Pipe Dream Neapolitan Style Wood Fired Pizza

We sure had a delightful turn-about with our weather today with it quickly warming up beyond freezing. Of course most of it’s due to the wind having changed and now coming from a southerly direction, and since I had to play over at St. Paul Lutheran Church this morning, I dispensed with my worries of it being chilly up in their gallery.

After arriving at office, I got myself settled-in and then headed back to my darkened corner to get my contemplative prayer session completed. As chance would have it, I was finally able to get myself pulled back into my regular regimen because last Sunday and the Sunday before, I had a greater struggle in getting myself settled down, and only because I was being disturbed by not so pleasant thoughts about certain people who’d purposely created problems for me, and for the only reason being, because they felt they had the license to. After my mother having been gone an number of years, I’m in full understanding why she despised liars and people filled with jealousy, which was another confirmation that mother’s know far more about the true characters of their children than they ever would’ve considered. Mother, you got an A+ on those judgement calls.

Once I was finished with my prayer session, I sat down at my piano and ran thru the music I had to play before heading over to St. Paul. I did make a special treat last night to share with them, so I arrived early enough to take that plate of goodies downstairs to be added on their buffet line. Since I delivered it on one of my mid-century glass platters, one of the ladies was good enough to transfer it to one from St. Paul’s kitchen cupboard. I was glad they offered because I definitely didn’t want to lose track of that platter.

Their Services went well, and happy I was able to keep from making any noticeable mistakes. Yes, I’ve grown more fond of the “old girl”, which is likely why I’m no longer making any blunders. They did have the organ tuned which created noticeably better music, and when reading the report the organ tuner/repair man left, it looks like she’s in need of a full restoration because he mentioned that if he fixed one problem, it would likely lead to another and another and another until a full-overhaul would be required. That report came as no surprise, so we’ll see what direction they’ll be taking. As with most of our main-line churches, they’re financially struggling like all the rest.

Afterwards, I headed downstairs to join in their brunch, and since I was strongly encouraged to go down by one of their members, I decided to set with them. Both husband and wife are retired, but since I knew what their life-long professions were, we had a really good chat regarding their off-shore teaching jobs. Both of them had done a multi-year stint in Germany, which prompted me to ask if they could still speak German, and of course like me, once you get so far away from hearing and speaking it, only the basics of a five year-old remains. Of course I couldn’t help saying a few naughty things in German which they both understood, and instantly creating some laughter amongst us. I admitted my pronunciation is still right up there, but have long-forgotten a very many words. I really don’t think it would take me very long to get back into the swing of it, but only as long as I’d be fully immersed.

I did my little “teach” bit when discovering the both of them didn’t know that there’s two distinctly different words used when speaking about eating. I discovered a very long time ago that you don’t use the same words when speaking about an animal versus a human, and if you’d happen to get them turned around, it would be considered an instant insult to a native speaker. For example: You say “essen” when a person eats, but you say “fressen” when an animal eats. You’d also say “dick” when referring to a person who’s plump, but use the word “fett” when talking about a big hog. With that said, you’d say “Dicke Frau und Fette Sau”, which translates as: Fat lady and fat sow, but if you’d innocently turn them around in conversation, you’d be looked down upon with scorn. Ok, I know you get the drift so I’ll stop.

After I left, I headed back to office and did a little more scratching around until I decided to take a long drive out in the countryside, just so I could get a few photos taken to share with all of you, as well as getting myself cleansed of the day to day worries of this past week. Yes, a good long drive, always helps to take the edge off.

Tonight’s photo is one I took yesterday of the new pizza restaurant which is called “Pipe Dream Neapolitan Style Wood Fired Pizza”, which they’re likely only referring to it as “Pipe Dream”. They were working on that build-out for at least a year, and I can’t imagine how much money they spent on equipment and remodeling, so let’s hope they’ll be going strong for a very long time.

I’ll have to stop there for lunch sometime because I’ve already heard some great reviews from people who’ve eaten there. From what I’ve been told, their pizzas are replicas of what you’d have in Italy, as well as being baked in a huge ceramic wood-fired oven. Their ingredients are simple, but the highest of qualities. So, if you’re Downtown looking for a good pizza, stop over and order one. They’re located at 125 S. Delaware, which is the one-way of Hwy 65 going north.

Not too many years ago, someone who was at the time helping with the promoting of our Downtown, mentioned how much we were in need of an honest to goodness Italian restaurant. Well, we got partially what she wanted due the number of pizza places we now have, but still no Italian restaurant which would be serving far more than pizzas. I’d still like to see an honest to goodness take-out deli in walking distance of our many Downtown offices, stores and banks.

Tonight’s One-liner is: Some will open your heart, while others will open your eyes.

Joe Chodur

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