When Evil People Turn To Gaslighting

It appears we’re going to be getting some snow tomorrow afternoon, so be on the lookout while driving. Let’s hope it’s no more than two inches. I didn’t realize we were to get anything so soon, which made me all the happier I managed to get some much-needed outside work done yesterday before it hits.

Upon arrival at office, I settled-in and then busied myself with getting bills paid and preparing for the end of the month. I have a closing coming up Wednesday, but I’ve still not been alerted to the time, so I guess I’ll be on the phone tomorrow morning. This last minute stuff really gets on my nerves when we have agents and closing companies waiting until the day before, and then the mad rush begins.

It was a relatively quiet Monday in real estate, so I was constantly looking for something to keep myself busied. I did get a call to go and pick up some publications I was so generously given which I’ll be distributing around Christmas time, along with some other goodies I’ve planned. Once the first of December arrives, that’s when the Christmas rush starts, and for whatever reason, those days seem to quickly pass.

There was some additional business I had to get taken care of, and luckily everything seems to be going as planned, so hopefully once December arrives, things will be settling back down to normal. Since I’ve had my fill these past 6+ years of mendacious individuals who were getting their jollies out of it all, I’ve grown all the more wary of those who set themselves up as being upright citizens. When reading the definition of the new word that’s been added to our dictionary this year which is “gaslighting”, there were a good half dozen people I’ve known for a very many years who came rushing to mind, and one of them happens to be a master at it. I’ll have to start referring to her as the queen of gaslighting, and only because she’s been at it since she came down the chute, and wouldn’t you know, her and another one similar to her, are both worth in excess of six or more million dollars, and likely most of it was ill-begotten. See, that’s what happens when evil people turn to gaslighting.

One of my colleagues called today whom I’ve not spoken with in several weeks, so we had a good long chat regarding the most recent happenings. It sounds like all the real estate offices and mortgage lenders are starting to feel the slow-down in our market. I did notice today that our mortgage rates are down to 6.25% which is a full percent below the recent high. Let’s hope they at least drop below six, which I believe is a financially palatable rate for buyers.

Every time I read the news about what’s happing in Ukraine, shivers run down my spine when thinking about the hellacious winter those poor Ukrainians are going to have to endure with Putin’s non-stop bombing of their infra-structures. That’ll be another form of genocide which Putin and his war mongers are going to be charged with. Let’s keep praying that the United States and our European allies continue to send enough weaponry to drive them completely out of their country. There’s no question Ukraine’s army is going to be the most battle-hardened in the world once it’s all over.

One of the well-written articles I read, spoke about possible border changes that’ll be taking place if Russia is fully defeated. He gave the examples of Japan getting back the islands Russia took after the Second World War, Finland being returned the Karelian Peninsula which Stalin grabbed during the Winter War against them, Georgia taking back their territory Putin grabbed when he “faked” an invasion, and hopefully Germany re-taking Kaliningrad which was their shining star of the north until Stalin grabbed it after the war. Yes, wouldn’t that be just wonderful if Russia lost those territories and more, and only because most of it was that evil Stalin’s doing by taking advantage of the situation in Europe and the far East shortly after WWII ended.

Tonight’s photo is another one from that 1972 newspaper I found yesterday. If you notice, it’s the still existing Milwaukee depot which nobody seems to be giving a hoot about since there was word that there were plans to have it torn down. I still believe there’s enough empty lots in and around our Historic Downtown where it could be moved and possibly turned into something akin to Newbo City Market in Cedar Rapids. I was there on a Sunday morning, and loved every minute of it. I still don’t understand why our City doesn’t have something similar for all our talented locals who’d use it to sell their various foods and creations in their own stalls on a year-round basis instead of having those silly farmer’s market days which are always subject to our ever-changing weather conditions.

With having some free time today, I offered some moral support to a gentleman who was busy putting something back together which he’d taken apart some years ago. It was a good hour spent visiting, as well as honing my skills at sidewalk supervising. I think there were a few moments he was glad I’d offered a few helpful suggestions. Like I said, many hands and minds, make for all the less work.

I’ll likely be placing a call to a seller tomorrow, just to see how things are going with his preparations on getting his home readied for sale. I was hoping we’d have it listed before the end of the month, but now I’m not so sure. Yes, sometimes I do become impatient.

These past two weeks have brought about a rash of deaths and major health issues with our residents to where I’m now wondering who’ll be next. For some reason, there seems to have been far more than normal, so stay healthy and safe.

Tonight’s One-liner is: Friendship is essentially a partnership.

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