The Peeling Back Of Time’s Layers

It was a pleasant surprise to find the temps rising, so it looks like we’re gonna have a good run of warmer weather these coming days. The thing I don’t like about these temp swings, is how much it affects all living things including humans, because for days we’ve been bundled up in winter togs, and then later out running around without even jackets on. That’s a good recipe for coming down with something.

My first appointment at office was to meet with a tree surgeon so I could get him paid for taking down two trees and then grinding their stumps. I couldn’t have thanked him enough for doing such a good job along with charging a fair price. For sure I’ll be giving his name to anyone in need of tree work. One thing I appreciated about him was when he said to me when we first met, the fact that he never changes the amount he quotes, even if he’d underestimated the job at the time.

Those words were very familiar in my book because I can’t begin to tell how many times I’d worked many extra hours on a home sale, along with buyers who’d run me all over North Iowa looking at anything and everything before they’d purchase something, and believe it or not, some of them ended up buying for sale by owners, or got hooked by another Realtor, and for sure I’ve not forgotten the many hours I spent with those people. Yes, that’s the real down-side of being a Realtor in a highly competitive market, but it was something I learned long ago, and that was to take it in stride and move onward.

I also had time to place a call to my dear one, just to find out what’s been happening on her side of the fence. I had to share with her my anger over getting that political mailing yesterday, and in spite of her attempts at calming my feathers over it, I’m still in disbelief that was sent to me. As far as I’m concerned that was a pretty brazen act on the part of whomever sent it, along with it being another confirmation of how shameless people have become. Like I’ve said before, the stuff going on out in front of God and man, wouldn’t have even been a consideration years ago, even if it were behind closed doors and shuttered windows.

While visiting with one of my sellers today, I mentioned that perhaps with our interest rates spiking, the potential buyers of those much higher priced lipsticked and tweaked properties, will be forced to lower their sights and start purchasing cheaper homes in need of cosmetics, which is what they all should’ve been doing instead of paying way more for those cheaply glossed-over homes. Unfortunately, those new owners are now coming to grips with the hard facts, and that being they paid too much for too little. I truly believe the mindsets of today’s buyers are now becoming more realistic, along with looking past today. Let’s hope so.

I’m still hoping and praying both of my listings up in Manly get sold before the hard winter hits. There’s really not much left on the market in that town, so let’s hope if there are still buyers out there looking for something in a small town that’s vacant, and be able to close on it and be in before the holidays. Truth be told, I’ve had good luck over the years, selling homes to buyers who either wanted to be in before Thanksgiving or Christmas.

Another agent is showing 224 – 12th St. SE in the morning, and since he’s been in it before, perhaps we’ll have an offer on it. Because of how low it’s priced, it would be a good first-time buyer home on limited income, or a candidate to be added to an investor’s portfolio. Every time I’ve shown it, I could see myself giving it a face-lift, and either renting it to a willing tenant, or selling it for a much higher price. The location alone, puts it at the top of competing listings, because in this City, whether we want to admit it or not, we’re getting some really bad raps on certain neighborhoods, and most of it’s due to the uptick of crime in those areas.

While out and about today, I happened to notice some work going on at two of our Downtown locations, and since I had my camera with me, I decided to take photos of them both. Tonight’s photo is an example of the peeling back of time’s layers on what for years, used to be Gildner’s Clothing Store which is now owned by an investment advisor. It’s located at 15 N. Federal which is right next door to Fat Hill Brewery.

After getting a good look at the brickwork and its permanent signage saying, “1871 Ensign 1903”, I’d say whomever decided to cover such beauty up those very many years ago, must’ve wanted its exterior to appear more modern at the time. As most local historians know, that particular block was one of the few that were constructed back in the 1870’s. When seeing the date “1903”, I’m almost convinced that’s the year its brick veneer was added because that’s not an 1870’s style of storefront. After getting a closer look, that brickwork is going to be needing some repair, and I think they’ve already started because I noticed an “EZ Masonry” truck parked out back. I’ll be sharing the other photo I took of another building tomorrow.

Just yesterday, I noticed one of the long panels of metal that’s covering up Brick Furniture’s facade, having been removed. That particular building used to be Damon’s Department Store, and for as long as I can remember, that aluminum facade has been there. Since I’ve seen old photos of that building, there’s a whole lot of decorative brick on it as well. Perhaps we will have a short stretch of historic-looking Downtown after all. It looks like the brick and stone tuck-pointing companies are going to be busy with those restorations. I dare not ask even one of them what they’re having to pay those companies to do the work, because I know it’s a lucrative trade in these times.

Tonight’s One-liner is: When God sneezed, I didn’t know what to say.

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