A Classic Example Of A Sigma Male

It was below freezing early this morning, but not long after the sun came up, there was more thawing going on, so at least we had some additional moisture slowly soaking into the soil. As we’re approaching the winter solstice, the sun is dropping all the lower in our southern sky. Living in the flatlands, one gets a better picture of how the low-angled sun changes how our landscapes appear. I’ve always found those subtle changes quite interesting, but unfortunately, most don’t even notice it because they’re too busy with their fast-paced lives.

On my way to office, I stopped at Hy-Vee to pick up a few things I was needing at my workplace, which made me a little later than normal. Upon arrival, I settled-in myself in and then went to work on some additional files, along with getting some banking done before the Black Friday traffic started. It was a surprise when later finding there not being as many shoppers out and about, and if there were, they must’ve all been out on the West Side in the bigger stores with their one-day specials. No thank you.

As I suspected, there wasn’t much going on in real estate, so I spent a little more time reading the online news. Truth be told, I really can’t take too much of it all and once because it seems there’s crisis and controversy going on all over the world. After reading the estimated deaths in the war Putin started with Ukraine, the estimates are now riding around 200,000 Ukrainian and Russian soldiers killed, and all because Putin saw fit to order an invasion of a neighboring country. I’m coming to believe that derangement is a contagion because just these past several months, I’ve been seeing it happening on a personal level. One day I thought I knew someone, and the next all thoughts of that person being “normal” were completely dispelled. I’m now wondering if possibly dementia also had a hand in it.

Without mentioning names, a colleague whom I thought I knew, made a huge drama out of making an appointment with me at my office, just to tell me something he figured would upset me, but my calm and collected answer left him nearly speechless. After he left, I couldn’t help wondering if he was hoping to see me become crazed with anger, just so he could tell others. Who knows and at this point, and who cares? But, I won’t forget that attempted “set-up” for an awaited drama to unfold. Shame on him.

Tonight’s photo is of a box of wedding cookies I was gifted by a young woman who has a passion for cooking, and especially baking. Since my mother was a very good cook, I can tell you for certain, those cookies tasted just as good or better than my mother’s. I didn’t realize until just recently, she does special orders for people, and the only advertising she does, is by word of mouth. I was also shown some photos of her various creations, so after visiting with her today, I’m hoping she’ll start her own business which I know for sure will mushroom. Unless you really have a love for something, it’s always an uphill battle, but I’m sure with her, it’s all going to be about timing, location and product lines. I’ll be continuing to wish her the absolute best.

I just read today where the husband of a retired colleague of mine recently passed away. After seeing and then reading the obit, all the memories of working with his wife came rushing forward. Without a question, she had a very good run in real estate to where I would’ve considered her the top-selling agent in Mason City year-over-year. Since she had very good connections with several of our local banks, law firms and our hospital, there was never a shortage of prospective buyers and sellers. What I admired about her, was the decision she made to abruptly retire instead of hanging on far past our normal retirement years like some I’ve known.

I hope you all had pleasant Thanksgiving gatherings yesterday, and above all, not having any unfortunate happenings or unpleasant words exchanged. Mine was a quiet and drama-free evening meal which couldn’t have been better. Oh the stories I could share about toxic Thanksgiving happenings, but I have to keep quiet and remain a gentleman.

I forgot to mention what a friend of mine recently said about me which sort of threw me for a loop when matter-of-factly saying, “Mr. Chodur, after knowing you these many years, but never really getting to know you, I’ve come to the conclusion that you are a classic example of a sigma male.” Hmm. Never heard that one before, so at the time I answered, “Ok. If you say so.”, and moved on. Well later that day, I looked up the definition of a “sigma male”, and to my surprise, I’m afraid he was more right than wrong because many of the traits given, are similar to mine. Oh well, now I’ve been pigeon-holed so everybody’s happy because I’ve been branded many other personality types far worse, so perhaps I’ll have to correct them the next time they start name-calling.

With some extra free time this afternoon, I went back to my workbench and started harvesting more black walnut meats. Since I gathered far more than I did last year, I’m on a burn to get them all cracked before Christmas arrives because I’ll be using them in some gifting I’ll be doing. For sure I’ll not being working on them tomorrow because my fingertips are starting to get a little raw from their sharp shells. I continue to find it fascinating when knowing those nuts came from a guy’s dooryard which has about six or seven walnut trees, but there being four distinct sub-species of them which is confirmed every time I grab another one to crack. You would think they’d all be the same but they’re not. One of the church ladies told me Sunday that she has several trees that drop huge ones, so next year I’ll have to ask if I can go pick them up. I harvest them all, but truth be told, those smaller ones are more of a challenge to where they’re almost not even worth the effort.

Tonight’s One-liner is: Once you believe in yourself, you can make anything happen.

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