The Resurrecting Of A Dying Building

It was a very pleasant early morning with it being above freezing and no wind, and thankfully there wasn’t coming up with the sun which made for an entirely delightful Fall day.

Not long after arriving at office, I could hear someone running a machine out front, and when looking at the time, which was well before the hour of eight, I looked out, and there was a guy with a larger than normal power push mower, mowing down all the bushes, flowers and specialty grasses in those random beds which were created when they did our StreetScape over ten years ago. I actually couldn’t believe they were mowing those bushes down. Someone in the City must’ve decided they don’t want them growing any longer. Of course after he and his helper hauled everything off in their trailer, I had to go back out and sweep the sidewalk again.

Of course the Locust tree that’s right outside my office has still not dropped all of its leaves, which means there’ll be more to sweep. Now that I’m fully up to speed with the evils of Locust trees, either this year or the first of next, I’m going to have a Locust taken down which has also become an menace with it’s many hundreds of “pea pods” and leaves filling every gutter it can find. Thankfully it’s not so terribly big, so what I’ll likely do, is pay someone drop it, and take care of the chopping up and removal myself. Perhaps after it’s gone, there’ll not be anymore filled gutters to clean on a regular basis.

I did get an email back from the out-of-State buyer who was showing some interest in 224 – 12th St. SE, and in the body of it, there was mention of her passing on it now because she didn’t want to have it setting empty for a long period of time, which I fully understood, and especially when living so far away.

There was an appointment I had scheduled with RC Dermatology that arrived today, so out I headed to their clinic which is located next door to Hy-Vee West. I got there a few minutes early, just to make sure the papers I filled out for them was sufficient, and after the receptionist looked them over, she said everything was in order.

First of all, I was nearly shocked early this week when I stopped by there, with my being able to see the dermatologist today. It was a pleasant surprise, because the last time I called the dermatologist associated with Mercy, it was months before I could get in, and believe me, the bill I got for that short visit back then, was an eye-opener.

The nurse called me back at exactly the time I was to be seen, and since it was my first visit, I was asked all those normal questions whenever it’s your first visit. I think she was a bit surprised when hearing it had been years since I was to a dermatologist, but all I could tell her, was that I didn’t have any reason to until just recently.

After she got all my information and photos taken of my upper torso, Krishna Hanson who’s the dermatologist walked in and looked at those two worrisome spots I wanted to have examined. Thank goodness it didn’t take her five minutes to give them a closer look and then tell me they were non-cancerous because I have what’s called Seborrheic Keratoses which I likely genetically inherited from my mother’s side of my family, and most of the time it hits the males who start getting them as they grow older.

Krishna asked what I wanted to do with them, and I said I wanted them gone, so she gave those spots a good number of doses of what I believed to be something akin to dry ice, and then said if they’re not completely gone in four to six weeks, then I was to call for another session, but if they do disappear, I need not call. She kindly asked if she could do a full-body check-up, and I agreed, so after everything was looked at, I was given the green light, but I did agree to being scheduled for a yearly check-up.

The reason I’m speaking about my experience at their clinic, is because I’d say it’s been decades since I was treated as kindly as I was, along with getting answers to questions, and above all, the end bill that I had to pay, was far less than I would’ve had to spend elsewhere. I rarely ever give five star ratings for services rendered, but I felt it my duty to give one for RC Dermatology tonight. Yes, it was completely different than what I was expecting, so if you or anyone you know, is needing some dermatology work done, don’t hesitate to give them a call. I think you’ll be just as impressed as I was.

After my clinic visit, I stopped over to see how things were going on a home I sold to one of my clients some months ago who’s working on getting it readied for the market. When I arrived, he was outdoors working on an overhead door track, and since the weather’s supposed to be pleasant these coming days, he’s determined to have everything done on its exterior before the cold returns.

While walking thru the home, I noticed he didn’t have much more done since I was there last, and of course he could sense my disappointment, and all he said was, “You may think I’ve dropped the ball, but you have to remember I have other jobs to work on, and this past summer has been a bearcat.” My only response was, “I’m only concerned about what’s happening in our market, and if our interest rates continue to climb, the value of this home is going to be affected.”, which he understood.

Tonight’s photo is the second one I took yesterday which happens to be the Commercial Alley backside of Simply Nourished. The owner received a generous grant from the State to create apartments on its 2nd floor. It’s another example of the resurrecting of a dying building in our Historic Downtown. They’ve been working on it for months.

Tonight’s One-liner is: Everywhere is within walking distance if you have the time.

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