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I was up and out earlier than normal this morning, and only because I needed to get some things done at office before the hour of eight. When I pulled out of my garage, I noticed we got a heavier frost than what was forecasted. There were many rooftops and cars coated with it, and whenever someone drove past me, I could tell if their vehicle sat outside all night, or if it was garaged. There sure are a great number of people who leave their means of transportation out all night which would get old with me very fast.

When I arrived at office, my first priority was to get some pressing desk work done and then emailed out to the respective parties. We have a closing coming up on Friday morning, and I want to make sure there aren’t going to be any hitches. I received word today that an over-due closing is supposed to close this coming Monday, but we still don’t have a time scheduled by the lender, so we’ll see if that one finally happens.

The rest of my morning was spent being the “go for” again after being called upon by that contractor who was in need of additional materials which weren’t specified at the time. I had the feeling it was going to be a goose-chase, and that’s exactly what it was because one company was out of several items, which forced me to run clear across the City to another store. Thank goodness they had what I was lacking. Of course I was getting caught in the late-morning traffic out on the west-side which still has me scratching my head wondering where all those cars were coming from.

Since I was out on that side, I did stop at Taco Tico to pick up two small tacos for lunch. In my book, their tacos are about the best to be had, but when visiting with a Hispanic last week, I was told that the liquor store where Sid’s used to be, has at one end of it, a take-out which offers some of the best Mexican cuisine to be found. Since I’d not been in that establishment, I said to the guy, “I thought the owners of that store were Muslim.” He agreed, but also informed me the cooks they have there, are Mexican. I finally understood. If I’m brave enough, I’ll have to stop there sometime over a lunch hour, just to give it a try.

With it being a light day at office, I busied myself with getting some more “stuff” removed from the back of my office, as well as getting files organized. Isn’t it amazing how quickly we can accumulate stuff? I really don’t consider myself a packrat, but for some reason, I end up with things from others that sit around collecting dust until I can find someone to gift them to. So instead of being a packrat, I’d most likely brand myself as one who delights in re-purposing. I have a mid-century dining room table and four chairs collecting dust which are crying out for a new home. Not to worry, the right person in need with come along.

One of my colleagues called this afternoon to talk about what’s happening in our market, and we both agreed that the lipsticked pigs are still in high demand. There was another home that recently closed which was purchased no more that two years ago for under 40K, and after seeing what it ended up selling for, had us both in disbelief. I’ve known that house very well, and all I can say is, “Those buyers got taken hook, line and sinker.”
Once our market starts making a correction, there’ll be hundreds of homeowners in North Iowa who’ll be upside-down on their mortgages, and when the foreclosures start, there’ll be all the many rental barons circling our skies above.

I did get caught up on the recent online news, and the one article that was the most moving, happened to be about a celebrated Russian pianist from Moscow who from at the onset of Putin’s invasion of Ukraine, had a growing desire to leave Russia for good and emigrate to whatever Country would take him. In spite of him being 87 years old, his keyboard abilities are still well-received by the general public. The day he made his decision to leave, was when one of his students brought up the subject of the war and then saying something like, “We’ll it’s started, so we need to finish it.”, and as soon as that student left, he went home and told his wife they were leaving for good because he didn’t not want to be living in a Country where murdering innocent people was considered just OK. If you happen to find that article, do give it a good read. I think you’ll be touched by it.

I got a really good laugh today when someone I’ve known for a good many years, started talking about all the political text messages and mailings she’s been getting on a near daily basis. I must’ve been her soundboard because she really let her feeling be known. Just for starters, she said she’s not voting for any of the candidates in the various races who have the most yard signs out, text messages sent, and mailings arriving in her mailbox. Instead, she’ll be voting for the ones who’ve promoted themselves the least.

Oh my goodness! She even went on about the guy who’s got his face on all the signs and billboards when saying, “I frequently visit nursing homes, and whenever I see that odd smile on his face, reminds me of some poor old gent suffering from dementia.” Ouch! I just about lost it in laughter when she told me that.

Since she’s getting up there in age, she went off on our U.S. Senator who’s almost ninety years old who thinks he can handle another six year term, and her last little jab at him was, “Every time I see that horse-faced, bespectacled droopy-eyed guy, I can’t help wondering when he’s gonna get a good look at himself in the mirror and realize he’s too old for that job, but that’s if he still recognizes himself.” Yes, I did get an earful, but I couldn’t help agreeing, there’s an intensity in this year’s elections which has become far too annoying, and especially when getting hand-addressed envelopes in my mailbox.

Tonight’s One-liner is: Curiosity killed the cat, and for a while, I was being held as a suspect.

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