Very Simple-Meaning Beliefs

I’m sure everyone was glad to have the rain last night, but because it created more humidity, that damp air this morning made if feel colder than it actually was. At least our farmers have the bulk of their fields harvested, and it looks like we’re going to have a relatively pleasant remainder of the week.

Most of my morning was spent orchestrating the timing and delivery of goods to a contractor who’s going to be getting an over-due outdoor project completed before the weather turns nasty. I discovered that when people in these times tell you they’re going to deliver something or perform a task on a certain day or time, you might as well dismiss the thought and just wait around until it happens because today’s mindsets are geared to “I’ll be there when I get there.”, and that’s it. Of course when someone insists they’ve given you a shopping list of everything they need, forget that as well because you’ll suddenly become their “go for”. Oh well, I’ve decided I’m not going to bother my brain with it all, and just follow it to the end.

I had more emails than the normal amount to send out this morning, which kept be busy for a good hour, and then I had to prepare a broker’s opinion on an estate home and get it delivered to an attorney for submission to the Court. I’m almost certain it’s going to end up being another freebie because there’ve been hungry investors circling the property, and most likely one of them will have the executor talked into selling it without the use of a Realtor. Over these long years, I’ve come to the conclusion that there are two entirely different mindsets with executors of estates, and the first being, they want to get as much money out of the home as they can, and the other, to simply wash their hands of it as soon as possible. Unfortunately, I’m finding there are now more who just want to wash their hands and move on with their lives. I’m not sure if it’s an indifference, a laziness, or possibly even a spitefulness towards the decedent to where they’re going to finally settle some sort of psychological score with someone who’s dead and gone. It’s very curious to watch it all unfold.

Another interesting revelation took place today when connecting the dots on a recent listing and sale of a home. When I noticed that property come on the market, I wondered at the time, where that person was moving. Well, that’s all it took was one passing comment of a relative today, to give me the incentive to go looking to see what was happening with a home I’d given a value on almost a year ago. Well, I now know the rest of the story, and that being, the person who recently listed an expensive home, is the one who purchased the home I’d given a value on. It actually came as no surprise because that couple must’ve already had a list of people who’d given them their names, just in case they decided to sell. That home sold for almost exactly what I told them it was worth, so anytime some thinks I get paid for everything I do, I just want to dig out that very large file of homes and acreages I’d spent time to prepare valuations on, ending up getting sold without the involvement of a Realtor.

Please don’t think me now in possession of a bitter mindset over such happenings, because I’ve been doing this long enough to understand that there always have, and always will be those who’ll work the crowd for as many freebies as possible, and thank goodness I still have those loyal and faithful customers who’ve helped Holtz Realty to keep its doors open for nearly eighty years. Yes, it’s been that long, and after working with Roger Holtz for so many years, I learned to consider those who’re always wanting something for nothing, all part of doing business and leave it at that.

One of my customers stopped by today to see how things were going on the purchase of his new home, so I gave him an update, and pretty much all we’re waiting for, is his attorney to get the title work completed so we can schedule the closing. He’s definitely an interesting chap, and mainly because he tells it like it is without any soft-peddling. I could tell he’s one of those who’s a self-starter instead of a kick-starter, and considering his age, I think he’s going to be going strong well into his eighties or even nineties.

I’m sure many of you have the same thing happen whenever reading an article with something in it that piques your curiosity to were you veer-off and start researching the full meaning. Well, it happened today when I encountered the words “eminence grise”, which in French means grey eminence, who’s basically a person that’s a longtime confidant and/or advisor of someone in power, which over time offers them the opportunity to wield almost as much influence as the person sitting on the “throne”.

For some reason, I never did pay much attention to who Putin has has his grey eminence. Well, after doing some extra reading about him, there’s no doubt Vladislav Surkov is definitely Putin’s grey cardinal. The more I read about his ability to create discord by controlling the Russian medias, and also his involvement in spreading fake news and having it disseminated thru-out our Country’s medias prior to our 2020 elections, I’d say he’s a force to never be taken lightly.

I often wondered how it was that all of a sudden we have politicians who’ve become so incensed over the stupidest things, and only because they’ve taken distorted facts and placed them completely out of context. I could name many political candidates right now that fit the description, and so could you.

How Surkov views the manipulation of the masses, is that most people need their heads to be filled with thoughts. You are not going to feed people with some highly intellectual discourse. Most people eat simple foods. Not the kind of food we are having tonight. Generally most people consume very simple-meaning beliefs. This is normal. There is haute cuisine, and there’s McDonald’s. Everyone takes advantage of such people all over the world. Pretty scary don’t you think?

Tonight’s One-liner is: Experience is something you don’t get until just after you need it.

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