Poking At A Nest Of Angry Hornets

Another pleasant day arrived with our temps above freezing, but unfortunately when you have a thin layer of ice that’s starting to melt, creates one heck of a slippery surface. More than once these past several days, I just about lost my balance while walking over that nasty stuff.

When I arrived at office, I busied myself with getting some additional research done, along with having necessary confirmations made on another daunting task I’ve been immersed in these past several weeks. Once it’s all over in a week or two, I’m gonna say without a doubt, “Over these past twenty years, our society has evolved into something I would’ve never imagined.” What really goes to my core, is when someone tells me they’re going to do something and I rely on their word, yet there’s more times than not when they break their assurances. Now when it comes to yours truly, I dare say I can’t remember a time when I broke my word with someone. All I can say for myself, is such a mindset is a by-product of how I was raised.

After having too much time to read today’s news, I’m growing all the more disgusted with some of those loud-mouthed politicians who managed to get re-elected. Just yesterday while having coffee with someone, I mentioned the similarity between the lip-sticked and glossed-over homes that’ve sold for far more than they were worth, and the young female and male politicians who’ve also been lip-sticked and glossed-over. My gosh! How can anyone believe the words coming out of such mouths, and especially when knowing they’ve had their teeth bleached to the point of being snow white. I don’t know what’s gotten into some of these young ones with the way in which they smile. Of course they also have to wear glasses to make themselves appear more knowledgeable, which is what I call political staging at it’s best. In the real estate world, I’ve always considered staging on the borderline of being unethical.

The more I’ve read about Kevin McCarthy, the more I’m convinced he’s another one who’s nothing more than a lapdog for his inner circle of politicians, and most of them have off-world mindsets with their conspiracy theories. I’m continuing to hope and pray our general public returns to the basics by allowing their common sense to help guide their thoughts and deeds.

I had to laugh this past Saturday while in a grocery aisle when visiting with a woman I know. She came out and said, “If I know you, you’re likely the type who’d not go out and pick a fight.” I smiled and said, “You know me better than most, because I absolutely hate fighting, but if someone continues to badger me, it ends up in a very bad way because they usually find out after it’s too late when realizing the end results of poking at a nest of angry hornets.” I’m sure my response left her wondering just how bad I get when someone continues to pick away at me. I still remember a manager once telling me that I’m one of those rare ones whose bite is worse than his bark.

My afternoon went sailing by, and likely due to my having to make two different stops and a bank, get some urgent documents out in an overnight, and then being button-holed by several people I know at the Post Office, and then having make a number of phone calls, just to make sure everything would move along in a timely and efficient manner.

I also took some time to see if it would be a possibility for me to take a quick weekend flight to one of my relatives, but after seeing how much layover time there was, along with the hours it would take just to get there and back, I did some deep thinking and decided against it for now. Truth be told, I’ve not been on any sort of vacation for longer than I dare admit, and only because there was always something more pressing at the time. Oh well, whenever I have longings for different scenery, I start thinking about the many travels I’ve had a number of years ago. Thank goodness for memories. Right?

Just before my closing hour, I received a frantic call from another Realtor who was showing one of my listings this afternoon, and the reason being, that vacant home’s furnace had gone out. She did manage to get it running, but I had to run over to see how bad it had frozen. Well, I think it’ll be OK, but I did downstairs and turned the main waterline off, just to be on the safe side. Thank goodness I managed to get in touch with the seller who’s likely on his way there right now. I did send him a text saying that sometimes furnaces don’t want to work if their filters are filled to the point where they won’t allow the proper air flow. I only hope there’s no frozen pipes or fixtures. One of the toilets had ice in it, but I don’t think it froze solid. I’m sure the seller will call me tomorrow with either the good news or bad.

I was told a story today which surprised me, and that being how ineffective many of the flea collars for dogs are, in keeping their hounds flea-free. He’d taken his dog to the veterinarian several days ago because he wasn’t eating properly and acting like he was on death’s doorstep. Well, his outside dog was lousy with fleas, in spite of him religiously changing his dog’s flea collar. The veterinarian told him those collars are worthless on outside dogs, so he had to buy a supply of pills to give him which would kill all the fleas. By the sounds of it, those pills are expensive. I can only imagine how many people think their outside dogs don’t have fleas because they’ve got flea collars around their necks.

It’s not surprising to hear that because I’ve always believed that there are more dogs and cats that have fleas than their owners could ever imagine. It’s no wonder I get nailed by them in the summer months when out showing homes. Please put the word out.

Tonight’s One-liner is: In the dead of winter, always keep the invincible summer inside you.

Joe Chodur

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