Frightfully Fulfilling Halloween

For being the last day of October, we shouldn’t have anything to complain about regarding our weather because once the sun was high enough, our temps turned most pleasant. It still appears we’re going to be having some more of it this week, so be sure to enjoy it.

My first chore of the day, was to go out to Jiffy Lube and have them check the oil in my vehicle because several times while I was driving any great distance, a dashboard light came on saying my engine was over-filled with oil. Well, when I had a moment to check the dip-stick yesterday, it did show it was over-filled, which angered me greatly because I’ve been having my oil changed by the same service person for a number of years, and this being the second time it’s happened, so I’ll be finding someone else to service my car.

I had to laugh when more than one of Jiffy Lube’s workers, couldn’t find the lever to raise the hood on my car, so I went out there and showed them where it was. I couldn’t help saying, “Not being able to find it, is just one more deterrent for thieves.” When I went to pay for the service, the guy said, “No charge because your oil looked good, and that’s all we did was drain it down to the level it’s supposed to be.” I thanked him for his generosity while adding, “You’ll be seeing more of me in the future.” I still can’t believe that happened again.

When I got back to office, I had some additional calls to make, a file to work on, and errands to run, and by the time everything was done, it was approaching the lunch hour, so I went and grabbed a small bean burrito from Taco Bell. Every so often I get an craving for one of theirs because they’re simple and tasty. Of course I do have to doctor them up with a little hot spice when I return to office.

With some time to kill, I headed over to check on the workers at that extended project. I was happy to see them still diligently working, and from the looks of it, they may be finished-up mid-week. In spite of the hold-ups, I’d say they’re doing a very good job considering the physical challenges that project posed. Believe it or not, I’ve been on and off trying to find a contractor to do it for well over a year, and I’m not the first who’s been having the same problem.

Our overly-delayed closing took place mid-afternoon, and thank goodness it finally happened because it was over-due for almost two weeks, and when I met the buyers for the first time, they didn’t seem to show any sort anger over it not closing on time. I actually had a nice chat about their new home and the neighborhood.

One of the buyers mentioned something about a fire which piqued my curiosity, so I asked about it. Well just last week, a field tractor which was cabbed, managed to catch on fire while hauling grain from a field. Of course I had to hear the rest of the story. Before saying anything else, he opened his cell phone and showed a photo of it on fire. Oh my gosh! I couldn’t believe the driver managed to get out of that cab without getting burned alive. From what was told, one of the fuel lines broke and starting spilling gas on the engine, which in turn started the fire. Seeing those flames and giant ball of black smoke, all I could say was, “When seeing that, I’d say there was a Divine intervention on the drivers part because that looks like a death trap.”

My next appointment was to meet the new buyer over at Prairie Place, just so she could get some measurements for furniture placement. Since it’s been some time since she’d been there last, the size of the unit looked all the larger to her today, which has always been a normal happening. I always tell people that square rooms offer much more space for furniture placement than rectangular, and of course all those units have more square than rectangular room dimensions. As the closing date approaches, I can tell she’s getting more excited over the move. There’s no question, she will be a good fit.

While over at the lumberyard today, I couldn’t help sharing my thoughts about a guy who was standing at the counter when I was there last. He wasn’t sure who I was talking about, but as soon as I mentioned what he looks like, and possibly the person he’s working for, he knew exactly who I was talking about, and the only reason I brought it up was the fact that I hired that guy last year to do some work for me, and all I can say is, “I wouldn’t hire him again, because his work was beyond inferior.” Back when he first started he seemed OK, but as the work progressed, I could tell he’d stepped into the dark side of illegal drug use.

Speaking of the dark side and tonight being All Hallow’s Eve, I thought it befitting to post the above photo which I took months ago while in a dwelling. When I first laid eyes on it, I was immediately creeped-out, but being one who’s always looking for a photo to share, I snapped a photo of it. Keep in mind, I didn’t photo-shop it, so what you’re now seeing, is what I encountered. I think what makes it worse for me, is the fact that I’ve always hated dolls. How would you like waking up in the middle of the night and finding something like that sitting on the pillow next to you? Too creepy!

From what I’ve been hearing today, it sounds like many of you are gonna be doing a little partying, so do make sure you have yourselves a frightfully fulfilling Halloween, and if any of you happen to have a nightmare or two after seeing tonight’s photo, all I can tell you is, “It’s only a photo.” Hmm…or is it?

Tonight’s One-liner is: Halloween is one day of breaking out of your shell, one day you can be completely expressive, where the world gives you license to dress up.

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