Waiting To Hear A Few More Titillating Words

Our Saturday morning’s weather couldn’t have been better considering we’re at the tail-end of November, and as the day unfolded, our temps were up in the mid-50’s, which is why I decided to get some additional work done outdoors.

Once I had all my office duties taken care of, I headed over to a funeral home to drop off a card of condolence, and then returned to office where I changed into my work clothes and headed over to my outdoor project. Of course I got side-tracked when finding a woodchuck had almost miraculously dug a monster hole near a foundation which was very upsetting, so I had to get that dirt shoveled back in both the main hole and its escape hatch which wasn’t far away. I can’t believe how it seems every year, there’s more wild creatures taking up residence in our City. If it’s not the deer, it’s the coyotes, and if it’s not them, it’s raccoons, opossums, skunks and woodchucks. When filling those holes back in and then placing concrete blocks on top of them, I remembered an old gent mentioning just this year, a woodchuck having set up residence under his storage shed, and my immediate response was, “You’d best get ride of it more sooner than later because they’re very good at compromising foundations.” I also suggested he pour a gallon of ammonia down its hole, and only because they can’t stand the smell of it. I’ve tried it, and it does do the trick. There was one that just wouldn’t leave, so I had to douse it several more times before it got my message.

In spite of having worked a good five hours, the experience was just what I needed because I was paying more attention to the shadows created by the sunlight, as well as the sights and sounds of nature. I did manage to get more accomplished than I’d expected, so at least I’m further along than planned.

When I arrived back at office, I changed back into my street clothes and did some practicing of the hymns I was given to play next Sunday at St. Paul Lutheran. Since we’re now entering the Season of Advent, all their music will be centered around those four Sundays. Since I’d not played any of them for a year or more, a few good practice sessions will be needed before I’m up to speed.

Before heading home, I stopped at a groceteria to pick up a few things, and while there, I ran into a couple who’ve been coming to mind of late, so we had a long-overdue chat. They are the nicest people a person would ever want to meet, and in spite of one of them having had a heart attack about four months ago, everything’s now back on track with the both of them. I was glad to hear they’re going to spend a month or more in Florida in January. From the sounds of it, they’ll be staying at the same resort. I did mention that spending January in a warm place, always helps to make a person’s winter shorter. Seeing them this afternoon, was definitely the highlight of my day.

After reading some of our news today, I was happy to see Senator Murkowski from Alaska having managed to get re-elected for another six years. Of course it came as no surprise when seeking that crazy Kari Lake from Arizona, not wanting to admit defeat, and only because she’s another election denier. Thank goodness she didn’t get elected governor. Now that’s all we have left, is the run-off in Georgia which should be in favor of Senator Raphael Warnock over Herschel Walker who’s got a pretty jaded past. I couldn’t believe hearing him say in conversation “erection” instead of “election”, and not even realizing it because he didn’t correct himself, so it sounds like he’s dead set on winning the “erection”. Kinda makes a person wonder where mind was at the time. That Freudian slip was pretty salacious if you ask me. I can’t believe the Governor of Georgia is now out campaigning for him, but maybe only because he’s waiting to hear a few more titillating words coming out of Walker’s mouth. Wow.

I’m still waiting for some more activity on those two homes I have listed in Manly which are still unsold. I know our market is slowing, but you’d think we would’ve had at least one offer on each of them. I’ll have to crank-up the advertising on them another notch in hopes they’ll catch the eyes of a few buyers. At least our interest rates are now just above six and a quarter percent which is almost a full percent below what our recent highs were. Please put the word out on those two gems.

When in conversation with a friend today about recently being told I was a Sigma male, I got a quick kicking back with her replying, “No, not completely because I think you’ve also got some Alpha male in you.” “Oh Great.” I said, “So now I’m a short-haired mutt with a questionable pedigree.” Yes, we both got a good laugh out of that one, but on a serious note, I believe we’re all different to the point where we shouldn’t be pigeon-holed as being one type our another.

That delicious box of wedding cookies I was gifted yesterday, was emptied far faster than I was expecting, and only because yours truly can sometimes be the biggest of piggies. I now have my sights set again on attempting to make another batch of divinity with black walnuts, and only because my struggles with it last year, ended up being not even in the same ball park as my mother’s. I also remembered that she would use the red juice from a jar of maraschino cherries, which would turn the white divinity a soft pink.  I’ll have to try that as well.

This business of getting back to cracking black walnuts after so many long years, was all started when making up my mind I was going to make divinity drops containing black walnuts, just like my mother used to make. Yes, it’s crazy how things can get out of hand when only wanting to eat something out of one’s past. Next on my list will be my grandmother’s to-die-for “Treasure Loaf”.

Tonight’s One-liner is: It’s unbecoming for young people to utter maxims.

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