Two More Of Rooster-Red

When they said we’d have temps in the upper sixties today, they weren’t kidding because late this afternoon, my thermometer was reading 67 degrees. I’m not complaining, but I will say I happened to notice a silver maple pushing out its reddish buds today. This climate change has been a real eye-opener when seeing the broad effects it’s having on our natural world. I’m not sure if it was the abnormal temps, the full moon, or the outcome of the elections, but I must honestly admit this was a very “off” day for me which is a rarity in my world.

After my early arrival at office, I went to the online news to see how the elections went, and not to my surprise, the ones with the biggest potty mouths and war chests fill with campaign funds, managed to once again, dupe our general public. Like I said to a colleague several days ago, I’ve never considered myself the brightest bulb in the auditorium, but over the past ten years, I’ve noticed the “lumens” in the other bulbs in our auditorium of life, drastically failing. Where has common sense gone, and where has compromise gone, and above all, where has the love of neighbor gone? There must be cities and counties in Iowa which contain fiefdoms where there’s one or two loud mouths who’ve convinced their inhabitants that we’re at war with the rest of our State and Country. If I read it once, I read it a dozen times where Ashley Hinson insisted that she’d going to continue to FIGHT for the interests of her fellow Iowans. Really? Fight for? How about work for? Yeah, she’s got her “working of the crowd” down-pat since her stint as a newscaster. Unfortunately for her, I’ve learned to quickly recognize when someone’s trying to work me and/or the crowd. Oh well, there’s nothing we can do about having to endure another six years of Grampa Grassley and two more of Rooster-red Hinson.

After having my morning cup, I proceed to get some real estate work done, along with returning a few calls. For whatever reason, my morning went flying by, and instead of heading out to grab something for lunch, I remained at office and nibbled on a few club crackers I washed down with a hot cup of green tea.

I was emailed an offer from another agent on 224 – 12th St. SE which I reviewed before calling the seller. It’s not what we were expecting, but at least it’s an offer. After visiting about it, the owner told me he’d give me his answer sometime tomorrow. Since we had our price reduction, we’ve been getting renewed interest in that property, so we’ll see what happens tomorrow.

With the sun setting an hour earlier, it’s certainly made for longer evenings which I’m still not accustomed to. I wish they would leave Daylight Savings Time on year round and be done with it. I know they’ve talked about it, but nothing seems to come out of it.

Oh, by the way, I’m sure you noticed that amendment to our gun laws passed, so it looks like it’ll be all the easier for people to have guns in Iowa. The jury is still out with me because I do believe we have the right to own a gun, but also there needing to be more oversight as to who’s stable enough to have easy access to one. The increase in mass shootings should be sending us all an alarm.

I ran into a public worker today whom I’ve known for some time, so I couldn’t help sharing my thoughts about our election, and since he’s one of those who says little, but when he does, his words speak volumes, he didn’t have any kind words to say about Grassley being re-elected, along with insisting that common sense is no longer a good character trait to have judging by way in which people come up with the most ridiculous of arguments. His strong delivery was actually making me laugh to where I reached around and patted him on the back while saying, “I’m discovering all the more that your mother was a very good teacher.” Yes, I’ve known his mother from the time I was young, and to this day, she’ll not mince any words when offering up her opinion.

Nothing much else happened in my world today other than working on some additional research, along with getting my office prepared for the coming months of cold. I can’t believe we’re already barreling-down on Thanksgiving. I can’t wait until I can see what the weather’s supposed to be like that day, because if it’s nice, I may have time to get some additional oak tree saplings transplanted. I’m still a little bit angry with myself for not getting them re-planted a year or two ago. Oh well, there are just so many hours in a day, and as I keep telling myself, “My real estate work must always come before my personal projects.”

I’m sure the Russian and Chinese governments are laughing up their sleeves today when knowing thru their covert election meddling, they’re creating all the more dissension in our Country. I’ve said it enough times and I’ll say it again, “If our Country falls, it will fall from within.”, and those evil off-shore forces know it, which is why they’re diligently working to make it happen. I wasn’t surprised to read where Canada has discovered Chinese “sleepers” in their government. What next?

Oh, I almost forgot to tell you. Several days ago when I was driving thru Hardee’s parking lot to get to their drive-thru, there was a really big middle-aged man who had to weigh at least 350 lbs, walking towards me before he took a turn into their front door. What I saw should’ve been against the law because he was wearing likely an XXXXL size of gray leg-gins, which offered a frontal view of his “junk in the trunk”. At first I thought there was something on my glasses that was bouncing. Yes, it was that bad. How could anyone in their right mind walk around in public dressed like that?

Tonight’s One-liner is: Peace is not the highest goal in life, but definitely the most fundamental of requirements.

Joe Chodur

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