How Many Undeserving Freebies I’ve Given

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Well, it looks like we’re getting our first measurable amount of snow, and in spite most of the near two inches having turned to slush and slowly melting off, it’s now turned from a light snow to sleet, which I’m sure isn’t making anyone happy right now. Just before Noon today, I noticed two vehicles in ditches, and likely because the drivers had forgotten how to adjust to our winter driving conditions.

When I arrived at office early this morning, the dumpster divers were back at it, which bristles me every time I see it, and only because it’s telling us there are growing numbers of them. The one thing I just can’t get my brain wrapped around, is knowing there are multiple companies that are hiring, yet they chose to live on the edge. I do know part of it being their unwillingness to commit themselves to eight hour a day jobs, but if I had the choice between dumpster-diving and an eight hour ball and chain, I’d opt for the ball. When speaking last year to one of those early-morning private company garbage collectors, he pulled out a small bat from behind his seat, just to give me an idea of what he’s run into when pulling up to a dumpster. I can only imagine what those drivers encounter on a weekly basis.

The first thing I did this morning, was to go online to see who won the Arizona gubernatorial race, and thank Heaven Katie Hobbs managed to pull ahead and defeat Kari Lake. I listened to a short speech she was giving to a crowd, and all I could do was wonder what kind of conspiracy-theory governor she’d make. I still can’t believe that bat-shite crazy Marjory Taylor Green got re-elected in Georgia, which leaves me to believe the Congressional district she represents, must be filled with some really un-educated people who’ve been drinking too much of their home-brewed Kool-Aid.

The only nail-biting election left, is the Senatorial run-off taking place in Georgia the first week in December. I’m also hoping and praying that Warnock picks up all the votes that were cast for the Libertarian who picked up over two percent of the vote. I was delighted to see a third party walk away with even that many votes. I really don’t think the general electorate of Georgia would pick Walker over Warnock. As a footnote, I’m hoping many of these alt-right leaning Republicans are go to realize they’d better watch their backs because that’s all it’s gonna take, will be a continued back-lash on their approaches to running Local, State and National governments, which in these times, has been filled with too much name-calling and bizarre conspiracies to where they’re not working for the public good. You know as well as I, they know deep-down, they’re promoting lies.

It was a hodgepodge of a day for me to where I was digging for and old email written back in January of 2021, just so I could print it out and add to an existing file which has been slowly growing thicker, and even though the door’s been closed, it’s filled with past happenings which I may be compelled to share with a few people in the near future. Thank goodness I take notes and jot down dates. The thrust of my wanting that file complete, is knowing that someday, there’ll be a person twisting the truth about a transaction, and only to justify what she’d so mean-spiritedly done.

I had to run over to a home to check on the progress of a complete re-do, and in spite of it taking far longer than I’d expected, I’m now all the more convinced it’ll been worth the wait when finished. I said to the worker today, “It’s certainly starting to look like something I’d be happy living in.” It’s amazing how a home’s “flow” can change once a wall comes out, along with a change in flooring, paint colors, and countertops replaced. If only more people would kick-start their imagination, and start buying diamonds in the rough at big discounts and start upgrading them, instead of paying big bucks for all the lipsticked pigs I’ve been continually seeing reported sold. I don’t even want to think about how many homeowners are currently upside-down on their mortgages, and especially those buyers who were getting financed with either VA and FHA loans. But, as we all know, when it’s little in, it’s easy out because they don’t have much if any skin in the game.

One of the phone calls I received today, was from a gentleman who was taking care of the sale of a home I closed on over a week ago, just to once again say how thankful he and his family have been with me getting that distressed property sold in a timely manner. Since he grew up in our area, we had a nice chat about how times have changed from back when he was growing up in the 1960’s and 1970’s to where families and friends were always willing to help each other whenever they were in need. He mentioned that whenever his dad needed direction in building something on their farm, he’d ask one of their neighbors who was construction oriented, and then in turn, his father would work on that neighbor’s vehicles and machinery. Oh how well I remember the trading of labor which always became a win-win for everyone involved. I did have to laugh when he said how much he hated being fed braunschweiger on a regular basis, and my reply being, “Truth be told, I couldn’t even stand the smell of it, let alone eating that disgusting stuff.” Still seeing that being sold in our groceterias, has me convinced it’s an inherited taste, just like me turning up my nose at anything that comes even close to having deer meat in it.

My last call of the day was from a dear past client who was in need of some good real estate advice, and since her questions were all related to real estate, I spent a good half hour explaining the whole process, and after she finally came to an understanding of it all, she was dead serious when asking if she could pay me for my counsel, which I rejected. Oh if she only knew how many un-deserving freebies I’ve given for years.

Tonight’s One-liner is: The one exclusive sign of thorough knowledge, is the power of teaching.

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