Unfortunately It Already Has Admirers

It was an up and out early again this morning, and only because I knew the whole day was going to be a free one, and wanting to take advantage of every hour possible. It was definitely a Thanksgiving morning filled with heavy fog and frosty roads, but at least it did finally clear off later in the morning. The combination of those two, made for even more dangerous driving, but I did make it to work in one piece.

Just after I got myself settled, I started reading a publication that came in yesterday’s mail, and suddenly I heard a car door being slammed shut out front and wouldn’t you know, there stood a friend of mine whom I’d not spoken with in some time, standing at the door and waiting for me to unlock it.

It was a pleasant surprise because I figured he was already home, helping his family with their Thanksgiving gathering, but since he had to make a quick trip downtown, he happened to notice I was at office and decided to stop, but because he had people waiting at home, his stay was short. In spite of it being a short one, I filled him in on some addition happenings on my side of the fence. Of course he could tell I was seething, but in the end, I assured him that there’ll be some karmic reckoning taking place in the near future. Since he was at my office, I pulled out an unctuous greeting card I received from one of the evil-doers. How nice.

Since he knows I’m into contemplative prayer, I proceeded to share my thoughts about the end-products of praying for bad people, along with giving recent examples which confirmed my belief. I even went on to say that way back when I was in a parochial school, nearly every day there’d be intentions made for the conversion of Russia which did happen, but in a bad way because the Metropolitan of the Russian Orthodox Church has come right out and said it’s OK for Russian men to go into battle with the Ukrainians, and if they should be killed, they’d go straight to Heaven. What a lunatic!

Until recently, I didn’t believe Edgar Cayce’s prophesy about Russia being the Country which would save our world’s democracies. Well, after seeing what the Ukrainians are now doing to beat back Putin’s army, I’ve come to the conclusion that Cayce was likely correct, and only because back when he was alive, Ukraine was part of the old Soviet Russia. He was long gone before Ukraine became independent back in the early 1990’s. It all makes sense now, so let’s all keep praying for Ukraine’s victory over Putin’s forces, and if they prevail, you can be sure their army will be a formidable force of good for generations to come, and if any Country deserves to be free of Russia’s choke-collar, it’s Ukraine because what Stalin did to those millions was beyond inhuman.

After my friend left, I decided to have a cup of hot tea before calling my dear friend, and only to ask what her Thanksgiving plans were. We had a nice long chat, and since she used to work with my mother, I had to fill her in on even more recent happenings. We both agreed that whenever something bad happening which is completely out of our control, all we can do is adjust our lives accordingly and move on, because if we set and stew, it ends up hurting us more than those who intentionally created those problems. She made me smile when saying, “Some of the things you do and say, remind me of your mother, and especially whenever your filters are off.” Again my response to her was, “It wasn’t until not long after mother’s death, my having come to the realization that I am my mother’s son in more ways than one.” Yes, it was a much-needed uplift on dark and foggy morning.

Since I was already in my work clothes, I decided it was as good a time as any to get some components moved over to my work in progress, and once that was done, I decided to take a drive out in the countryside, just to get get my head cleansed of those many impure thoughts I’ve been having towards several individuals, and after being out there for a good hour, I felt all the better. As each year passes, I’ve come to realize our society is evolving to the point where hatred, greed and jealousy, is an acceptable mindset to have, and unfortunately it already has admirers.

When visiting with a colleague today, I couldn’t help mentioning how horrible it must be for those Ukrainians who’re trying to cope with staying warm in those big cities that Putin has been ordering their energy plants and power grids destroyed. Their weather is very similar to North Iowa’s, so just think about what they must be going thru. I was filled again with hate the day I read where the Russians bombed a hospital which killed a newborn baby. Once that war is over, there’ll be atrocities revealed that’ll be akin to things that happened back in the Dark Ages, and all because of Putin and his skewed ambitions to restore the old Soviet Union. Talk about delusional. Wow!

The bulk of my afternoon was spent cracking black walnuts, and by the time I called it quits, I had nearly a pound of meats harvested. Yes, it was a good afternoon where I could get some deep thinking done while working away. Many of my thoughts centered around if and when I’ll be writing a fiction based on facts. I’ll certainly have to be careful not to go into any great detail because if I did, it wouldn’t be considered readable because most would think it no longer being fiction, but rather more on the bizarre side.

Since the sun had not yet set, I decided to pay the gravesite of my parents an over-due visit, and appearing to be the only living person in the cemetery, I freely spoke to them about some recent happenings, along with asking them to intercede however much they can. I actually believe they were listening to me today. I did happen to notice someone had removed a metal angel that must’ve been super-glued to their tombstones’ base. I figured when seeing it for the first time, there’d be a graveyard thief taking it. Too sad.

Tonight’s One-liner is: No notice of a little evil is taken until it’s out of control.

Joe Chodur

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