Our General Elections Of 2022

I’m still not acclimated to our Daylight Savings Time because I’ve been waking up around an hour earlier than normal, and then not able to get back to sleep, so I just get up and continue on with the day, and with these temperature swings, I’m also not yet acclimated to the cold. For some reason, I was very much chilled at office this morning, which prompted me to turn the thermostat up a notch or two.

When it was approaching the hour of seven, I threw my coat back on and headed out to the polling station, just so I’d beat the rush, and as chance would have it, I was the very first person to walk thru their doors. I knew some of the help, so I had a few short visits before and after I voted.

I did this morning what I’d encouraged everyone to do before voting, and that was to set aside some time early this morning, just so I could get some deep reflecting done on what I’d like to see happening within our political arena, which was a good thing because I already knew who I’d be voting for when they handed me my sheet to fill out. I will say, after getting pounded with mailings, text messages and emails from a handful of candidates who were doing nothing more than bashing their opponents while lifting themselves up as being high and mightier, they ended up being the ones I did not vote for.

There’ve been enough people telling me of late that they’ve never voted in their lives, yet they’re filled with anger and frustration about the direction our State and Country is moving. I actually snapped a little at one of them for having such a fatalistic mindset. Perhaps if more level-headed individuals would register themselves and then do a great deal of fact-checking on the candidates, we’d finally have the number of common sense voters we need to break this tribalism that running rampant in our Country.

I have a “feeling” there’s going to be some unexpected upsets taking place with incumbents this time around, and likely happening because of our Supreme Court’s knocking down of Rowe vs. Wade. There are millions upon millions of women who know in their soul that no government entity should have the carte-blanche power to tell them what they can and can’t do with their bodies. Irregardless what their core political and/or spiritual beliefs are, that crossing-over is likely what’s going to inspire them to not re-elect incumbents that’ve supported that knocking-down. The question I’ve posed to several is, “Why aren’t there laws against suicide or addictions?” It may sound simplistic, but I do believe that’s the core of it all.

When I got back to office, I had a number of calls to make, along with errands to run. As of today, that extended project and the subsequent clean-up is finally over. In spite of it running well over a week past the date they said they’d have it done, I’m still satisfied with their work, which is all I wanted. After the many months of trying to find qualified and fair-priced workers, I now know going forward that every time I want to have something done which I can’t do myself, it’s gonna be another struggle because just this year, I’ve had three things done which took more time finding the right people than I ever would’ve expected.

Since I had my lunch hour free, I headed over to another church which has a pipe organ I played many years ago, just to see if I’d grown more accustomed to playing it. Well, after about five minutes of re-acquainting myself with it, I went on to play various pieces for another 45 minutes. Wow! What a difference from the last time I was there playing for a wedding. Without a doubt, my having overcome the challenges of playing St. Paul’s pipe organ, was definitely making a difference today. Thank you St. Paul Lutheran.

I’m putting another plug in for those two unsold listings I have in Manly which are located at 304 N. Fairview and 224 W. Spring. Both of them have motivated sellers, along with being located on the popular side of Manly. One thing I want to remind everyone, is the fact that Worth County residents who have children in school, qualify for generous education grants. With the costs of college tuitions rising, it would only make sense to move up to Worth County and take advantage of those perks. By the way, yesterday I drove to Manly and took new exterior photos of those two homes, so please put the word out. I will be ever-grateful if you help me find buyers for the both of them.

I called my dear friend this afternoon, just to tell her about some additional happening since we last spoke, and especially regarding that beating I spoke about some days ago. Yes, there’s some really bad things happing in River City, and the both of us have no idea when if ever, it’s going to settle down. She shared something with me that was a jaw-drop, and that was the continued drop in the numbers of high school students, and if what she said is true, our high school is only 200 students away from being dropped from Class A sports, so why are they spending millions on that build-out? We both also agreed that our City is a chronic willful-waster of our taxpayers’ money. But, as we all know, when it’s someone else’s money, who cares? Right? I’m a great proponent of providing a good education for our young, but not wasting money on that school’s extra-curricular sports programs.

I’m gonna likely be up later tonight, just to see what the end results are of our general elections of 2022. I believe tonight is the night of the full moon, so there may be some losers out howling at it, and hopefully the ones I soulfully chose not to vote for.

Tonight’s One-liner is: You know you’re on the right track when you have no interest in looking back.

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