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It was definitely a quick turn-about with our weather overnight, which prompted me to dress for it, and glad I did because that cold rain and dampness created a chill every time I was out in it. For the strangest of reasons, it seemed all the more dark outdoors while driving to office, to the point of wondering if there street lights out.

When I pulled up to office, there were several questionable characters walking down the sidewalk, so just to be on the safe side, I made sure they were long past before I stepped out of my vehicle. In spite of what anyone else says, I’m convinced we have a growing drug problem in our City, because just today, there was a guy walking around the Downtown with small suitcases in his hands with arms raised, eyes rolling around, and looking like he didn’t know where he was going. The first time I noticed him was on North Federal, and the second time, walking the sidewalk in front of the Brick and Tile Building with suitcases raised. Another creepy incident happened yesterday afternoon while I was leaving office and locking my front door. I knew there was a guy walking in front of my office, but for some reason, he stopped behind me because I could see him in the reflection of my front door’s glass, and when I turned around to walk towards my car, he stood there a moment, gave me a creepy look, and walked on. I know we’re not supposed to make snap judgement calls, but that one good look I had of him, told me he was also on something other than coffee, tea or Diet Coke.

In spite of all the hoopla we’re hearing about the resurrection of that dead mall and the building of that “ghost” hotel, I’ve been hearing stories about those darkened halls being used for drug transactions, and only because I’ve noticed too many questionable characters walking down Federal Ave. from the north, and continuing south to the mall, and if I’m at the front of my office at various times, I’d later notice them walking past my office again, but heading back north. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to have a pretty good guess as to what they’d been up to.

As chance would have it, I got called out to do an inspection of a residence mid-morning, and after visiting with the seller about getting it readied for the market, and then talking about pricing, it looks like I’ll be getting it listed this month which will be a welcome addition to my dwindling number of active listings my office currently has.
Since I’ve done a great deal of work for that family over the years, I’m confident they’ll be giving me a call when it’s ready.

Another one of my sellers stopped by this afternoon to tell me his home should be ready to list before Thanksgiving. I thought it was quite the coincidence he just happened to arrive unannounced, because I purposely stopped by his home yesterday afternoon, in hopes I would catch him there. That home is definitely going to be quite the beauty because I know how meticulous they are about improvements. Of course the location alone should have it sold quickly. I had to dampen his concerns over it getting sold by telling him I’ve sold many homes on that street in both good times and bad. Yes, it’s in one of our districts which has always been insulated against our market swings.

Thank goodness that long-overdue project I’ve been fretting about, finally came to an end today, and when I went over to give it a good looking-over this afternoon, I’d say it was a good job done and worth the wait. As always, contractors get antsy about getting paid in a timely manner, so instead of waiting for them to hand me the bill, I proceeded to ask for it, so before the end of the day, they got paid and all the happier for it. In spite of the hold-ups and mis-calculations on materials, I would gladly refer them to anyone needing work done. What impressed me the most, was being told that if there’d be any future problems with their work, they’d stand behind it without question. I teasingly said, “Don’t worry, because I know where you live.”

I was told a real-life story today about a life-threatening beating a young man un-deservedly received by some thugs, and the more I was told about it, the more chills there were running down my spine to the point I was becoming teary-eyed. There’s no question I’ll be praying for his recovery, along with those devils being brought to justice.

Speaking of justice, I was not a happy camper when finding a note in my postbox today saying I’ll be on jury duty in December. Ugh! The last time I was called, was over ten years ago, and luckily I didn’t make the first cut, and only because one of the attorneys didn’t like my answer to one of his questions which I thought very odd at the time because he didn’t ask it of anyone else. Ok, to be more specific, the attorney asked everyone the same questions, and one of them was, “What are your hobbies?”, which most answered in general terms and he’d leave it at that. But, when I mentioned one of my hobbies being “Reading”, his follow-up was, “What do you read?” Now wasn’t that odd? At the time, I happened to be reading a book based on quantum physics, so that’s what I told him. I’m not going to share what his inappropriate response was, because it was definitely unprofessional and borderline vulgar.

I have one real estate appointment around mid-afternoon tomorrow, so hopefully I can get back to working on my personal projects, and whatever one I choose, is all going to depend on if it’s raining or not. I did check on my black walnuts today to see if they were dry enough, and after cracking two of them, I’d say they’re now ready. I’ll not be cracking them tomorrow, but at least I’ll have them boxed and readied.

I’ve just about had it with all those automatic text messages being sent out by Ashley Hinson and Kim Reynolds. There’s no question they’ve broken records with the amount of money they’ve been spending on their campaigns. So if you spend the most, you win?

Tonight’s One-liner is: Politics is the art of controlling your environment.

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