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When looking outside early this morning, it appeared we received more snow in the night, which prompted me to be even more careful driving to work this morning. Thank goodness the highways were salted and sanded which made for a less stressful journey. I’m actually beginning to acclimate myself to the cold, so hopefully it’ll stay with me thru the entire winter.

Upon arrival at office, I got myself settled-in before I began returning emails which had come in over the night, and after those were taken care of, I was compelled to call my dear friend to give her an update on recent happenings. We had a good chat, and of course she always has something to add which makes me laugh. I did learn something today which I did not know, at that being there’s a television series on the History Channel that’s been going on for a decade which is called “The Curse of Oak Island”. I know I at one time or another, did see one of the episodes, but not sure where, because I don’t get the History Channel on my television. My dear friend told me today that she watches it religiously. I’m sure if a person looks, they can find it elsewhere, so I’ll have to do some digging.

Not long after that call ended, I received a phone call from a long-time friend of mine who lives out of State, and since I’d not had a chance to catch up with him in many months, I found myself doing most of the talking. Just now thinking about it, I’d say we’ve known each other for well over 20 years.

Not long into the conversation, I reminded him that it’s continues to be a strange happening whenever he calls because it’s almost always during the times I’m the most troubled over something. Well, he came thru again, and thankful he did because I filled him to the brim with events that’ve taken place these past months. Since he used to live here in Mason City, at that time, we had scheduled lunches together every month, which is why we got to know each even more so. He was definitely my sounding board this morning, and glad to know he was in full agreement regarding how greedy, under-handed, jealous and mean-spirited people can be. After filling him in on an entire story, he also agreed that karma is already sharpening her nails before she strikes back. Truth be told, I have absolutely no empathy for those who get their comeuppance because they’re the ones who set their nefarious acts into motion, and especially when such despicable deeds negatively affects an innocent person’s life going forward. Such things remind me of an old saying that goes, “Whenever you awaken a house filled with spirits, you’re usually the one getting put back to bed.” Of course that “getting put back to bed”, actually means taking a dirt nap. Without a doubt, his call was the high-point of my day.

I had a number of errands to run, along with some snow shoveling to get done, so I headed out and got all those things taken care of before it started turning colder. I mentioned to someone today that we normally have a lull between yard work and snow removal, but unfortunately we immediately went from rakes to shovels. I’ll be exceptionally happy once the concrete sidewalk and parking spots get installed next Spring, and only because I don’t like shoveling snow off gravel, along with tracking that dirt and small pebbles into my office. I actually had to sow several handfuls of that grit on my front sidewalk because it was icy out there.

I received a call from and out of town agent who wanted to show my listing at 521 – 5th St. SE on Friday, so I emailed her all the information she needs for her showing. I’m glad we’re getting more activity on it now, so hopefully that’ll be going under contract. The owners did a very good job with their complete remodel of it, and when seeing our interest rates are back down below 6 1/2 percent, maybe we’ll start having more sales.

Since I had a relatively free afternoon, I headed back to my cracking station and started working on getting more walnuts cracked. Truth be told, I’m definitely getting the hang of it by getting more cracked in less time. Since I’ve only been working on them in my free time for less than a week, I’ve already harvested four pounds of nut meats, so if I remain diligent, they’ll be done long before I would’ve suspected.

While working in the back, I was getting text messages from various people, and one of them was from a guy who to this day, doesn’t realize that a bona fide Cashier’s Check is just like cash. I thought my last conversation would’ve had him convinced, but unfortunately I could tell even today, he doesn’t understand. Oh well, I tried.

Another call came in from a relative of mine who lives out West whom I’d not spoken with in many days. We did have a good chat while walking down memory lane, as well as reminding each other about certain unfortunate incidents which had taken place some years ago. I’m becoming more certain that most people don’t possess the recall I have because they’ve almost completely forgotten key happenings until their memories have been jogged. In spite of some of the bad things we talked about, I think we were both glad we had a good visit.

On my way home, I stopped at a groceteria to pick up an extra bunch of organic bananas, and only because I’ve decided to let them get good and ripe so I can use them in a banana bread recipe to which I’ll be adding some of my fresh black walnut meats. My grandmother used to make a “to die for” banana bread with black walnuts, and what she always did, was toast the slices and then give them a good smearing of butter. Yummy! Yes, she was the one who didn’t care for sweets to the point where she’d scrape the frosting off of a slice of cake before eating it. A little sugar always went a long way with her, and yours truly being of the same mindset.

Tonight’s One-liner is: All paid jobs absorb and degrade the mind.

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