Created A Psychological Game Brinkmanship

My goodness gracious! It was definitely a cold one out this morning, but luckily the wind wasn’t blowing like it has been. This weather has changed so suddenly to the point where the creeks are starting to freeze along with the topsoil. I only hope this is going to be a repeat of a few years ago where we had an exceptionally cold November, but when December arrived, it was actually the opposite with warmer than normal temps.

After I arrived at office, my first duty was to get back to my Sunday morning darkened corner and begin my contemplative prayer session. I was immersed in it far longer, and only because I had to perform a sort of “re-booting” of my normal format, along with adding several more people and removing one from my chain of intentions. It was a good session, but also different in ways I can’t come up with the words to explain because there were people, places and things coming to mind which I’d not even had a passing thought about for years. I’m not sure what the reason was, so I guess only time will tell.

After I finished-up on my early morning spiritual duties, I changed into my work clothes and then headed out to pick up some additional items I needed for several small winterization chores. Not to my surprise, there certainly weren’t many people out driving today, and likely because of how cold it was. As I was driving from point A to B, it suddenly dawned on me, my not having noticed once in our skies this Fall, the great migration of Canada geese, as well as the flocking blackbirds and robins. I must’ve had my nose to much to the grindstone rough to even notice.

Upon return to office, I busied myself with getting some additional black walnuts cracked, and only because I promised myself I’d have at least a pound of them cracked, just so I could deliver a promised gift to several acquaintances of mine who enjoy baking goodies with them. By the time the hour of one approached, I definitely had enough cracked, so I placed them in two separate self-sealing bags, and then called to see if they were home for a delivery. Thank goodness they were, and all I can say is, once she took a look in the sack I had them in, she was even more delighted to get them. I had to smile when she said something about seeing some inferior looking ones at Walmart yesterday but didn’t buy them because her daughter reminded her about my having promised a gift of a freshly-cracked pound. Now wasn’t that sort of creepy/cool with my showing up less than 24 hours later with my promised gift?

After I dropped them off, I headed to a groceteria to pick up some items I needed for this evening’s meal, and while there, I ran into a female clerk who many years ago, worked under me in an accounting department at one of our banks. We had a nice chat, and before I left, she winked at me while saying, “Did you notice I didn’t call you by another name?” I then winked back saying, “Yes I did, so keep it that way.”, and back to office I headed.

Since I must’ve been a glutton for punishment, I actually went back to cracking walnuts again for a couple more hours. I’m getting back into the full-swing of it, with my recognizing the various sub-species of nuts I’d been given which happens to be three. Several years ago, a gentleman who works with walnut lumber, told be that in just our area, there are six different sup-species of them. Well, I didn’t realize until last year, that the difference is also exhibited in the structure and size of their nuts. The smaller ones with a thin but very hard shell, are the worst, but for whatever reason, they happen to be the tastiest, which is why I took all three varieties when offered because after they’re cracked and mixed together, they makes for a good blend for baking cookies, along with other nut-filled sweets. If I have time during the Holidays, I’m going to make several batches of East European yeast cookies which are more time-consuming to make, but definitely high on my list of favorites. Their filling just so happens to call for a mixture of spices and chopped black walnuts.

While I was cracking away, I received a phone call from an acquaintance I’d not seen or heard from in many months. After the pleasantries were dispensed, her voice turned somber when asking if I had time to talk about something that was troubling her. Of course I told her I was free, so thus began her very sad story.

She offered a little background on the subject, and then proceeded to tell me that a certain man whom she’d trusted, did something terrible behind her back which was so life-altering despicable, it went deep into her subconscious to where she was having nightmares and trouble functioning until finally one day, she was so much filled with anger towards him, that something finally snapped to where she could feel the furies emanating from her body which was akin to the fallout of an atomic bomb, and at that point, she knew there’d be an untoward event taking place which would have dire consequences for him. She went on to say that there were a handful of times in her life where such instances took place, and the outcomes always being the same, which is why she called me looking for some sort of direction.

Because I have to discreet in sharing what happened, all I can say, what that guy did, was something I would’ve heavily frowned upon. So with that said, all I could do was console her by saying whatever happens to him, would not be her fault, but rather an end result of his having created a psychological game of brinkmanship with her because he knew exactly what he was doing, so unfortunately, she held the final card by somehow being able to personally tap into karma and send her directly to his doorstep. Thank goodness I calmed her enough to where she’s now no longer worried that she’s going to be forever shoveling coal into the furnaces of Hell. That was quite the conversation.

Tonight’s One-liner is: Fiction is based on reality unless you’re a fairytale artist.

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