Bad History Will Repeat Itself

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Another beautiful day arrived with the sun shining brightly and the temps reaching past seventy degrees. Whenever it gets this warm so late in the year, a person feels almost as if we’re in some sort of Twilight Zone where the trees are bare, the sunlight is at a low angle, the wind is blowing, and the temps are far above average.

I had to skedaddle to office a bit earlier than normal, just to get a form created on my computer, printed out, and then placed with some other docs, just so I could get them delivered over to an office early this morning. While typing that form, I was pleasantly reminded that my typing and creative skills are still going strong, along with their being another confirmation that I can get far more accomplished early in the morning, and only because it’s the quietest time in our Downtown.

After delivering those docs, I headed over to that project, just to check on the progress since I wasn’t there yesterday. Well, it appeared they’d not done much of anything the entire day, so hopefully they’ll be hard at it before the rain arrives on Friday. They must’ve been pulled away from it due to possibly being needed at another job site. All I can say is, I’ll be darned glad when it’s finally completed.

When I returned to office, I busied myself with some additional desk work, just so I’d be caught up before the next pile of statements and bills arrived. Before I was finished, the buyer of the home that’s closing on Monday, arrived with a Cashier’s Check for the amount due, just so I could deliver it down to the closing company before their deadline on Friday morning.

We had another good chat over what he’s planning on doing with that home once it’s closed. I did mention again how certain I am he’ll get two dollars back for every dollar he puts into it, and only because of its location. I’m definitely going to stay in touch with him because I want to see the finished product.

One of my colleagues called today to visit about the recent happenings which we’re a bit on the freaky side, and especially when talking about a showing which suddenly turned dark, and only because the buyers had taken it upon themselves to do their own exterior investigation of the property some weeks ago. They were lucky the sellers weren’t home at the time because that could’ve turned ugly fast. We also visited about what’s going to happen with our market once the Fed’s 3/4% interest rate hike, causes our mortgage rates to rise all the higher. Of course there’s still a large number of big-ticket homes going under contract, which has me scratching my head wondering where the money is coming from. Whether we want to admit it or not, we don’t live in a highly-desirable area where the weather’s great and the high-paying jobs are a-plenty.

I made time to give my dear friend a call to see how things were going now that she’s taking a natural over-the-counter medication. From the sounds of it, they’re starting to kick-in and helping with her mobility. I also had to share a long and sad story about a late-night phone call I received from a person in need. She was as heart-broken as I was after I shared with her the full background of the person in need. But, at least everything’s OK now, and that’s all that matters.

Before I hung up, I had to fill her in on some additional recent happenings regarding a person I finally had to cease all verbal communications with because of the night and day mood swings and name-calling I had to endure for far too long. There’s definitely something psychologically wrong, but if you’d even hint there were issues, it would create another round of screaming and name-calling. My dear one still thinks I have the patience of Job, and if I do, there’s always a limit, and once it’s reached, I bow out gracefully and quietly while heading for the nearest exit. My dear one had an explosive laugh when I told her that during one of those rages, that person called me a rooster, which I considered troubling after realizing I’d been lowered to the level of a barnyard animal. My friend now believes there’s a DNA problem in that family, which I’m beginning to all the more believe.

While out checking on a house today, I happened to notice an old client of mine out mowing, so I stopped and had a long-overdue chat with her. Since we’d not connected in at least 15 years, she brought me up to speed with what’s been happening in her family, and then I went on to bring her up to speed with mine. She has an aging relative who’s come down with dementia which comes with age, but when she started sharing her tale about a so-called long-time “friend”, having deeply worked his way into an elder-abuse situation, and all of it surrounding money. When she mentioned his name, I immediately knew who he was, and for sure, the two times I’d crossed paths with him, I could tell he was a manipulator. Seeing her today was definitely a fortuitous event.

The above photo is a clipping from yesterday’s 1953 newspaper which was a long one, but the section I clipped and photographed, was part of a speech given before the United Nations Assembly by Henry Cabot Lodge Jr., who was our Country’s United Nations representative. The thrust of my intention tonight, is to make everyone aware that if we’re not continually on guard, bad history will repeat itself. Isn’t it crazy when realizing WWII had just ended five years earlier, and then another war is started with the help of Communist Russia and China. To think over seventy years have passed and the North Korean dictators are still in power, as well as the Russian and Chinese. If there’s one thing I know for sure, there’s been a continued undermining of Democracy in our world, but I believe this war in Ukraine, has finally got the free world to realize that those Communist countries are hell-bent on controlling the world, and must be stopped.

Tonight’s One-liner is: Humility is no substitute for a darned-good personality.

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