents who like to speak in a breathy-evocative manner while on the phone and in person. Every time I’ve had to listen to one of them either on the phone or in person, I so badly want to ask, “Are you being seductive?” There’ve been a few close associates I’ve shared my thoughts about it, and all of them, after thinking about it, have agreed. Well, unfortunately the bulk of our general public don’t realize it’s all part of their personal marketing. Naughty little me can even mimic them nearly to a tee, and of course whenever I’ve given the example, they start laughing because it’s so much out of character for me. Of course after hearing about some of the escapades of such people in their younger years, it sounded like they had a problem keeping their zippers up and skirts down, but not to worry, you’ll find them in their churches every Sunday morning.

I’ve already received several calls on my new listing over at Penn Place condos, so once it’s disseminated out into the cyber universe this evening, I’d say there’s going to be some calls coming in and showings scheduled. Of course what really burns me to the bone, are these agents who’re paying thousands of dollars a year to Zillow, just so they can have the general public duped into believing they’re the listing agents of those properties, and believe me, they’ve been taking undue advantage of our market share and the public doesn’t know the difference until it’s too late. What I have a real problem with, is paying an online company big bucks to generate buyers who think you’re the listing agent. Now on, you can scroll down far enough and find who the real listing agent is, but definitely not Zillow. Yes, they’re creating a monopoly. Shame on them.

One of my searches today, was to round up three sets of door knobs and hardware which will be put to use on a project of mine. Luckily I found just enough that matched, so there’ll be no looking online for something similar. I knew from the very beginning it was going to be a daunting project, and thus it has been, but at least I’m nearing the home stretch, and for sure, none too soon.

With it being the first of the month, I had more activity at office, along with some journal entries to make and banking to get done. The girls at the drive-thru over at First Citizens’ Downtown office are always the nicest. Unfortunately like nearly everywhere, there’s always the higher than normal turn-over which started when the pandemic arrived.

After seeing a sold sign posted, along with another sale reported, I was reminded again how some people can be the most thoughtless, self-centered, manipulative, and downright shameful. Having had dealings in the past with the both of them, the voice of my mother once again came to mind which was, “I don’t know why you are always doing so many extra things for people because you know in the end, they’ll shite on you.” The Well, after a few more than a few hard knocks, I’ve been cutting back on it, and mostly because I’ve finally come up to speed in recognizing, and then backing away from such characters before it’s too late. Just today, while on the phone with a client from out of State, I was reminded how a given person we both know, has always had a knack for pulling people down in order to lift herself up, and only because she’s actually made no long-lasting contributions to the world around her. The only successes she’s had, has been the continued feathering of her dung-filled nest. Wow! What a remarkable accomplishment is that?

Tonight I’m compelled to speak about a group I’ve dubbed, “The Capbend Group” who’d become flies in the ointment for nearly the last decade which I’m hoping they’ll now go as far away as possible, but no farther. As much as I despised having to deal with some of them on a regular basis, it was a duty that was unfortunately forced upon me. What I’ve learned out of these many years, is that it matters not how old you are, how wealthy you are, or how smart you think you are, because there are still those two wild cards in the deck of life which turn families against each other, communities in upheaval, and loves forever lost, and they being jealousy and greed.

Nobody wants to openly address either of them because nearly everyone will deny ever having either one of those cards in the hands that’ve been dealt to them, and usually, they’ll turn the tables and say they’re in the hands of another at the gaming table. How many times have you recently heard someone say, “I’m sorry for what I did to you.”? I’ll bet not once. Well, there are always those days in the future when comeuppance comes a-knocking, and once the door is opened to karma, a series of unfortunate events start taking place which cannot be stopped. Yes, I personally believe that’s how the universe keeps itself in balance.

Tonight’s One-liner is: Tit for tat, butter for fat, you killed my dog, so now I’m gonna kill your cat.

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