A Clear Message To The Crazies

Another bone-chilling day came and went, so perhaps by the end of the week, we’ll all be acclimated to the coming cold. At least I do have all my weatherization chores completed, so hopefully they’ll be effective during the winter months.

Most of my morning was spent running errands, and one of them happened to be over at the Courthouse where I had to personally get some information I needed. Of course I always have my “go to” person who’s always accommodating whenever I need something, and you can bet I make sure to give extra thanks for the help because there’ve been too many times where someone asks me to freely do something for them, and oft times don’t even offer a thank you. Speaking about this, has reminded me of several people who’re now in my past who believed me to be their indentured servant. Thank goodness I managed to shake-free of them before I was fully immersed in their near daily dramas.

When I got back to office, I placed a call to a person whom I’ve been dealing with and to my surprise, he didn’t understand that a Cashier’s Check is just like cash. I could tell he wasn’t believing me, so I suggested he go to his bank and confirm they are. Today was the second time in less than a year where someone questioned the fact that they truly are just like cash. What I did find out from my bank today, which was something I didn’t know, and that being a person cannot even place a stop-pay on one until 90 days have passed. Wow. That was an eye-opener, so if any of you do have a Cashier’s Check payable to someone, you’d better make sure you’ll not somewhere down the line, want to put a stop payment on it.

I’ve pretty much got everything readied for my Prairie Place on 1st closing which is scheduled for this coming Friday. I’ve been terribly impressed with the character of the buyer to the point of hoping we stay in touch after closing. Since I’ve become jaded after all the various buyers and sellers that’ve come and gone, my person soon recognizes the real gems that stand out in the crowd of humanity. Thank goodness they’re still some left, which gives me hope that their numbers will be on the increase, and believe me, I’ve had my share of back-stabbers, liars, money-grubbers, chronic victims and the list goes on.

Two times in one day while walking in several buildings in our Downtown, there was a man whom I didn’t recognized in the least bit saying, “Hi Joe” as I walked past him. Knowing how good I am at recognizing past clients and customers, I drew a blank both times, so either they’ve drastically changed in looks, or they were greeting me because they’ve come to know who I am. Truthfully, that’s the first time such a thing has happened to me in a very long time, but never twice in one day.

One of my clients stopped by today drop off a key to a vacant rental he has, along with the terms and conditions, so it looks like I’ll be posting a small one bedroom home for rent this week, and there’s no question I’ll be flooded with inquiries on it. I’ll never understand why some prospective tenants think it’s an automatic acceptance if they have the deposit and first month’s rent in hand. There’ve been times I’ve wanted to say, “Just because you want it, doesn’t mean you’re gonna to get it.”, but I stop myself because I have to maintain a business-like decorum.

I did get my signed reduction paperwork in an email today on 224 W. Spring St. in Manly, so I went ahead and posted it everywhere, along with mentioning the seller will offer a $5,000 rate buy-down on a mortgage. I checked with one of our lenders, and hypothetically speaking, that would reduce a 30 year fixed rate mortgage by nearly a full percent. Now that’s indeed a good seller concession for a buyer who’d be getting a mortgage.

When reading the online news over my lunch hour, I was happy to see several more candidates had pulled ahead and holding on to their current seats in Congress. In spite of everyone believing there’d be a red wave of voters during the mid-term, it looks more like it was a ripple, which should be sending a clear message to these crazies who continue to play their “voter fraud” cards. I’m hoping the general public is finally coming to their senses and realizing there are a too many loud-mouthed politicians who’ve got nothing to offer their constituents other than theories of conspiracy.

This afternoon I received a text from the woman I gifted that pound of walnuts to yesterday, with a photo of a plate of black walnut snowball cookies and saying it’s amazing how much a fresh nut can change a recipe. Yes, they’ll soon realize how much better just about anything that’s naturally grown and super-fresh can alter a recipe. I’ve known that for a very long time, and only because I was raised on an old-fashioned working farm. Cracking those nuts is a tedious and time-consuming process, but the results are remarkable.

Since I’m now fully geared-up on getting them cracked, I take advantage of every spare hour to get back at cracking more. I have an oversized work shirt I wear over my work clothes, just so I don’t happen to get any walnut oil on my clothes, and yes, those smaller ones that are the hardest to crack, seem to be the oiliest. Truth be told, I actually enjoy the time alone because it offers precious hours to think and reflect on past events, as well as forecasting the near future, which is why to this day, I don’t like working where there’s annoying noises which always seem to interrupt my train of thought. If I had to work somewhere where there’s music playing or televisions running non-stop, I’d be ready to climb the walls.

Tonight’s One-liner is: There is no greater glory than love, nor any greater punishment than jealousy.

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