One More Sign From The Other Side

Our weather continues to remain on the pleasant side considering we’re over half-way thru the month. It does sound like we’re going to have either rain, sleet or snow on Thanksgiving Day, so all of you who’ll be traveling by car during the long weekend, please be mindful of our ever-changing weather conditions. When speaking last evening about checking on flights, I also reminded myself that there’d be more travelers than normal, which would mean I’d be standing in longer lines at the terminals.

When I arrived at office this morning, I proceeded to open up some mail that had come in which I didn’t want to deal with after my arrival at home last night, and glad I waited until the morn because I would’ve been very irritated by what I was reading this morning. The thrust of the notification was it being an invitation to a public forum which I’ll likely not attend either in person or on Zoom, and only because I’d have absolutely nothing to say that would make any sort of difference, and only because I’ve been down that path in the past with such meetings which have already been decided by the powers that be behind their closed doors, so attending such gatherings is nothing more than a waste of mine and our public’s time.

I had some additional research to do, along with checking on the recent listings and sales, and again I’ll have to admit my not having seen so many big-ticket cash sales, which prompted me to remember what was said by the old ones, and that being, “The rich get richer and the poor will always be with us.” How true that has become in these times where we find people struggling to make ends meet every month, while the select few continue to find more things to buy with their growing discretionary incomes. More than once I’ve heard people talk about the silent majority being the cross-cut of America, when in fact, the real silent majority are those who aren’t sure if they’ll have enough money after all their bills are paid, to have a decent meal. Yes, that problem seems to be growing worse by the day.

Another interesting fact I was alerted to today, was one of the employees of a local groceteria announcing that just yesterday, they had 70 online grocery orders that were filled. I couldn’t help saying, “What in the world is that all about? Are people getting lazy to the point of not even wanting to do their own in-store shopping?” It’s no wonder that it was recently announced that over 40% of Americans are now in the grossly overweight category. I read somewhere that our Southern States have the highest percentages of obesity, but I’m not so sure Iowa’s now within spitting distance of their numbers. Well, just think of how many passive spectators are at home watching their favorite sports during the weekends while seated in their recliners and filling their pie holes with high fat and carb munchies.

I received an email from a dear one from out West who was speaking about another whom we’ve both known for many years, and reminding me that the subject individual has always been the first to deride others for things they either did or didn’t do, yet hasn’t made one contribution towards the betterment of others. Of course anyone who insists their greatest accomplishment in life being the promotion of their offspring, doesn’t make any sort of impression on me. Sorry to say, animals do the same thing and we’re not seeing any piggy prizes given to them. Since I was in one of my moods today, I couldn’t help making my own comments regarding that person, and one of them centered around the subject’s gross over-use of the first person singular pronouns of “I” and “Me”. Oh how many hours we both had to endure those “all about me” conversations. Perhaps without even realizing it, I have acquired the patience of Job.

Another creepy happening took place early this morning when seeing something in the sky which struck me as peculiar, so I grabbed my camera, headed outdoors and snapped the above photo. Yes, we’ve all seen jet trails, but what creeped me out, was the way in which they appeared in the eastern sky, which reminded me of a fallen cross. Well, just this past Sunday’s Gospel reading, happened to be St. Luke’s version of Christ hanging on the cross and the conversation he had with one of the two crucified alongside him, and the most remarkable being, my having been more tuned into that reading. But to top it all off, I had another sighting of something which I discovered last week, to be one more sign from the other side. Kinda creepy don’t you think?

With some free time available, I went searching for three doors I’d be needing for a project I’ve been working on, and since I’m a bit of a packrat when it comes to collecting materials others didn’t want, and storing them for future use, as chance would have it, I managed to find exactly the height and width I needed, and especially glad to have found a 24″ wide closet door. Yeah! They’ll all match. I know for a fact, if I would’ve had to order those real wood doors, they would’ve been well over a thousand dollars. Yes, real doors are expensive, and especially if they’re a custom order. A number of years ago I had to order one for my home, and at the time, it was well over $500. I can only imagine what that door would cost today.

With a few hours to kill, I went back to my black walnut cracking, and delighted to find the new batch being easier to crack and likely because they’re now fully dried. It was confirmed today that I started too early on that first crate. I’m now working on harvesting my sixth pound. Yes, it’s time consuming, but the real bonus, is my being able to get some deep reflecting done on various issues that’ve come to the surface these recent months. The haunting question I can’t seem to get the answer to, is the reason why people are so selfish and mean-spirited. I’ll never in my life be able to understand how grown adults can freely and willing create long-lasting pain for others. Oh well, I/ve come to realize that some things are simply beyond my comprehension.

Tonight’s One-liner is: The worst form of inequality, is the attempting to make unequal things equal.

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