Traveling On Two Way Streets

We certainly had an about-face with our weather today when finding it abnormally warm and humid this morning and then around mid-afternoon, the wind changed directions and started blowing exceptionally cold air from the north. I knew it was gonna get cold, but not so quickly. Thank goodness I wore my winter coat to work this morning because I would’ve been a popsicle by the time I arrived home.

I was out of office more than in today due to appointments and showings that took longer than expected, but at least we got 224 – 12th St. SE under contract today. I’m still surprised it was on the market as long as it was, and only because it’s located in a popular district of our City.

Another appointment I had, was to go out and look at a home I sold to a group of investors a number of years ago. They’ve decided it’s time to unload and re-invest in something else. Considering how long they’ve had it, I couldn’t help mentioning it having been a good investment when remembering how little the paid for it. When I got back to office, I pulled some recent sales and then placed a call to the one calling the shots and told him what my suggested list price would be. He said they’d talk about it tonight and get back to me in the morning. If they do tell me to go ahead and list it, there are several little fixes they need to do before I post it for sale.

I had an unexpected visitor at my office today who was a woman working for the Census, and started asking me about the apartments above my office. I was beginning to get annoyed with her barrage of questions, but I remained a gentleman and answered all of them. I actually learned something new when she told me there are various information censuses going on all the time. The census she was taking, had to do with affordable housing.

When visiting with a colleague of mine today, we both agreed that our two County Supervisor races having come in so close in numbers, was something I’d never seen before, and especially when it happened to both of them. I still can’t believe one of them having won by five votes, and the other having won by eleven. How creepy is that?

Having read where Tom Miller who’s been our State’s Attorney General for a very long time, got voted out by Brianna Bird who was hand-picked by Governor Kim Reynolds. What bothered me the most, was seeing where she insisted she’d been wanting “her own Attorney General”. Hmm…very interesting.

What I also learned today, was a more clear confirmation that the bigger cities in Iowa tend to be more progressive with their voting, but out in the hinterlands of our fair State, that’s where the hard-core conservatives are coming from, but the troubling part at that is, are the greater the number of people out there who still believe the 2020 Presidential election was stolen, along with all the other alt-right conspiracies that are floating around our Nation.

Even though it wasn’t to the degree I’d expected all along, that knocking down of Roe vs Wade definitely made a difference in the outcome of our elections. It’ll be interesting to see how many of those hard-core anti-abortion politicians are going to start back-tracking, just so they can keep their seats in Congress. I’m pretty sure I mentioned before where I’d read that the greatest percentages of anti-abortionist are 55 and old males. I’m still scratching my head over that one. Surely it must’ve been a mis-print.

The one person I’ve been praying for re-election, looks like he’s won by a very slim margin, and that’s Rob Sand who’s our State Auditor. I had an opportunity to hear him speak at a gathering in our Downtown, and there’s no question I walked away knowing he’s got his act together. From what little tidbits I’ve heard, it sounds like Governor Reynolds doesn’t like him because she prefers to have one of her own in that position.  Most in our general public haven’t a clue as to the importance of that job, which for one thing, is making sure our general population’s tax money is going where it’s supposed to.  I believe if you go on his website, it’ll talk about some of his victories. No doubt he’d make one heck of a good Governor for our State, and mostly because he seems to truly care about the average citizen.

With Veteran’s Day being tomorrow, it’ll most likely be a slow day, so I’ll get everything done in the morning that’s real estate related, and possibly get some work done on my personal projects. Unfortunately it’s gonna be hovering around freezing all day, so I’ll have to stay indoors.

After hearing about various situations taking place in our community where someone’s being taken advantage of by another, I couldn’t help thinking back over these long years the number of times I’ve had to cut-loose similar mindsets who’d wasted a great deal of my time, and only for their pleasure and/or profit. To this day whenever those people happen to come to mind, I chastise myself for allowing it to continue as long as it did, but at least I managed to rid myself of those psychological parasites before it was too late. What’s interesting, is finding all these “one-way” mindsets who insist that those around them must be in lock-step with their thinking, and if not, then there’s hell to pay. I’ve finally come to realize that the best of relationships contain people traveling on two-way streets where there’s a continuous giving and taking. I know they’re hard to find, but well worth the struggle.

Tonight’s One-liner is: The real world is indeed risky territory for people with generosity of spirit, so be ever on your guard.

Joe Chodur

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