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It was another nippy morning followed by a biting-cold day. I’m likely going to have to start wearing my winter coat if days like these continue. That north wind sure has a way of making our temps feel colder than they really are.

Upon arrival at office, I cranked up my thermostat a few more degrees and went to work on composing an email to a closing agency which is getting noticeably lax in what I would consider business-like manners. It’s not that I’m rigid over expecting immediate responses, but when a whole day or even two passes and there’s not even an acknowledgement of receipt, that’s when my feathers start getting ruffled, and when visiting just yesterday with another agent, I discovered she was getting the same treatment. That closing agent must’ve opted-out or failed her Business Practices class. Before I left office, I checked one more time to see if there was a response, and no even an acknowledgement. Ok, now tell me truthfully. Wouldn’t you be a little hot when having sent a time-sensitive email to a closing agent at 7:30 a.m. this morning, and still nothing after the normal closing hours? Come Monday morning, there’s going to be a phone call placed by yours truly, and my words are not going to be filled with pleasantries.

Another call I made early this morning, was to get some direction from an attorney regarding a title problem we’re having with one of our sales. After listening to weak excuses being made regarding the failings of another, I’d finally had it and said, “Just because a person believes they’ve done their job at the time, doesn’t mean they can just walk away from it because someone else down the line dropped the ball, because that dropping of the ball which was passed on, was still part of that original transaction.” I went on to say, “Don’t even go there with me because you’d not want to hear how very many times in my career I’ve freely and willingly helped clean up messes others had created.” Did I get compensated? Absolutely not, and only because I’ve always considered it part of doing business. I’m beginning to believe even the professions working out of their crystal places have lost touch with what’s really going on out in the trenches. If I had a dollar for every hour of free professional advise I’ve gladly given over these long years, I’d now be driving a brand new high-end Mercedes. Do I complain about it? No, but I dislike it when others pull that “goodwill” card on me. By the time I hung up, I was sorry I’d made the call because I know for a fact, my words fell on deaf ears, and all I got out of that conversation, was a day-long lasting bad attitude.

Our closing on Prairie Place on 1st went quite well, and since the normal representative of Good Shepherd wasn’t there, I sort of filled in for him by supplying all the keys, various instructions and recommendations. The new owner is having some additional updates done before moving in, so likely that unit’s going to look like something out of a decorator’s magazine. Like I’ve always said to many of our seniors, “If you’ve got the money and you want changes made to your living quarters, then go ahead and have them done because life’s too short.”

I’m still patiently waiting for an answer on the offer we have on the table on that last unit, so perhaps we’ll have to wait until Monday before we get an answer. All I can say is, I’ve done my part, so it’s back in their court.

I had to make a quick trip over to Clear Lake to an attorney’s office, just to drop off a continued abstract with title instructions. Knowing the buyer wants to close as soon as possible, I didn’t waste a beat by heading over there with it once the abstract company called to tell me it was ready. I wasn’t surprised they got it updated so fast, and likely because the sales are slowing down now and they’re getting caught up. Those darned interest rates are still hanging in there at 7 1/4 percent, so if they stay there for too many more days, we’ll likely see another increase.

For years, people have been complaining about not getting any interest on their money, but with these rate jumps, I’ve now been noticing some banks and credit unions offering 3 1/2 percent on certificates of deposit. I’m sure many of those cash buyers we’ve been seeing piling their money into real estate, are likely going to wish they’d hung onto their cash and invested it in long-term certificates of deposit.

Before heading back to the City, I stopped at Clear Lake’s Fareway, just to pick up a few things, and glad I did because they weren’t as busy as they normally are, and likely because I got there before the rush hour. They always have the freshest looking organic bananas which I can certainly taste the difference. They’re more expensive per pound, but since they’re smaller than those giant regular ones, I think it all balances out in the end. With bananas, bigger is definitely not always better.

I thought I’d share the above photo of those many shelled and washed black walnuts I now have drying on cardboard. If I have time tomorrow, I’ll be picking up additional buckets of them which should give me enough to last the entire Holiday Season and beyond. Using them instead of English walnuts, definitely makes a noticeably better difference in taste. I still can’t believe the groceterias don’t sell them any longer. It’s likely because they’re more work, and who wants to work anymore?

On another note. If any of you know of a reputable general contractor who’s looking for a winter project, please have them give me a call because I have a legitimate client who’s looking for someone who does good work for a fair price, and most of all, reliable. I found one, but unfortunately he’s booked-up until Spring. There’s got to be someone.

Tonight’s One-liner is: Dusting is a good example of the futility of trying to put things right, for as soon as you dust, the fact of your next dusting has already been established.

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