A Very Dark Energizing Force

Today’s weather went from a tolerable twenty degrees with little or no breeze, to a brisk wind which sent a chill thru me every time I was outdoors. Thank goodness I didn’t have to be out in it as much as yesterday, and for sure I was glad at the end of the day, to be finally home and out of it.

When I first arrived at office, I busied myself with some accounting, and by the time I was finished, it was nearing the hour in which I had to go over to an attorney’s office to close my sale of the last available unit at Prairie Place on 1st, so I gathered up my file and envelope full of keys and drove over.

The buyer had arrived just ahead of me, and since we were the only ones in their board room, I went over some of the particulars I’d written down about the unit, as well has giving her the keys I had marked. Since she’s very much into quilting, I showed her a photo I’d taken with my cell phone, one being I happened to find in a garbage bag at the curbside of a home I was to close some years ago. I normally don’t dig in garbage, but when I noticed a corner of a quilt sticking out of it, an investigation was necessary.

After she got a good look at it, along with the type and design of fabric used, she estimated it having been created back in the 1920’s or 1930’s. Since there was a close-up of the stitching, she also said it was likely all hand-stitched, which was a “Wow!” for me because part of the intricate design had triangle pieces of fabric a little larger than a postage stamp, only halved. I then asked, “How could someone spend that much time working on a quilt which is large enough to be used as double bed’s duvet?” She smiled while saying, “Back in those years, women had more free time on their hands because they were normally home-bound.” I figured she would be just as impressed as I was when I discovered it, and to think the beneficiary of that estate sent it to be delivered to the landfill. I can only imagine how many beautiful quilts have been discarded in such a fashion, and especially considering how many hours were spent creating them. Too sad.

We got thru the closing without any hitches, but the only thing that irritated me just a tiny bit, was the way in which the closing agent was speaking to my buyer, which reminded me of a teacher talking to a small child in a classroom. Unfortunately, it was one more example of how many of the younger ones have these crazy ideas that just because a person has a number of years on them, along with graying hair, they’re to be talked to in such a fashion. Oh, I could tell many stories of how I would at times chastise those who’d start addressing seniors in such ways. I can still remember a time when a so-called professional started talking to me more than the person I was with, until I said, “He understands everything he’s being told, so you need to talk to him, not me.” Yes, this pigeon-holing of people because of their age, has annoyed me from the get-go. I could sense my astute buyer was also growing annoyed this morning.

After we were finished, we drove over to the complex for her to pick from whichever underground parking spot was free, and while we were down there, I also pointed out there being enough room for tall storage cabinets along the wall in front of her parking spot. We then went back up into the unit, just to make sure all was well, along with my showing her how to work the thermostat, as well as reminding her that since she owns the unit, she can make any changes she wants, except moving walls.

After we bid our farewells, I went back to office and performed my post-closing procedure before filing it away. Now that there’s another full-house with those 32 units, I’ll just have to patiently wait until I’m called upon to sell another one. I’m planning on doing something nice for all of them again this Christmas, and if I do, there’ll be some additional thank you cards received from nearly all of them. Last year, when those cards started coming in, I was pretty much assured who would send and who wouldn’t, and it pretty much ended up as I suspected.

Now changing the subject a little bit, I’ve been meaning to tell you about my experiences with these contemplative prayer petitions I’ve been offering up since the pandemic arrived, and what I’ve slowly been discovering, is finding that if I pray from someone to change his or her bad habits or mindsets, those prayers seem to empower them to become even worse, which is why I’m now very selective in regards to whom I pray for and for what reasons. So far it’s happened three times, and each time, I’ve noticed a character change in all three of them to where their language has become more brittle and foul, and above all, the rising levels of their jealousies and greed, so I’d have to quickly stop praying for them. Yes, the true art of prayer is something that’s a hard-won battle because what we “think” is right and good for someone, can turn into a very dark energizing force which was innocently created, so keep up the prayers, but before you start, make sure you know the true characters of the recipients. Unfortunately, I learned the hard way.

Considering the number of showings we’ve had thus far on the home I just listed yesterday, and the positive reviews I’ve received, I’m all the hopeful we’ll have that under contract more sooner than later. One of the agents has a buyer ready to pull the trigger, but a home has to get listed and sold first. When looking at all the amenities it offers for the price, I’d say it’s the best buy in town right now.

I had to make a quick trip to a groceteria before heading home, and when looking at the number of cars in the parking lot, I knew the aisles would be full, and that’s exactly what I encountered. Everyone must be getting an early start on their Thanksgiving meal planning.

Tonight’s One-liner is: Change is inevitable, yet growth continues to remain an option.

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