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Winter weather returned once again, and unfortunately much earlier than predicted, and what made it all the worse, was getting a light coating of sleet before it actually snowed. It was a good thing I didn’t have that much driving to do during the day, and of course when I went to go home, the windows and windshield wipers of my car were covered with ice, so I had some serious scraping to do before I could pull out of my parking lot.

One of my colleagues called today to talk about a crazy recent closing that took place, and since I’ve also had an unfortunate incident with that agent some years ago, I couldn’t help agreeing in regards to the way that particular agent handles transactions. Unfortunately, more sooner than later, the word will get out in our general public, because whether we want to admit it or not, we live not in a City, but rather a bloated village where everyone talks. The slang words “talking smack” should also include “talking village”. Just now thinking a moment about it, I believe I’m going to start using that expression. I can hear it now with my answering someone’s question by saying, “Oh, that was just some more village talk.” Sounds appropriate to me.

A seller was supposed to stop by this afternoon to sign a listing agreement on a property I’ve been waiting to be readied, but unfortunately there was an incident that took place with them which was more pressing, so we now have it re-scheduled for early tomorrow afternoon. Let’s hope the streets and sidewalks are going to be more navigable by then. At least I have all the listing documents filled out, so all I’ll need to do is get signatures, go over and get measurements and then photos taken. After looking at our MLS’s current inventory, I’ll not be surprised if it gets sold right out of the gates, and not to be greedy, it would be nice if I end up selling it myself.

I’m still waiting on another seller to get his home finished-up more sooner than later, because the homes in that district have been selling well this year, so hopefully we’ll still be on the coattails of that trend. I had planned on stopping over this past Sunday, but I figured it best I not bother them while they were working. I haven’t actually been thru it in many weeks, so it should be looking a whole lot better.

I had to laugh to myself today when one of the political reporters mentioned something without naming names, but certainly being about Marjorie Taylor Green and Lauren Boebert when saying, “This is the perfect picture of the most terrible politicians…mouths open and yelling as usual.” Pretty raw, but don’t you think it’s true? Oh my goodness, when I went on Wikipedia and looked at both of their bios, I couldn’t believe the people in their districts voted for them. Wow. I thought we lived in one of those “outposts” of humanity, but theirs must be really out there.

Of course another interesting turn in that runoff election in Georgia, is now Hershel Walker’s questionable status of being a resident of Georgia. I’m also very disappointed in Governor Kemp’s rallying behind him. These politicians who’re in full lock-step with their elected party members and/or candidates, is nothing less than remarkable. Of course it’s taking place right here in Iowa, and yet we wonder why there’s no bipartisan governing going on. Well, it all starts from the top and trickles down. Isn’t it funny when finding our Governor Reynolds not having made one glorious comment about Trump’s announcement regarding his now officially running for President. I’ll not forget seeing her in lock-step with him right here in Iowa, and more than once mind you.

I’m now fully prepared for tomorrow’s closing after having gone out and picked up my sign and removed my lockbox from the front door. I was actually glad I did it before today’s sleet and snow started. Unfortunately it’s going to be a “dry” closing because the buyer wasn’t able to get his Cashiers Check to the closing company before Noon today, so my seller’s going to have to wait another day for his check.

One of clients mentioned having seen that 218 – 4th St. NE was just reported sold for a whopping $220K, and since he’d been in it the last time it was listed, he went on to say how wonderful that home would be if it were in another location. Of course I had to tell him the rest of the story about that historic home which was originally built by Mr. Wallace who was an attorney, as well as into banking. Believe it or not, that home until these recent years, had only transferred title three times since it was built back in 1870. Yes, I could share some very interesting stories about that residence which spans two decades. In spite of the passage of time, memories can still take us right back to those moments in history. I’ve always envisioned that home in a rural setting with many old-growth trees, a babbling brook and verdant meadow. Truth be told, I’ve always had a “feeling” an entity was still in residence there. I do hope the new owners take good care of that historical gem.

Speaking of those “feelings”. There was another real estate deal that was recently made on a property which I know for sure, has had a very many unexplainable happenings that’ve taken place in and around it for several generations, which is now causing me to wonder if those “entities” are going to be happy with their new owners, and if not, will their anger reach thru time and space to punish all those involved. For me, the messing with things you know can cause pain and suffering, is once again, akin to willfully taking a stick and poking at a nest of angry hornets.

I’ll never forget those near-death experiences I had while trying to get an acreage sold which contained a very angry poltergeist, and believe you me, after the last most meta-physically challenging experience, I would never again step one foot on that place alone.

Yes, it really was that bad.

Tonight’s One-liner is: Our particular qualities, are the product of constantly acting in particular ways.

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