All Those Layers Of Bergo Green Paint

Oh my goodness! The wind today was enough to take just about anyone’s breath away, but fortunately, I didn’t have to be out in it other than having to check on a property, make a bank run, along with doing a little Thanksgiving shopping. Without a doubt, today felt like a normal January when we’d have an Alberta Clipper moving thru. I did mention to someone how fortunate we didn’t have much snow for the wind to blow around because if we did, we’d have some major drifting.

There really wasn’t much happening at office today other than getting some calls made to clients and customers, as well as doing some research on an upcoming listing I should be getting next week. When visiting with the owner today, he said it’s likely coming on the market at the worst time, but I did assure him that people are still buying, so as long as they’re still biting, we’ll be in good shape. I still can’t believe we’re over half-way thru the month of November already, and once December hits, we’ll soon be saying adios to 2022.

Without a doubt, this year will go down as being a remarkable one, and only because of the various jaw-dropping things I’ve seen and heard. It’ll also be a year that’ll be burned into my memory, and only because of a despicable thing a so-called “person” did to me without cause. But, I’d suspected for a number of years there’d be time when I was going to be in the cross-hairs, and that’s exactly what happened. Don’t you just hate it when you have a gut feeling about someone, and in spite of all the outward appearances saying something different, a day arrives when that person’s true character is revealed.  I refer to such times as my patiently waiting for the other shoe to drop, and thus it did.

Perhaps what’s caused me to be more right than wrong with such people, is my listening and remembering what comes out of their mouths, and the moment there’s even one key word or phrase used during a normal conversation which “feels” inappropriate or out of place, it’s a sign of that person’s subconscious coming to surface, which is when the “red flagging” begins, and after there’s enough of them, it’s just a wait and see for it all to come to the surface, and unfortunately it does. Of course once their true characters are revealed to all, that’s when the name-calling begins, along with their attempting to re-write the past where they can give themselves license to punish. Pretty sad isn’t it?

With some time to kill this afternoon, I got back to my black walnut cracking, and by the time I managed to get the remaining nuts cracked that were in a crate, I can proudly say I’ve already harvested five pound of nut meats, and unbeknownst to one of the dear ones that does much for St. Paul Lutheran, I’m going to gift her a fresh pound of them tomorrow morning which she’ll likely use in her Holiday baking. They’re having a brunch after their Services tomorrow, so I’ll be making something tonight to also take with me in the morning which should be a welcome addition to their brunch.

I’m hoping their organ tuner/repair person managed to get some of the issues I noted it having, taken care of, along with giving it a good tuning. I did a little practicing today of the hymns I’m to play tomorrow, so hopefully all will go well. I’m holding my breath when wondering if their gallery is going to be chilly, because whenever the wind is out of the north, the cold radiates all the more up there. I’ll definitely have to be sure and dress warm in the morn.

While cracking away at those nuts, my mind’s newsreel started running when remembering all the projects I managed to get completed this year, along with thinking about what’ll be the first outside project I’ll have get cracking at once Spring arrives. I do have some inside projects to work on, and one of them is to get that cabinet I stripped several months ago, cleaned up and varnished, just so I can have it proudly standing in my office. You can bet I’m exceptionally happy I managed to get it stripped before our cold weather arrived.

The above photo is one I took today of the back side of Simply Nourished which is located in the courtyard of Southbridge Mall. If you remember the building before they started, you’ve got a pretty good idea how much time and money has been spent on it this year. I think there’s supposed to be four apartments available, but I shake my head when thinking about the hundreds of thousands of dollars that were spent, and most of it came from a State grant. I’d have to look back in the Globe’s article archives because I’m pretty sure I remember how much money was given, but I still keep thinking I’m wrong because that was one heck of big bundle of dough.

What surprised me the most, was seeing their contractor had completely demolished it’s roof and replaced with a new one, along with the thousands of dollars that must’ve been spent to remove all those layers of “Bergo Green” paint and then all that tuck-pointing they’ve been doing. I’d love to be a mouse in one of their corners, just to hear exactly how much money was spent on those four upper units. I’m pretty sure that building has had a number of changes made to it since it was built back in the late 1800’s. If I had time to be a super-sleuth, I’d be searching our library’s photo archives for a snapshot of its original appearance. Of course there’ll always be parking issues for those living there, and since they’re gonna have to leave their vehicles outdoors overnight, there’ll always be a risk of vandalism. I’d find it a hard pill to swallow if I had to leave my car out all night, and for more reasons than one.

While out, I also took a photo of another business in our Downtown that recently opened which I’ll be posting tomorrow evening, along with sharing some thoughts about it.

Tonight’s One-liner is: The ultimate value of life depends upon awareness and the power of contemplation, rather than upon mere survival.

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