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It didn’t freeze last night, but it was still chilly enough to where I didn’t linger outdoors any longer than necessary today. Yes, our tree branches are growing all the more naked by the day until there’ll soon be a time where none remain except for the red oaks which like to hang on as long as possible, and most times it takes all winter for them to let go of the twigs on which they’re attached. When red oaks stand alone and well away from other trees, they soon become what I kindly name “deciduous Christmas trees”, and the reason why, is the way in which their branches grow in a symmetrical fashion. I’ve actually taken several photos of one and shared which is a dead-ringer.

Not a whole lot was happening in the real estate world today, which is getting me a little spooked over the rapid slowing down that’s been taking place. I’m sure many of the title attorneys and bankers are breathing a sigh of relief, because since the pandemic arrived, there’s been a non-stop frantic buying and selling spree going on. Of course there’s likely no existing homeowner who’s wanting to re-finance a mortgage for a lower rate because the last time our rates were this high, was more than twenty years ago. I can only imagine what’s going thru the minds of a great many Realtors we have in our midst who weren’t even agents back when we had the 2008 Financial Crisis, let alone being in the business when the interest rates were this high, but I was glad to read where our economy is starting to turn around.

I pretty much have everything readied for tomorrow’s closing, so part of my morning will be consumed with my drive over and back to a bank in Clear Lake where it happens to be closing. After getting all the photos posted of that home, I figured it wouldn’t be on the market very long, and especially since it’s located on a quiet street in a popular district over there.

Because of my curiosity, I stopped at that “go to” lunch counter next to the old Sid’s just before Noon, just to have a sampling of their Mexican food. At first I thought their door was locked, but for some reason it was so stiff, I had to almost pry it open, and the same thing happened when I walked out. It felt almost as if it was being held so tight because it was in some sort of a vacuum.

I ordered one beef taco which I took back to office and ate. They had a slice of lemon and some hot green sauce, and when I went to take a bite of it, I immediately found the meat to be chicken instead of the beef I ordered. It was loaded up with cilantro which I do like, but the corn tortilla was soaked in grease, which was a bit much. All in all it was pretty tasty, but at the end of the day, I’m sorry to say it wasn’t worth the price I paid for it. Today was the third time in less than a week where someone sold me something different than what I ordered, which has me wondering now if I’m speaking in gibberish.

After lunch was over, I stopped over to see how the contractors were doing on their project, and as I suspected, they’re not working as diligently as they said they’d be, but at least it’s coming along, so instead of it being a two or three day project, I’d say it’s going to end up being a five or six. At least that worry is going to be off my plate once it’s finished.

Since I hadn’t spoken to one of my out-of-State relatives in some time, I placed a call, just to find out how things have been on her side of the fence. I could tell she was a bit sad about something, and after telling me a dear one of hers had recently passed, I understood why. I did manage to cheer her up after sharing some of the crazy-funny things that’ve happened since we last spoke. I also found out that the area in which she lives, is also experiencing quality contractor shortages. Yes, it all goes back to what was written not so long ago about how too many of our graduating high school students are being encouraged to go on to college and get degrees in something, rather than entering a trade school where their prospects of getting a job is far better than having a four year degree. After I hung up, I found myself happy over having placed that call.

When I went to see how the drying process was going with those 2,000+ black walnuts, I grabbed two of them and headed to my “cracking station” to see if the nuts would easily crack so I cold more freely take out the nut meats. Unfortunately they’re not to that point yet, so I’d say it’s gonna be another 2 weeks or more before they’re ready. I’m confident there’ll be enough of them cracked by the time I need them for my Christmas gift-giving.

I’ve been slowly checking off my mental list of the things I need to get done outdoors, and finally seeing the light at the end of the tunnel. I’ve got some winterizing to do yet, along with getting those Magnolia seedlings I planted this Spring, permanently placed in new locations, along with getting a number of Red and Burr Oak trees dug up and permanently placed. I’m hoping I can get those trees taken care of this weekend. It’s going to be a slow process because I have to put fencing around them to keep those evil deer from eating them down to the ground. Those oak trees would’ve been much taller if those devils hadn’t been eating on them these past several years.

I watched a documentary on the television last night about Putin’s rise to power from the time he was a KGB agent in East Germany. After it was over, I truly wished it would be translated into all our world’s languages, and sent out to every media possible because that monster is responsible for the deaths of thousands upon thousands of people over the span of his reign, and to think the head of the Russian Orthodox considers him his little altar boy. Very nasty stuff.

Tonight’s One-liner is: I think God’s gonna come down and pull everyone over for speeding.

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