Before Heading To The Polls

It was noticeably colder this morning and glad I wore my wool overcoat because these on again, off again days of warmth and then cold, is not allowing my system to get acclimated to the chill. I definitely noticed it this morning because it was hovering in the thirties nearly the entire day. I’m sure most of us will be bracing ourselves when Friday arrives with the predicted highs only supposed to be in the low thirties.

When I arrived at office, I busied myself with getting rid of more non-essential papers which were piling up, along with publications that get sent on a monthly basis. The remainder of my morning was focused on getting another one of my listings closed. Since the buyers wanted to do their final walk-thru just before closing, I met them at the property about a half hour beforehand. It ended up taking longer which got us to the closing agency about two minutes before our scheduled appointment.

After we got all the papers signed, the buyers and sellers started visiting, and wouldn’t you know, one of sellers just happened to go to the same school as the buyer’s brother, so there was extra time spent with the two of them reminiscing. I would have never in my wildest dreams believed there was any sort of connection, and especially because neither one of them were from Mason City. Kinda creepy-cool if you ask me.

When I got back to office, I spent a good half hour writing an return email to a long-time friend of mine who lives out East. I always have to go back and re-read the one I received prior, just in case there as a question asked which was needing an answer from me. With it having been nearly a month since I received the last one, I had many recent happenings to share. I think the reason we’ve stayed in contact so long, is that we both look at the happenings in our personal worlds similarly. Like they say, birds of a feather, flock together, which can be either a good thing or bad.

One of my client/customers called today asking if I could help him move something too heaving for one person, and of course I agreed, but first-off, I put an old overcoat on, along with grabbing a pair of work gloves before driving over to his home. When I walked in his garage, he showed me what he wanted moved, and the first thing I said was, “Are you sure we can handle this together?” All he said was, “If you can pick up one end, I can pick up the other.” To my surprise, we did manage to get it moved without pulling a muscle or two, and likely because I always remind myself along with others, how important it is to lift heavy things with our legs instead of our arms and backs. It’s funny he called today because I’d just recently mentioned to another how important it is to use the strength in one’s legs when lifting something.

I had to make a quick trip over a groceteria today, and wouldn’t you know I just happened to run into a man of the cloth whom I’d not so long ago had thoughts about. He was teasing me a little when saying how much he admired the way in which I so gently converse with others. I think that was a definite jab because my filters are normally off whenever visiting with the religious. I promised to soon call and show him a religious article at my office, and only because he’s very much into old religious art.  I dare say he looked physically far better today than the last time I saw him which was nearly a year ago, and I made sure to make mention of my observation. I was actually glad we happened to crossed paths.

I finally managed to make time to go and get my hair cut today because I was long overdue for one. I happened to recognize the woman because she was a student at La James Cosmetology School some years ago, and of course she remembered me since my office is just down the alley from La James. We definitely dispensed with the small talk, and moved forward with the sharing of thoughts about that college and some of their previous pupils and instructors. After getting a good look at her work, I’d say the next time I’m there, I’ll have to be more specific as to how I want it cut. I can’t believe how many different people I’ve used over these recent months to cut my hair. We definitely need an honest to goodness barber in the Downtown, and for sure that business would blossom. The last one that was here, recently moved out of town.

When reading the online news today, the first thing that really got my feathers flustered, was reading where Putin’s “chef” has finally admitted that he was instrumental in getting all that fake news disseminated out into the social medias during our last election, along with saying he’ll continue doing so, just so their government can cause more tribal friction within our society. He’s also admitted to being the one who created the Wagner Group which contains the most brutal Russian mercenaries, and all because Putin had given him his blessings and funding. The atrocities they’ve committed in Syria, various African countries, and now Ukraine, is worthy of life in prison without parole.

Now that the truth is finally being revealed, it’s become all the more important that Putin and his kleptocracy gets defeated, and then made to pay the price for all the death and destruction he’s caused not only in Ukraine, but the rest of the world. Someone recently mentioned something to me about the the borders of various countries having changed over the generations, but what most don’t realize, is that the Ukrainian people, no longer want any ties to Russia. Stalin purposely starved to death and/or shipped to Siberia, nearly 4 million innocent people, and why, because he wanted to. Sounds reminiscent of what Putin’s doing now, but hopefully the solidarity of our Democratic nations around the world, will not let that happen again. Let’s not allow history to again repeat itself with the Ukrainians.

My final note of this evening, is for all of you to spend a few moments tomorrow to perform some deep soul-reflecting before heading to the polls, just to ensure you’re making the right choices.

Tonight’s One-liner is: In these recent years, I’ve come to understand that reality is much weirder than anyone’s imagination.

Joe Chodur

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