Their Powers Are Not To Be Casually Dismissed

Well, we had our first dusting of snow this morning, and definitely not to my liking, but as we continue to barrel thru this month of November, the days will grow colder, the skies more gray and the nights longer. It’s no wonder this month has always been my most dis-liked. I know of some who consider Thanksgiving their favorite holiday, but I totally disagree because I’ve known of far too many of such gatherings that have created more discord than ever being able to generate a true thankfulness for all the good things that’ve been bestowed upon us. I’ve learned to back away from such gatherings because they all in time, end up being parts of life-long charades.

A very many years ago, I was begged to attend a Thanksgiving dinner which was half-way across the Country, so in a weak moment I agreed and proceeded to make reservations for the trip. Well, not a week before I was to depart, the host called just to confirm that I’d be in attendance, and somehow we got on the subject of their indoor dog, and for some reason I was compelled to ask if it was aggressive. The host slipped and said it would have to be watched because it was prone to bit strangers on occasion.  After hanging up and having a good sleep on the idea of possibly being terrorized by another’s dog, I placed a call the next day to the host saying something had come up and I couldn’t make it. Oh my goodness. Did I ever get an ear-full to the point of being villainized, and only because I cancelled. Wow! And to think I was just another guest on a list of many. That unfortunate situation was just but one, which is why I don’t care to be invited to such gatherings. Oh, and then there’s the having to pretend you’re enjoying every morsel being dobbed on your plate. Surely you now get the picture.

What little office work I had waiting for me, I quickly finished up and then headed out to Hardware Hank to pick up a 50 pound bag of grit which I spread on the front sidewalk of my office, just so someone doesn’t slip and fall on the ice. Well, I must’ve been far ahead of the game because I had to wait for a clerk to remove it from a pallet in their storeroom. I’ve purchased that ground granite grit from them for a number of years, but today they acted like they didn’t know what I was talking about until I had to tell them that it’s the ground granite granules that’s also fed to chickens and turkeys to keep their gizzards working properly. But, while I was there, I noticed a group of snow shovels for sale which were just like the one I have, and I about lost it when seeing they’re now priced at $60. My goodness how these prices have gone up. I actually had to look twice to make sure I was reading it’s tag correctly. Wow.

After I got that bag back to office, I took a little break to read the online news, and the first news I looked for, were the election results which are still slowly dribbling in. Oh how glad I was to see that Senator from Arizona win, so possibly the Democrats will at least remain in control of the Senate, because I’m really not a fan of any given party having absolute control of the chambers, which is what’s happened with Iowa with this election. With our Republican Governor, along with a super-majority in the Chambers, anything they want passed, with get bulldozed thru, and I can see it now being, “I’ll be my way or the highway.” Such a setting is not what I call a democratic form of government.

I was also busy reading about the advances Ukraine has been making in getting the Russians pushed out of Kherson. As I suspected, those evil Russians tried to blow up that monster dam which would’ve flooded the entire area. Hopefully the damage they did to it will be quickly repaired. Knowing how similar Ukraine’s weather is to Northern Iowa, I can’t even fathom what those civilians and the Ukrainian military is having to endure considering the number of infrastructures Putin’s had destroyed. I can still hear Trump’s unctuous praises of Putin while he was President. Really Mr. Trump?  I’d say that statement was a sign of him being a poor judge of character.

A little tidbit that was posted happened to catch my eye, and since I’ve always enjoyed a good read having anything to do with the supernatural, I read the whole thing. The guy that wrote it, happens to be a very popular psychic, and what he was speaking about, was how dangerous it is for people to who so innocently play with ouija boards, pendulums and shaker boxes. It sent a bit of a chill up my spine when he mentioned that when a person has a continued use of them, they’re likely inviting unwanted evil entities into their lives. He likened to a person purposely leaving their front door open all night, and more sooner than later, you’ll have an unwanted guest. I must honestly tell you, back when I was young, someone gave me an ouija board as a gift, and after playing it several times, I had a really creepy feeling it wasn’t something to be played with, so to the back of a closet shelf it went. To this day, I can’t remember what happened to it because I’m sure I didn’t gift it to anyone, and certainly don’t have it in my possession now.

Because of all the unexplainable happenings I’ve experienced over these long years, I’m a firm believer in good and bad entities, and without a doubt, their powers are not to be casually dismissed. Without naming names, dates or places, I can tell you for sure there’ve been cleaning crews seen in the night, a ghostly spirit walking straight thru a closed barn door, silhouetted flashes of old men, old women and children seen in broad daylight, doors being opened and closed by an unknown force, a sudden strong smell of perfume, a dark basement corner where it was so cold you could see your breath, and the list goes on and on. So, if any of you “think” you can take control of the other side and use it to your advantage, I assure you, there’s a price to pay, so don’t even go there. I’m of the belief that we all should worry more about taking care of our own spirit instead of inviting others into our lives.

Tonight’s One-liner is: Those who never make mistakes, never make discoveries.

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