A Fast Train To An Unexpected Landscape

Another biting cold day arrived, so hopefully on the positive side of things, I’ll be getting acclimated to winter weather all the sooner. It’s always those two weeks in the Spring and then two in the Fall to get one’s body adjusted to the change. Of course this coming weekend we’re supposed be back in the 70’s which will feel more like the 80’s after these many cold and windy days.

Not long after my arrival at office, I received a phone call from an agent telling me that the closing we were supposed to have last Friday, isn’t going to take place until the end of the month because the lender was asking for a larger downpayment on the property in spite of it having appraised at value, and since they buyers of that home have their home sale closing at the end of this month, that’s where they’re getting the additional funds their bank is asking for.

The red flag that went up with me, was not knowing how strong the buyer is on their property, along with also not knowing if there’s a domino transaction on the other side where their buyer has to close on their home to buy that one. I offered very cautionary words to the agent, as well as encouraging him to get all the details about that transaction and/or transactions involved, just so he can keep his sellers appraised of the possible “what if’s”. Unfortunately, a person’s word doesn’t mean much in these times because we often find one person lying, and another swearing to it. I wasn’t trying to fill him full of fear, but rather prompting him to take extra steps in getting all pertinent information on what’s really happening. For the strangest of reasons, every time my office is involved in a sale where a buyer is getting financed at one of the banks in our City, there always ends up being delays and hard feelings created. It’s happened enough times to where it’s actually become creepy.

I was supposed to attend a quarterly luncheon and meeting of our local Board of Realtors, but unfortunately I had a client walk in who was in need of immediate attention, and by the time he left, I would’ve no more than walked in, and everyone else would be walking out. The luncheon was being catered by Pastime Gardens which always has good food, so there went my opportunity to have something good for a change. Oh well, there’ll be another one coming up which I’ll try my darnedest to make an appearance.

When looking at the updates in our MLS today, I noticed yet another property that came back on the market, which was most likely due to the buyers not being able to get financed. It seems every other day I see “pending” sales being changed back to active listings. I have to knock on wood when saying I think I only had one sale fall thru so far this year. I really don’t like it when that happens because for some reason, it leaves a dark mark on those properties coming back on because potential buyers always think it was something with the properties that caused the sales to fall thru. I’m pretty sure the underwriting departments in the banks know there’s going to be a correction, and they’re looking for just about any excuse to turn those loans down. Believe me, I’ve seen it before.

I received a letter in the mail today which had my name and address hand-written, but there was no return address on it which as we all know, isn’t supposed to be. Well, after opening it and reading just a few opening lines of several paragraphs, I instantly knew it was from one of those alt-right politicians who’re doing everything they can to sway voters. I couldn’t believe that person had the audacity to add a link I was supposed to type into my computer where I would “learn” how to vote like Christians are supposed to.

For decades, in my circles, it has always been a very strict rule regarding the separation of Church and State, and whenever someone even attempted to cross over that line, they’d be chastised. Not it today’s world! I’m still in disbelief someone who’s running for a government office would have the stupidity to do such a thing. What a turn-off.

I know others who’ve freely cross those lines, and you can be sure the first time someone would ever gift me a bible, I’d hand it back to them saying, “How do you know what version of the Bible I read, and furthermore, I could possibly be of the Islamic faith where the Koran would be more fitting, or even part of a Jewish tribe, and lastly, I could be a died-in-the-wool atheist for all you know.” I’m sure you now get the drift of why I was angered over having that mailed to me. Our temporal and spiritual worlds absolutely must stay in their own lanes, and this time I mean it.

If any of you look back far enough in history, you’ll find that every time Church and State walk hand in hand, you’ll find oppression and abuse. Even in today’s world, you’ll find the butchering of innocent people, and all because of their religious beliefs. Putin’s little alter boy Metropolitan Kirill of Moscow is a prime example of that co-mingling. I’m still in shock over his comments regarding Putin’s invasion of Ukraine where he basically said, “If you die in battle, you’ll immediately go to Heaven.” After his self-serving words, I wouldn’t doubt that after taking his dirt nap, he’ll be on a one-way ticketed fast train to an unexpected landscape.

You may think I’ve gone overboard with my words tonight, and if so, then I’m truly a dinosaur in these times because I’ll truthfully never be able to accept such behavior, and if you’ve not heard it from me before, then I’ll say it again. “The core of real faith is love and forgiveness, and the core of evil is fear. That’s it.”

Tonight’s One-liner is: It ain’t what they call you, it’s what you answer to.

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